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Love Horoscopes – March 8, 2013

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Aries: Communication in all its variations is important during this time. Proper form is essential to the natural give and take in your life right now, especially your intimate affairs. Many of you will have a significant conversation with the one who has your heart that will change the tide in your love life. While it is likely to improve matters, there will be a small number of you that it will actually make things worse. For those of you that it does have a negative effect on, focus more on giving back to your partner something to show how much you appreciate all that they have done for you in the past and present. This negativity may be coming from a feeling of depression and lack of confidence on their end, not yours. Help them out.

Taurus: You are looking to be a part of something bigger than you. So long as you keep your interactions light and pleasant today, you will likely succeed. By being your usual forceful and pushy self, you will remain on the sidelines until you can play well others. You have an abundance of charm and the ability to be very diplomatic, why not use this and get farther than you ever could have with that other attitude. If you are attached, it may mean you should be able to make concessions and bring the love you two share back to light. If you are unattached, you may feel like indulging your desires and helping someone else to the same. Go on and whisper sweet nothings and seduce this simple being. There is fun to be had so enjoy this opportunity!

Gemini: There are good and bad sides to letting yourself over indulge in celebration or desires. You very warm and affectionate during this time and want to share it all with the one who has your heart. This energy unleashes some strong romantic urges and an interest to please those you are close to. This may cause you to eat far too much or even drink way more than you comfortable with. Whatever your release it, too much could lead to complications. If you are unattached, you must be careful that no takes advantage of you both physically and emotionally. If you are attached, this could lead to the breaking of tensions surrounding you both. Though your heart may be wide open, may sure your eyes are as well.

Cancer: Right now what you do in your life will set the tone for some time to come. The type of agreements made now will be a bench mark for your future. Your intuition will be on mark and the reactions you have will stick with your for a long, long time. How you handle certain events in your love life will follow you around for months if not a year or two. If you are unattached, you have this urge to get closer to someone you have long admired. Once you get to talking you realize you want more from him or her than this conversation and you finally grow enough balls to ask him or her out. That courage coupled with the love you feel now, will always be present in this relationship. If you are attached, goals will be easy to make and even easier to reach.

Leo: Everyone’s energies seem to run both hot and cold today. Do not let this affect you and try not to take anything personally during this time. You may think that things are heating up between you and someone special then suddenly relations turn cold and negative. This is not the best of times to make any sort of commitment or proposition if you can help it. If it was meant to be and worth revisiting, then it will happen while the energy surrounding you both is more stable. Meanwhile do your best to simply ride this rollercoaster out. It may be better that you do so alone rather than put up with the mood swings of your loved one. Just make sure you do not overindulge your desires in an effort to compensate for the lack of comfort and security.

Virgo: Your feelings are running high during this period. When they do reach these heights you have the tendency to tell everyone how you feel about everything around you and how they should feel about it as well. You may not realize how you dictate your version of how things should be, or how they should respond according to your version of life. Letting your feelings flow is fine but it should never cross certain lines of self control. You need to restore a sense of balance because this unmanaged compassion could make matters in your life much worse in some way shape or form. If you are attached, listen to what you r lover is trying to tell you rather than force feed them your wants and needs. There is a compromise here.

Libra: It is likely you are looking to achieve a specific outcome in a matter near and dear to you. Sadly you will be reminded that sometimes, you need to leave well enough alone so that they can work themselves out. If you are attached, it is time you either develop or redevelop the sense of “team” in your relationship. In order to bring your goals to fruition, you two must work together. Put all your differences out on the table and sort them out together. You two can still become a unit so long as you take things to a deeper level and remind each other how much you do truly care for one another. If you are unattached, do not rock the boat. Things are running smoothly around you so let it be. Stop whatever changes you were thinking about.

Scorpio: For you, today is about letting love in and letting it flow. If you allow love and desire to come together naturally in your life, it could give you a stable foundation in any of your romantic endeavors. If you are attached, you may have hit a few snags in your relationship. You two will have the opportunity to smooth things over and be able to celebrate what it is that brought you both together. Whatever it is that is special to you two will make for a wonderful reconciliation. If you are unattached, you will be reminded at how the greatest of friendships could be the beginnings of the greatest loves. Some of you will either begin a friendship or already be a part of one that transforms into something loving and warm. Enjoy this new connection.

Sagittarius: You are frustrated at the moment and much of it has to do with your love life. You are not happy in the direction that it is going in or you are thinking about what moves you want to make in your relationship. It is very difficult to figure out what direction to take and the energy surrounding you is not helping matters at all. This wouldn’t be a day to make any plans or decisions but you might want to take a good look at the role your sweetheart plays in your life. Today you might want to consider giving credit where credit is due. You may not sure what to do tomorrow, but today you can at least acknowledge their positive role in your life. This may help you gain a perspective on the choices you soon need to make.

Capricorn: Many of you are unhappy in your love life during this time. While communication should be strong and fairly easy at this time, you yourself are being rather insensitive. These conflicts you two are having are far too basic and blaringly evident to making finding common ground this difficult. But you are not hearing the words the coming out of their mouth. Your ability to read between the lines is lost. Whether this is intentional or you really are this obtuse, your sweetheart is having the hardest time getting their message across to you. Because you two have not fully resolved matters, the next time you and your love discuss your differences, listen closely and find a way to compromise. You will be able to find a way to please you both.

Aquarius: Socializing and being friendly, even at work, will open the door for love and possibility to enter. This is a time for light and relaxing interactions with those around you. This is not a time to push yourself or be involved in activities that require intense energy. You are more interested in the harmony and cooperation this energy surrounding you brings. With that said, many of you will be approached romantically, either in your place of business or school, where ever your daily routines and responsibilities converge. Don’t brush off anyone who tries to ask you out, as you could miss out on something rather special. Let this serve as a reminder how great of a person you are and that though you are not looking, someone is looking at you.

Pisces: The energy surrounding you right now is about new beginnings and a fresh start. Because of this energy, you are entering a period time that will be marked by your impulsiveness and emotional directness. Now these powerful feelings have you doing things that only days ago you would have been too shy to think about. One of those would be spending time with the one who has your heart. Rather than wait for this person to make a move, you are making things happen. This influence is something that can extend to all areas of your life, not just your love life. Where you would like to make progress is where you should apply this. Whatever new habits you acquire make sure they are positive ones as they will be a part of you for some time to come.

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