Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning March 4,2013


Astro-Week March 4-10, 2013

Dear Aries

There’s a build up of pressure to clear the past and get ready to move on. Be careful. Hidden enemies are in play but this gives you a chance to clear the air and get the recognition you deserve. Daily frustrations and computer glitches continue. Just keep pushing through, it’s more of an annoyance than anything long term.

Dear Taurus

There is a bunch of astro energy building up in your sector of friends and large groups. Expect to find help in the oddest places as your social network rapidly expands. There are rewards for a good job already done. Play nice, communication is currently off. Be selective in your offers but have fun.

Dear Gemini

You’re coming on too strong. It’s that simple. Yes, they want what you have to offer. Yes, they like your message. Yes, you’re both ready. They just don’t get. Back off and try again latter or push even harder. The status quo is not working.

Dear Cancer

The planetary energy really does suggest some type of travel or foreign adventure. Some might be moving long distances. It also indicates a growth spiritually and expanding your mental horizons. Love is waiting in a distant land.

Dear Leo

Money seems to be your main focus this week. Notably joint ventures or the comforts you accumulate with your partner. There is a tremendous amount of luck and support from your social groups. It all fits nicely for success for the entire team. Good job. You can celebrate a bit.

Dear Virgo

It’s your time for love so why are you acting like this and blaming everyone else? There’s luck in your public career but your focus should be on your closest relationship. Don’t waste the opportunity worrying.

Dear Libra

Chore, chores, chores.. and time at the gym. It doesn’t look like much fun but you’ll be whistling while you work. Love is currently waiting somewhere in your routine, and favoring plans and details. This is a much “smarter” love than you’re used to and it’s kind of fun. Enjoy the week.

Dear Scorpio

So you asked them to help you prepare and they said no. What did you expect? Your message was completely lost.. but so what? Mercury is encouraging you to double check everything yourself anyways and acting like a slingshot being pulled back. Get ready to step back on stage. Ps… With all of the energy in Pisces you should be in sexual and psychic overdrive. Play nice but in the long run it’s not going to matter anyways.. so just play.

Dear Sagittarius

As the week begins we’ll all be direct and inspirational just how you like it. The downer is many planets in Pisces would prefer something a little more quiet and dreamy. This is putting our feelings at odds with our actions.. and you’ll be feeling it the worst. People want to be happy – you just won’t be able to cheer them up.

Dear Capricorn

There’s something that you want to tell the world but unfortunately no one seems to be listening. Indeed it does feel like a “go it alone” kind of year. You’re going to have to learn to trust more. And perhaps letting love be more of a game instead of a job.

Dear Aquarius

There’s a build up of “give and take” in your astro-sector of money and personal comforts. This means you should be putting effort into adding to your personal nest egg. Efforts will be rewarded but communication is currently stalled. Be patient and do what you can.

Dearest Pisces

Go ahead and experiment with a little “old is new” this week with your wardrobe. A little retro might be just what you need to feel comfortable with all of the recent attention. Everyone’s general communication is off right now so don’t get too upset if your message doesn’t get across. They are listening it’s just a mumbling week. If it feels right then go for it.

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