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Love Horoscopes – March 4, 2013

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Aries: You are a blunt and direct person, and that is on a good day. You don’t mind that people around you are acting in that same manner and have lost all sense of subtlety around you. Now normally you form relationships, especially those that are romantic in nature, based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other. Those of you attached will find both strengthened thanks to the energy at hand. If you have a date, your sweetheart has no desire for any kind of subliminal signs or signals. He or she doesn’t mind you taking control but if you are going to take it, they want you to own it. If you want to make the impact you had hoped to, be clear on what you are looking for and your true intentions.

Taurus: Are you in the mood to break out that boring box you often surrounding yourself with? Many of you have been longing for something new, to feel something different, have something that is unique and only yours. This may speak a fire burning bright with passion in your love life. You could find yourself flirting and wooing as if you are new lovers rather than the long lived partners you two have become. Even if you are not attached, you may be more boisterous and aggressive than normal. If you’re attached this energy makes it a great time to change routines. This might be sexual or any other habits you two may have so try surprising them with something new and distinctive. If you’re unattached, take that risk and finally ask that someone special out.

Gemini: Things are hustling and bustling in your love life right now. There are no slowing things down or easing into a new level of your relationship, it is moving and moving fast. Things may become such a blur that you may not even know what has happened. If you are unattached, this new person in your life can feel the sparks and sense the chemistry between you two and get aggressive in showing it. You will have no choice but to go with it as you get caught up in their passion. If you are attached, things have change for the better and you two are moving forward towards something more permanent. All those dreams you had will soon become reality. Make sure that you deal with one at a time regardless of the pace surrounding you.

Cancer: Your emotions may be running hot and cold today which will certainly make everything in your love life that much harder to handle. If you are attached, it feels like you are taking two steps forward and sometimes more than one back. What you want will not come as fast as you’d like it to but be patient. The right time will come and with that, the opportunity to get all that you want. The wall your loved one put up will come tumbling down. If you unattached, you may have noticed that someone has you in their sights and is dying for your attention. If you feel the same way, then enjoy it the attention and benefits of it thereafter. If you’d rather they go away, you’ll have to be very firm but compassionate when you break their heart.

Leo: This isn’t the time for games or for blowing off any responsibilities. Your personal life should be the center of your attention at this time. Expressing both your emotional and physical needs clearly is essential at a time like this. It would be better to be honest and open about what is bothering you, what you actually want and how you really feel about your lover and this relationship. It is time to speak your mind and resolve any lingering conflicts with those you are closest to. You will not be able to see future for both of you together if you cannot do at least this. This conversation should lead to confirmation of your love for one another and remind both of you that you two are a part of something special.

Virgo: It may pain you to do so but do not stop and question or analyze the energy surrounding you today. Love, lust and romance are soaring high above you and if you spend too much trying to pin them all down and pick them apart, you will lose it altogether. Enjoy the moments of inspiration you will soon experience and savor the feelings brought out in the process. If you are attached, this is likely to come in the form of an intense passion long forgotten. You two are so well connected but the fire had somewhat dimmed. That changes today. If you are unattached and looking, it is entirely possible that this energy brings you into a love at first sight situation. This will bare a lot of fruit.

Libra: Today is all about action and the reason behind the course you are going to take. Many things happen for a reason and rarely anything happens by chance. While this does affect some of you, it truly speaks to those unattached – you may have a “chance” encounter that was planned by the Fates. This person was put in your path so that you two would meet. There is such a thing as destiny so don’t blow this person off just yet, even if they do not fit your standards. There is much you cannot see right now. If you have a date, don’t go overboard with the planning and the attempts to impress this person. You need more faith in yourself and your wonderful qualities. Just be warm and open, the rest will fall into place.

Scorpio: This is a time of fresh starts that will be both stimulating and delightful. Now this doesn’t have to mean you are breaking up with someone, although it can, but what it means is that things are changing in your love life. These changes seem to be positive. They will bring some unexpected pleasures, new habits or routines but more importantly you will have adopted a more playful, adventurous attitude towards love and romance. This adventurous attitude has you making moves towards someone you have long admired. But they will not reveal their feelings until you have and offer them a commitment, not a friends with benefits relationship. If you’re attached and things have grown stale, that will certainly change under this influence.

Sagittarius: There is a lot of energy flowing through your love life at this time. Regardless of status your romantic and/or sexual relationships will become urgent and compelling. This intensity is only rivaled by your needs both spiritually and earthy. You are impassioned and you are on fire. You may not be able to sate all your urges but it will be so much fun trying. You will ache in places you have long forgotten you had. Simply follow your instincts, if you are unattached, and someone who is well suited and matched towards your prowess will come into your life and help take care of your needs. This person will not be able to resist your natural charm and blazing fire. He or she will do so much more than ring your bell.

Capricorn: For the most part, you will be able to relax and enjoy the steady flow of energy surrounding you today. If you are attached, you want to relax and reconnect with your sweetheart. Things may have been stressful lately and certain confrontations or situations have demanded too much of you. None of that matters now. Spend some much needed quality time with your lover and let all that stress go. If you are unattached, it is entirely possible that an old lover may come back into your life wanting more than just a chat. He or she has grown up a bit and is ready for the kind of relationship you once tried to give him or her. A lot of time has passed; you are both wiser and certainly more experienced than before. Think about it.

Aquarius: Depending on your current status, you are being challenged in your love life. If you are attached, you feel as if your relationship has caged you. You may think your loved one is trying to confine you and diminish your sense of independence and freedom. It is entirely possible that these arguments will lead to an outcome that will sever your ties with this person. But, this will not be the last time you will ever have to endure this type of situation. You might want to deal with the root of the problem so you do not end up in the same position again. If you are unattached you have been looking for a way to impress someone and an upcoming social event might be the way to do it. You will stand out and they will notice.

Pisces: You are bound and determined today. You are uncharacteristically impatient and genuinely perplexed with the state of your current intimate affairs. This will change in one form or another. If you are attached, you will finally understand what is going on in your relationship but only if you stop assuming and judging your sweetheart. The more patient you are the more they will tell you. If you are unattached, there is someone you want and you are doing all you can to get their attention and make him or her yours. It really doesn’t matter if the person you find so attractive feels the same way about you or not, you really don’t give a damn. If you manage to show off your assets, you will get their attention.


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