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Love Horoscopes – March 6, 2013

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Aries: For once, you are not the emotionally unstable one in your love life. You are not upset, you are not demanding and you are certainly not asking for anything. The one who has your heart on the other hand is fired up with no way to properly deal with what they are feeling. Be prepared for ultimatums or emotional extremes.  The upside will be that in their anger, their hidden feelings and desires will be brought to light. Say nothing until you can do something about them. Once they get it out of their system then you can deal with the aftermath accordingly. Keep what works in your relationship and let go of what doesn’t. Be aware of sending mixed signals or you will be right back to the instability this day started out with.

Taurus: Today is not to day to make decisions or try to make progress in your love life. Your heart and mind are not on the same page and really the energy surrounding you is not supportive of anything but a cool emotional environment. Though the atmosphere overcast, it certainly isn’t unpleasant. While you have been deciding whether or not you want to make more of a commitment in your love life, you haven’t really spent any quality time with the one you are about to give yourself completely to. Let the thoughts go and just solidify your relationship by simply enjoying each other’s company. This cool energy will be relatively stable the next few days so use this to your advantage. You will have your answers when the energy shifts.

Gemini: Many of you have been dealing with a lot of emotional highs and lows in your love life recently. If you are one of them, right now you are simply exhausted both mentally and emotionally. Today would be good to just walk away for a few days. No fanfare, no conversation, just quietly slip away. You may be tempted to express what you feel in a strong and aggressive manner but don’t. Tomorrow you will have had a change of heart and the stress would have been for nothing. Just keep quiet and go spend some time with your friends. Maybe you have friend going through a similar situation or have some friends that have no cares or worries at the moment holding them back. Spend your time here for the next day or two. You will feel better later.

Cancer: You may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place today. You have been putting off a discussion about your loved ones behavior in order to keep the peace and harmony you have been able to enjoy. Your loved one wants to take things to next level in your relationship and you are reluctant. While it is understandable why you are hesitant, the one who has your heart has no idea why. You find yourself trying to keep your love afloat while dealing with the things that dull the shine on your relationship. It is time to sit down and discuss what you have been feeling and why you haven’t brought it up before. Do it right and you may be able to hold on to the peace you have enjoyed while building closeness and trust in your relationship.

Leo: Intimacy may be a bit difficult to maintain at the moment due to outside influences beyond your control. One minute things are going well and the world is your oyster, the next you are at each other’s throats wondering what you two are doing together in the first place. This isn’t you and this isn’t your sweetheart. You two are dealing with problems that are not even yours in the first place and the negative energy they hold is rubbing off on you both. The quicker these issues are resolved, the sooner you two will be back to whatever your normal is. Stop blaming each other and blame the situation you two have found yourselves in. Be kind to each other during this time, do not waste anymore emotional energy than either of you have already.

Virgo: Hidden passions, emotions and desires may likely surface now and can stir up trouble in your closest relationships. The fears and jealousies this invokes is likely to cause you to overreact and cause a major display of emotional drama in your love life. It is entirely possible that your needs and impatience will cause you to be demanding of the one who has your heart. You don’t really need this, there is so much going on in other areas of your life that you need to focus on.  Continue on this path and you will end up making a fool of yourself and losing out altogether. It would help matters enormously if you can grab a hold of your emotional unrest and think well ahead before you act.

Libra: Given your sign, the search for and the desire to maintain balance is ingrained within you. While you understand that there are times where balance is overrated, now is not one of those times. You are looking for a way to share what you feel without overwhelming the one who has your heart. There are events in your personal life that have stopped you from doing so but also you feel that there is no way to balance love and the responsibilities currently taking a toll on you.  Yes this can be a difficult juggling act but it is one that you do. Simply follow your instincts and you will be guided in the right direction. Be careful, falling too far into one extreme or the other may cause many unforeseen problems.

Scorpio: Things may get out of hand today and spiral out of control. It is entirely possible that some of you will be attracted to someone that you shouldn’t be. Regardless of your status, you may be able to help this sudden attraction to this person who is likely a friend or someone you have grown close to. Of course this poses a problem but more importantly the emotions behind these feelings are fleeting to say the least. It is likely that you will not feel the same tomorrow if not the moment this person is out of your sight. Do not take any action towards these feelings if you can help it, otherwise it could very well create an awkward situation and personal embarrassment from both sides. You are feeling good and the atmosphere supports it but not this.

Sagittarius: Words often get in the way, cause trouble and open up doors that should stay closed. Today is one of those days where what you say could very well jeopardize what you have spent so long trying to acquire. Rather than get into unnecessary trouble, save those harsh sentiments for another time or at least until you can soften them some. Otherwise the impact you thought you would make will actually turn out much worse than imagined. Emotionally you are not in the best place to express certain sentiments so it might be best to find some other outlet to express your feelings. Take some time away from your love life and focus on giving something of yourself and your talents to others. It will clear your mind as well as your heart.

Capricorn: You may feel weighed down by what is going on in your life and in your love life. But, is what is going on really that heavy? Stop for a second and ask yourself are you adding more to the problem? Because of the energy surrounding you, this is an ideal time to express your emotions and passions. You can make things happen right now but only if you truly desire it. It is all in or you get nothing at all. Whether that means mending fences or making that first move, nothing will come easy right now unless you make it so. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family and roots now. You will need to as you rid yourself of excess weight and prepare to emotionally expose yourself. It will work out in your favor.

Aquarius: Many of you are in a dour mood. It is time to shake this mood off and confront any issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. If you are attached, you have focusing on what is negative in your relationship rather than what is positive. How can you fix anything if you can’t see past what is in front of you? Look beyond what is happening today, look beyond the current mood of your sweetheart and with that act accordingly. Otherwise, it was all for naught. If you are unattached, there is someone you would like to get to know better but not sure if you want to put in the effort. That decision will be made for you. Enjoy the conversation and enjoy where that conversation leads you.

Pisces: Chasing after your fantasy has given you reason to complain. This business of getting whom you want at the desired where and when you want has led to one complication after another. You have a thousand and one reasons to run away and stop all this madness, yet something keeps you standing in your spot, eagerly lapping up all the attention you can get. You are having a hard time resisting what’s in your heart though your mind is screaming at you to leave it all alone. Your heart knows that this person will bring you a lot of happiness and a love you long forgotten you were capable of. Follow your heart, pursue your desires and win the heart of the one you love.

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