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Love Horoscopes – March 9, 2013

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Aries: You are a “worst case scenario” kind of person. It is very easy to see what is negative in anyone and anything as precautionary measure. Today you may want to stop these poisonous thoughts and put any other negative ideas aside. You do not have the entire picture and yet you are ready to take care of the situation. You are under a lot of mental pressure and your heart is breaking as you suspect the worst of the one you care for deeply. Because you are unable to express some of your insecurity and other emotions, it is better to take a few days and formulate your thoughts. Let your loved one know that you two need to talk but make sure your heart is clear of suspicion and negativity before you do.

Taurus: Nothing that happens today will be an easy fix. There are too many emotions involved and maybe even too much water under the bridge to bring relations back to a normal or comfortable level. You may be particularly confused about recent disorders in your relationship. You have no idea how their point of view has so vastly changed but, you then realize that many of the statements you hear from your current lover you have heard elsewhere. Sadly a previous lover, help bent on revenge or malice has been feeding your current love with lies and they believe every word. How do you make your lover believe you? Your previous love is jealous of your happiness. Treat this person well rather than hate and watch their plan unravel.

Gemini: This is not the day to let your mind wander and dwell upon issues you barely know anything about, especially when it comes to your love life. Many of you may think you overheard something that involves you in some sort of way. Your mind picks a part the information and triggers your paranoia. When your paranoia is triggered you become increasingly suspicious and everything revolves around those thoughts. Rather than dwell upon this any further, take time to find out the truth. How hard is it to just ask? Doing this will help put your mind at rest and calm your nerves. Though you are not trying to cause any problems, do not be surprised if this sparks a rather drawn out argument. There will be a lot of questions answered in the end.

Cancer: You may not be able to anything right today so if you are already feeling frustrated, reschedule everything for tomorrow.  Everything you can think of, from obvious signs and signals to the well thought words coming out of your mouth will be FUBAR. The simplest things will go wrong and nothing you want to do well will go right. The next day will be better. You will be more open to love and the positive energy that does surrounding you during this time. You will be better equipped to express yourself and make things work. In days you and the one who has your heart will be able to look back and laugh at this but until then it is likely to get tense. Keep in mind that it gets better and tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Leo: Your intuition will kick into today as you are confused about matters in your love life. Whatever you do today, don’t push so hard that you do more damage than good as you have the tendency to let things get away from you. If you are unattached, you might want to just stand back and quit meddling. If you have your eyes on someone, allow the power of your mutual attraction to get you two where you need to be. If you are attached, you may find yourself suspicious of sweethearts’ actions. They have done something that could very well be distrustful and emotionally draining for you. Whatever you do, do not simply walk away or express your exasperation. Confront this matter head on so you can learn the truth and put this matter to rest.

Virgo: Today is likely to not go as planned so be prepared. If you have someone special in your life, he or she is rather upset with things they think you have done. You may be accused of all sorts of terrible things and be told anything that may hurt your feelings. You will not be able to remember the incident that caused all this unrest but later when you do, you will realize it was a completely innocent and harmless action that had gotten blown completely out of proportion. If you didn’t get a chance to get a word in to defend yourself, once you realize what your sweetie is talking about, get this matter sorted out so you can restore your honor and harmony to your relationship. It may take a little time but you make things right again in your love life.

Libra: Today it is likely that you will come across in a very appealing manner. Your natural charm and openly affectionate manner will likely win you new friends and admirers. You make an excellent first impression so be sure not to ruin it with your tendency to nitpick until you reach perfection. Many of you are in or about to embark on a new relationship. Your sweetheart has yet to grown accustom to your needs for perfection and how strenuously you strive for it. You could very well cause some problems today if you cannot curb your compulsion. You may take this process one step too far and accuse your someone special of doing things they are not or have not thought of doing.

Scorpio: This may be one of those days you take the good with the bad. You and the one who has your heart may be completely in sync today both emotionally and mentally. This will prove to be rewarding as you two dream of things you want together and set the goals needed to make them a reality. Sadly, not everyone will get to that point. Whether you are dating this person already or not quite yet, some of you will be blind to what is clearly on the wall about the one you care about. The truth could very well be staring you in the eye and you still cannot believe what you will be told. No matter how badly you want to believe otherwise, you are being told the truth. Better you know now than later when you are invested.

Sagittarius: There is a lot going on right now and your mind is scattered and stretched out trying to create some sort of order and sense of it all. Many of you are enduring tensions in your life that range from work demands and emotional needs; they conflict with each other and with your desires. This has caused the atmosphere in your relationship to heavy with confusion making it difficult to see what is really there or uncover the truth. Because of this strain on your heart and on your mind, a side of you that you usually keep hidden will come out and shock many of those closest to you, including yourself. Whether this is positive or negative is up to you but either way, this situation in your love life will come to end.

Capricorn: Deep down inside of you, in places where you keep all the delicious darkness you hide, you have a list of fantasies and desires that you wouldn’t dare try. Because your sexual and romantic desires are deep and compelling, you feel brave enough to try out some of the fantasies that you feel are easy enough. If you are attached, this does wonders in breathing new life back into the intimacy in your relationship. If you are unattached, you will certainly have fun with the friend you benefit from if you have that someone in your life. Either status, you two will be enjoying hours and hours of emotional release once you get going. These activities will satisfy your needs for love and closeness for the moment.

Aquarius: There is a lot of ebbing and flowing coupled with some highs and lows today. You may feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride in the ocean and a tidal wave is coming. This can be a good thing rather than bad so long as you simply ride the wave. This is not the day to sweat the small stuff in life and in your intimate affairs. There are things more important right now that need your attention. Focusing on these details will cause you to miss out on opportunities, especially if you are unattached. Do what you can to keep your eye on the prize and not get so weighed down but the lows of the day. This day is full of hope, purpose, and direction if you know where to look.

Pisces: You are an open person but it is very rare you are ever willing to be THIS open to others, even those closest to you. There are plenty of areas in your being you keep closed to the public, mainly because you are so very scared of feeling hurt and rejection. Every now and then you open the door yourself but otherwise you keep it locked up tight. Today you may be opening that door and sharing what you feel with someone who has become very dear and special to you. You feel that this person could be the closest you have to a soul mate and feel comfortable enough to let him or her in. If you are attached to this person, this will be the sign of commitment your sweetie has been hoping for. If you are unattached, that will likely change soon.

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