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Love Horoscopes – March 10, 2013

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Aries: You have been having serious thoughts about your love life lately. It is likely that some unresolved issues have resurfaced and their underlying causes have been brought to light. This will be both painful and problematic. It may cause you to directly confront someone about something that has been hidden, forgotten, or ignored for a long time. You are looking for answers and maybe, your sweetheart doesn’t have them. If you take a look at things through a different perspective, you may just be able to fix it all on your own. Stop looking at everything that negative and focus on the more positive aspects of you two being together. This will make all the difference in your confidence, how determined you become and how success of an outcome this will be.

Taurus: You need a bit of optimism today when it comes to your love life. Start looking at your problems as unique opportunities. There is a way around everything if you look hard and are creative enough. On a side note, you may be caught up in daydreaming a lot more than usual. If you just shift your fantasies to some of your more pressing needs, you may be able find resolution for the set of obstacles getting in the way in your love life. Then thankfully you can stop unconsciously sabotaging what could be a very promising relationship. Try not to set anything in stone today. Use this time to think more rather than try to formalize anything. Whatever you do remember that there are only a 24 hours in today, tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Gemini: Now is a good time for you to take a step back and give a good look at your personal relationships. Take a good look and determine what’s working and what’s not. If you do feel dissatisfied in any aspect of your relationship then have an honest talk with the one who has your heart and try to set the appropriate changes in motion. If things are moving along well, that is great, but don’t try to make any changes. There is something in the energy surrounding you, influencing your attitude and encouraging you to undermine what could be a really promising partnership. This won’t be the fault of your loved one but what you may or may not do yourself. Do stand back and take a look at what is going on in your love life. You could save yourself some heartache.

Cancer: Today may use up every bit of patience you have and anything you have in reserves. There is a matter that needs to be address but the up and down energy surrounding you and the one who has your heart makes it difficult at best. Your frustrations are apparent and your world becomes rather uncomfortable, you feel like you have it a brick wall. If tempers flare, do what you can to just not go there, spare yourself and your loved one the hassle. There is a way around this difficulty but it will take a bit of convincing. Would you be willing to change your viewpoint and perspective on this matter, even if to do so means the situation will seemingly solve itself?

Leo: Given the nature of the energy surrounding you, you could be having doubts about why you have become involved in a certain relationship. However, there is a bright side to this uncertainty; you could gain a true sense of clarity and the confidence you need to move this relationship forward. To do so you need to be willing to take a look at where your doubts are coming from and why you are uncomfortable. Once you work through your thoughts you will understand what is going on. You are not interested in fleeting excitement or small thrills; it’s all about the big win and the love of someone special. That intimidates you a certain degree and you don’t know for sure if you are ready. You are ready and you can make this happen!

Virgo: Your daily life is steady and stable, there is nothing particularly exciting or unusual at this time. You want to change that a little and now would be the time to communicate to others what you really want. Mainly you are looking to make steady, practical progress in your life; this is an excellent time to do so. Except some of you will experience a few delays and challenges along the way. You wanted a bit of excitement, here you go. How will you overcome the obstacles that have popped up between you and the one who has you heart? Here is a hint, think outside of the box, and go for the more unusual solution. If you’re attached, your love will remember why they are with you and if you are unattached, they will be putty in your hands.

Libra: You may be a bit frustrated with your love life and this lack of communication in with the person who has your heart is not helping matters either. This negative attitude has led you to be far more critical of those close to you than you should be. Rather than vent your frustrations to everyone you see, take this opportunity to understand what is really going on and how or why this happened. Once you can get to the root of the problem you will be able to begin restoring the harmony you once enjoyed in your love life. However, if you are unable to let your frustrations go and not take this situation to heart, you need to get away before you make matters worse. Whatever you do to burn off extra energy would be ideal at that time.

Scorpio: You are trying to move forward in live but pesky little details keep holding you back. If you are unattached you have a need to feel secure and that you are laying down roots for your future. Problem is that there isn’t a special person in your life to help field those needs. You do want to belong to someone on an intimate and private level but you can’t find the right one for you. That person will come into your life soon, if they are not already there, and let you know that it is ok to have those needs and try to fulfill your desires. If you are attached, you and your sweetheart do not see eye to eye on something important. You may need to do some special negotiating using what you can agree on to change your loved ones mind.

Sagittarius: Your mind is a bit scattered right now and you cannot tolerate any more fighting or communications overload. But what you have yet to see is that these obstacles are really a blessing in disguise when it comes to what is going on in your love life. You have been looking for ways to overcome these issues and thanks to the energy surrounding you, you will have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done. If you are unattached, it will be easier to figure out who has feelings for you and what they actually do feel about you. You and this person will gradually grow closer and closer until there is no other choice. In general there may be come communication problems over the next few days. Don’t spend time with wasted words.

Capricorn: If you haven’t planned one yet or made the time, thinking about going on a new adventure in life. You have been frustrated lately trying to connect with someone you love dearly. You just can’t seem to get on the same page with this person and you know they need your help. He or she may be a current lover or possibly one from your past. It is also entirely possible that this person is just a good friend to you but either way, this person probably knows you better than anyone. Why they insist on ignoring your advice baffling given their current situation? Perhaps they actually don’t need it right now! They will remember later. Maybe throw yourself into a project or some other personal involvement until this straightens out.

Aquarius: This is not a good time for you to hold things in. If you have any grievances get them out in the open so they can be resolved. If you are attached, this is particular important as your loved one has ideas that are too different than yours and possibly a bit extreme. Though you may be doing yourself a disfavor by being so stubborn, it would help to know more about what your sweetheart is thinking about this matter. You have thought about letting out your inner child and going along with a few of these harebrained ideas but you can’t bring yourself to do so. But continuing to brood and throw a tantrum or two of passive aggression can only lead to more frustration. Sit down talk about it then move forward.

Pisces: You may be having a little difficulty with your love life due to all the complexities going on around you. Part of the reason is that you are stuck in something and not moving forward. Whether this is some notion you have, thoughts of the past or just a rut, you are stuck and holding up the progress you so desperately want to see. Things need to change so follow your intuition; you are the one that could make it all happen. Once you get started on the road to satisfaction, you will see the improvements and positively they affect your love life. In the meantime, the energy flowing around you encourages you to “pay it forward”. Surely something nice has been done for you, time to do something nice for someone else.

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