Seriously.. isn’t Windex poison..


“Those are some really big panties.. what did you do last night ?”

“Aren’t you me from the future.. you tell me.. I don’t remember either”

“What about that guy we were with last night.. who was he.. he looked familiar ?”

“He’s us from the past – he’s cool but leaves in the morning so we can begin the day freely”

“So.. he knows why you’re wearing women’s clothes & apparently taco sauce..”

“I hope so”


“The Universe is against me. I have to see this girl later and I’m growing this bump on my lip.. seriously.. someone is filming my life.”

“Maybe she bought the rights to the screenplay – use Windex”

“Seriously.. isn’t Windex poison.. aren’t you a mom? ……………

..That’s better.. I lit some incense – I’m going to pray it goes away.”

“Do I even want to know how you got face herpes?”

“…well… from watching porn obviously…. being filmed live… I don’t usually eat the donuts from the craft tray but..”

“I’m not judging but.. don’t you have agent.. why.. what were you doing there – writing music or something?”

“Special skills extra..”

“Oh brother..”


“Sonny.. We need you to talk to someone..”


“Just do what you do..  good luck”

And that’s pretty much how I remember it.. Hindsight along with all other types of  sight are never 20/20. Even if you were there, even if everyone else saw the same thing, by accident or with intent – it’s never 100% clear. 


“Because for you it’s normal – but people don’t talk like that. She’s probably never had anyone sign “sugar and spice” before.”

“I know.. most of the world is boring the hell out of me these days as well”

“That’s not the point either ! Stop being so arrogant !!!”

Yes Speedy yells.. when she’s talking to me anyways.. especially when I’m missing the obvious. But she’s right.. nothing is 100% ever your fault – even if you 100% think it is (sonny.. plz try again – Universe).


I remember.. Master went for a walk to find herself. Along the way she saw Sid staring at the tree. He stood there for three days.. and she just sat there watching him. It was funny as hell – but seriously.. So.. on the third day I brought her a blueberry slushie & broke her meditation..

“petit de Soeille.. why wake me?”

“because..  you looked thirsty Master..”

“Shunny Boi you are a true light in the wilderness – don’t ever change”

It’s more important than I would have ever thought. It’s not how we do or don’t see ourselves or even how others do or don’t see us – it’s not about keeping your feet moving – or being better than anyone else including your current self – it’s not about fitting in or matching rapport..

Life.. & Love

It’s about who we are.. and it’s how she found me when I needed her the most.


Sugar and spice


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