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Love Horoscopes – March 2, 2013

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Aries: Your friendships and personal relationships are drawing a lot more energy than you can give. It is likely that if you stopped for a moment and took a breath, you would feel as if you have no time for self and what you need to do. Before you do make time for some well deserved self indulgence, tie up your loose ends.  If you are attached, something has been bothering you about your relationship and you may need to step back for a moment and observe. Take a good look at the emotions on display and trust your deeper intuition. You will be able to see what is truly going on and how you fix the situation. If you are unattached, love is the furthest from your mind right. Focus on your taking care of your personal needs before you date again.

Taurus: If you have mixed feelings about matters in your love life, you will soon see how on edge and uncomfortable it has made things. Something needs to change and you must initiate it. If you are attached, you could very well deepen the bond you two share by getting back on the same page. Open a line of communication and talk things over. You two will be able to reach a mutual understanding on what is important to you both and to the relationship. If you are technically unattached, you find yourself in a very complicated situation. Both of you have opposing views on what a relationship should be and what you want from each other. Is there a compromise or can you two find any common ground? If not, look at your options.

Gemini: Many of you have found yourselves at a cross roads of your love life. You may be worried that the steps you are taking may not yield the results you desire and that you may overstep yourself. You do not want to act inappropriately or add to any bad feelings at this time but your nerves are getting the better of you. First of all understand that there is no rush. No one is going anywhere and there is no need to hurry up and quite possibly jeopardize an important relationship. If you continue on this path it is possible that what you were afraid will happen, as it appears it might, will happen and you will be left nursing a broken heart. Get your thoughts in order then have a real heart-to-heart conversation with the one who has your heart.

Cancer: Some of you may feel as if you are being tested. This “should” be happening, that “should” have gone differently, it “should” have turn out better… things have changed and you may have missed the memo. Before you move any further about in your love life, stop and take good look around you. Are your ideas or presumptions outdated? Love doesn’t come with a book and relationships do not follow any guidelines or rules. Since each connection is different, you will want to deal with the current facts and events that happen at that moment. No two people are alike so may have worked for someone in your past, is likely not to work in the present. Look towards the present and the future when it comes to love and leave the past behind.

Leo: There are some changes that need to be made and there is nothing like the energy of a new month to get them on their way. For some of you attached, certain problems seem to reoccur in your relationship. They may not always take on the same form but they seem to always end about the same way. By taking the initiative to clear up any misunderstandings, you may get your answer as why this does happen. For others, you may have been neglecting your desires to please your sweetheart. In an effort to maintain peace you have not had your own needs met, especially sexually. Stop compromising and upset this equilibrium. If you do not ask for what you want, the frustration can undo everything you worked so hard to achieve.

Virgo: In light of recent events, some of you have become more quiet and reflective than you normally are. Because you are more emotional and introspective than usual, communication between you and those you are close with may be strained. If something seems to be standing in the way of real communication, then take the time to help each other understand what is truly being said. Your personal and intimate relationships cannot stand another round of confusion and uncertainty like it has recently endured. It is time to clear the air, right any wrongs and heal any wounds. Put yourself in the shoes of your loved ones, it will help you start off on the right foot.

Libra: Thanks to the energy surrounding you, it is time to clear up any misunderstandings, tie up any loose ends and make a clean break if need be. If your love life has any of the above, it is time to take the appropriate measures. Stop repeating the same old problems and let go of what you cannot control and do what needs to be done. Sadly this may mean you have to move on in some instances. You have let things drag on long enough and it isn’t helping you or the situation at all. Let the events that unfold be a reminder that in order for love to flourish, both parties need to be able to communicate and actually love each other. Do not let any of these issues fester much longer.

Scorpio: Many of you have been running around in circles and getting wound up in your feelings. You know that it has to change; you know that this has to stop if you want to move forward. It is necessary if you want to have a real future with love and romance. But just because it has to happen doesn’t mean that you are very happy about it. Needless to say, the world is moving with or without it. Do you want to continue to stand still or do you want to move with it? If there are some things in your current relationship that need confronting, get it done. If you have someone you have been trying to forge a relationship with and they are not as responsive as you had hoped, don’t waste any more of your time. Keep it moving!

Sagittarius: Thanks to the energy of the day, it is likely you are feeling courageous and willful. This could be both a good and bad thing as your physical energy and need for love may be high but your abundance of energy could lead to accidents and irritability at this time. If you channel this intensity properly, you could do wonders in terms of your love life. Why not make that fresh start you have been contemplating? Your love life or romantic commitments could use a spark. If you are unattached, it is time to look for someone who could be a potential lover. By playing hard to get, you will get everything you want. If you are attached, make the effort to get to know who your sweetheart is at this moment. They will in turn appreciate you more.

Capricorn: Your love life doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do. You may be tired of the back and forth or the running hot and cold. If you are unattached, this is an excellent time for any introspection so long as you can be objective. You are sick and tired of change but have ever actively addressed the root of these changes? Now would be the ideal time to do so. If you are attached, what are you holding in that is unresolved from the past? It is likely something very similar to an older issue is currently causing problems in your relationship. Because the energy surrounding you makes it easier to discuss how you feel, now would be the time to resolve any and all grievances you have, one by one. Let go of all that has become redundant.

Aquarius: Many of you are confronting something that has been forgotten, hidden, or ignored for a quite some time. These unresolved issues have become painful or problematic and have stirred up many feelings of anger and uncertainty. If you are attached, these issues may have a direct effect on the depth of your love for your partner. Both of you will need to work on repairing the rift that has torn you two apart. If you are unattached, you have internalized all of these emotions and take the blame for things that are not your fault. Right now you lack proper stimulation to pursue a lover; this is a good time to do some healing. Whatever the case, confronting this in a logical and calm manner will get you so much farther than losing your temper.

Pisces: You may not feel warmth or be in a loving mood at the moment. Your mind is likely elsewhere as you try to avoid overextending yourself. Given the energy surrounding you, you are entering a period of emotional change and introspection. By going with the energy, although you fear taking that first step, you will have the opportunity to not only clear up any misconceptions you have had but to also make some very positive and wonderful changes in your love life.  If you are attached, some of these changes will alter the equilibrium of your relationship. Confronting your loved one with certain truths will make the necessary adjustments needed to achieve the balance there once was.

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