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Love Horoscopes – March 3, 2013

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Aries: You have been thinking about the similarities between yourself and the one who as your heart instead of the differences you two have. This is great but where does the fantasy end and reality actually begin in those thoughts. There is nothing wrong with imagining and even hoping but are you making those daydreams too grandiose and therefore having higher than normal expectations? Reality never seems to live up to the expectations of your wildest fantasies. But this may not be a bad thing! It gives you something to aspire to, a goal to reach where your love life is concerned. So come down to Earth and remind those you love how much you care for them. It will all fall into place then.

Taurus: This will turn into a time to find yourself and rethink what you thought you knew. There has been an overwhelming sense of confusion surrounding you and your love life lately. So much that you are not sure where you stand, which attitude to adopt and what to do next. Worse yet, a situation has emerge where your ego may prevent you from seeing what is right from wrong. You could make some real breakthroughs in any of your relationships if you are willing to try some new or different approaches to the problem. By doing so you may just be able to respond to your loved ones in a way that they can feel your renewed sense of love and compassion.

Gemini: Talking about your feelings and the feelings of those close to you comes easily at the moment. This couldn’t come at better time. You are confused about certain concepts in your love life, there is a long list full of minor misunderstands that have or are beginning to escalate into larger problems and your emotional bonds are likely strained. You are in need of concrete answers but so far have come up with nothing. Rather than continue this, allow the answer to come naturally. Use this time to resolve the misunderstandings, and strengthen your intimate relationships. You can forge stronger emotional bonds with those you love so long as you stop yourself from running around in circles.

Cancer: Cat and mouse is not your game but somehow you where thrown into on one. Someone you have long desired is just within your grasp and yet so very far from it. The more you try and figure out the what the problem is, the more you over think it and the less logical it all seems. Stop thinking and start feeling. You know what you want; you know what you want from this person so why not just ask. During this energy cycle, if you can say it then you can have it. So don’t hesitate to voice your desires and you can get whom or the want you want from your love life. Chances are that if you are attached and follow this, you will finally hear what you have been hoping for since day one.

Leo: There can be a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior. It would be nice that when this type of energy comes into to play that you try to stay on the safe side of the line. This could be as good of time as any to step back and let someone else take the wheel. You need someone to have your back so you can explore the opportunities that present themselves in your love life. Go on a date. Do not be surprised if you don’t know where you two stand with each other until after the date. If you are attached, there could be plenty of pure magic in your relationship. Some you may have forgotten that it was even there. Never the less, it is yours for the taking so that you may improve the qualities of your life together.

Virgo: Feelings and passions are strong and compelling at this time, just don’t become overbearing. If you happen to overstep, be prepared to come back with a bruised ego and a broken heart. Do not take these actions seriously as your lover had no real intention of hurting you. You tend to be very demanding of a lover’s energy and affection. Your love is not in the mood for your need to feel as though you are the center of attention. In order to salvage this damage, ask before you demand. You will likely get whatever you want then. Do not do anything to add to the confusion already surrounding you and the one who has your heart. If you are of your wits, you could turn this setback into a win/win situation.

Libra: Cast logic aside today and listen to your heart. You are over thinking things in your love life and have grown frustrated, if not angry and the situation as a whole. Love can change direction at any given moment to the point where you are heading in a different direction without you knowing it. You hate this and more often than not you end up going overboard emotionally. Love isn’t for you to understand it is for you to feel. The more you think the more you will burn yourself or the one who has your heart, out. That isn’t what you want so just watch your step. Whatever it is you are trying to do or trying to figure out, stop planning or expecting and just feel it, go with the flow.

Scorpio: Many of you may find yourselves questioning the motives of those around you. If you would like to do this from an academic point of view that is fine, in fact, that would be encouraged. But if your point of view is emotional, that will turn to mistrust, if it hasn’t already and faulty logic yourself. Don’t let arguments or conflict sway you otherwise harsher words will be spoken and feelings will no doubt be irrevocably hurt. It’s easy to get into a pointless argument, so when in doubt, agree to disagree if at all possible. More importantly, be careful what you say and think before you speak. Better yet if the answers you seek will not come by the words from their mouths but from how they look at you when it is being said.

Sagittarius: You may think you know where your love life is heading right now, only to find yourself even more confused by recent events. It doesn’t help that you are emotionally sensitive to a degree and are more empathic to the feelings and needs of others. It would not be a surprise if you find yourself in a sensory overload. There is no easy way around this. You will have to be patient and allow each layer of confusion to clarify itself. While this is something you no doubt dread, it is the only way. There is nothing about this situation you can control yourself so you will have to let it be and let it progress on its own. Just know that your patience in this matter will be rewarded.

Capricorn: Nothing will go according to your plans today, and may even appear to be going badly wrong. This is to serve as a reminder that not everything can be controlled; we sometimes have to go with the flow. Expect that you may be a bit frazzled and unfocused. Those of you unattached and with someone in their sights, you had a brilliant plan of seduction that was thwarted in some capacity. Do not allow this to upset you, there is another plan in motion where something of greater significance is about to happen, in your favor. Once it does, do not try and do or say too much all at once. You may scare this person away. Just relax and go with the pace they have set.

Aquarius: Games can be fun and you are well acquainted with the game of cat and mouse. If you find yourself caught up in another round of it, there is a reason. Before you get upset, this is a time for fun and whole lot of stimulation, play the game with this in mind. Do not worry that there seems to be no apparent goal in sight and do not fret over the high stakes. There is an opportunity for a romance to begin which is likely to be exciting. If you are unattached and without prospect, perhaps it is time to find one. Enjoy some time with friends and family. You will are likely to meet someone who is fascinating and quite different from yourself. He or she is just as interested in you as you are of them.

Pisces: It’s time to pull it together and get certain areas of your life in order. Many of you have started over this past weekend and now it’s time to carve out your new path. If you are technically unattached but have someone special in your life, go out and enjoy what is left of the day together. The memories you create today could help you progress into something more later. If you are attached, this confusion you are feeling about your loved one is actually a good thing. Look how far you have come in your quest for better self control. Do not become overwhelmed by your feelings, take your thoughts on the matter one by one and work it out. Don’t rush it, this is your time.

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