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Love Horoscopes – March 11, 2013

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Aries: Things are about to go south for you in your love life but it is nothing you can’t fix so long as you are honest. Regardless of your status, you have been trying to build a foundation of comfort and affection with the one who has your heart but have been biting your tongue. There are things about your sweetheart that you really wish would change but refuse to say anything for fear of losing what you have. The problem is that you can’t take anymore and could very well lose all you have built if you cannot cool your temper. It is time to consider taking action and seriously address this situation if you want things to move forward. Don’t let this be all for naught, you love this person. A rational and compassionate conversation should do the trick.

Taurus: You may find yourself stuck between a rock and hard place today on many levels. Some of you may have to endure the memories of feelings and situations long forgotten as they resurface. The feelings of nostalgia and compassion are strong enough to break down your defenses, and quite possibly affect current events in your love life. Similar events from your past may weigh heavy on how you handle what you are going through today causing a battle between your heart and your mind. Before you do anything, get a grip on what you really feel not what you once have felt. Learn from your mistakes do not repeat them. Once this over see if you find some sort of resolution for anything that needs closure, it will help you move on.

Gemini: Your emotions may be all over the place today and you are likely to feel detached from all that is around you. One moment you will feel up and the next down, can be a bit overwhelming and it will show. It is probably a good idea that while you still feel this way, you stay away from the decision making. With that said spend some time rethinking your stance on letting your feelings be known. Your sweetheart or potential lover, knows something is amiss and is wondering what is going on. Deep down in your heart you are very passionate if not in love with this person. Hell you may have become slightly obsessed but your current course of action isn’t the best one. You don’t have to divulge all your feelings but you should share something.

Cancer: Today you will likely infuriate those you are closest to. Personally, you have made a decision to be closer with your sweetheart. You want this relationship to head in a more permanent direction. Yes you are thinking marriage or something of the like but what you didn’t think about was how much of yourself you may expose. This is not something you are comfortable with doing so your behavior toward your loved one has changed recently. You have been avoiding the discussion but soon enough your time will be up. You can go on and give all kinds of obscure and prolific sounding reasons but this person knows you, it won’t fly. Be honest with your reservations and together you two will find a way.

Leo: Many of you are looking to refine the current state of your love life. Your focus is now geared towards something more emotionally and spiritually satisfying so you will likely try to introduce things that will bring more harmony and beauty to your intimate affairs. You may continue to feel unsettled and restless until you do. Another area you will look towards improving would be your close personal ties with others you are close but not intimate with. You may find yourself looking to bridge gaps and mend any broken fences. You want to clean slates and start anew. There will be some of you who find out how someone really feels about you but seems distant and aloof. Just be patient, that will change soon enough.

Virgo: Many of you may not know if you are coming or going today when it comes to matters in your love life. Before you blame anyone or make any attempts to circumvent your responsibilities, take a long hard look at your involvement and how it has affected the current situation. You have gone around making accusation about everyone else’s frame of mind but yet you have not examined yours. You don’t know where you stand either so just stay quiet until you do. Once you have clarified your position, you will want to make amends. Though you are looking to please and apologize, let no one treat you like the proverbial doormat. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of or you may find yourself being taken for granted in the future.

Libra: There may be a few disputes in your love life today and a few of them may be your doing. If you are attached, you are in no mood to compromise and it is becoming a problem. This will lead to aggressive and competitive attitudes as well as power struggles between you and your sweetheart. Is this all worth it? Think about budging just a little bit. If you are unattached but have someone in your sights you might be debating what to do. Do you want to continue admiring from afar or actually try to get closer to this person. What is really going on is that you do not want to acknowledge or deal with the rather deep and passionate emotions you do have for this person. What do you want and be quick about it, someone else wants this person too.

Scorpio: Your love life is looking up and not a moment too soon. If you are unattached and without prospect, that could change today. A social gathering with close friends brings you to a new location and new area of town. Obviously you will meet new and interesting people who are quite different from yourself but who are so much more attractive than you are used to. Enjoy this buffet! If you are dating and have one tonight, you may be surprised at how deep the conversation becomes. Sure you were hoping to get to know this person a lot better but you didn’t think you would be playing the role of advisor and confidante. This actually turns out to be a good thing. Your eyes are opened to new point of views and you helped someone you care for.

Sagittarius: Your head is spinning today; you can’t make up your mind about anything. What you do know is that you want to give what you can, freely, to your friends and loved ones. What you know deep down inside is that part of the reason you want to do this is because you don’t want to deal with war going on in your mind. After recent events you may be feeling as if no one truly understands just who you are. But, your need to be loved and share that love is far too strong to just throw it all away. On one hand you don’t want to have to explain yourself and your needs, you are far too impatient to do so but on the other you desperately need to be understood. You will have to ask for what you want. You have covered up your emotions far too well.

Capricorn: You may find yourself acting erratically today. Part of this has to do with your sudden taste for the new and unconventional, the other may be this sudden infatuation with the “what if’s” of life. You have this impulse to break free or make radical changes in your love life. This goes beyond enjoying new things or things you never thought you would like, this is about taking real risks. It is time you stop wondering if you can trust your deeper feelings. What you may not have realized is that they have been guiding you this whole time. If you need to tell someone how you feel or want to up the ante in your relationship, now is the time. You just need to take the plunge. What are you waiting for?

Aquarius: Your mood is bright and happy today, your eyes and heart are opened to the world around you. This energy gives you a better understanding of your personal affairs and how fortunate you really are. You feel like sharing your good fortune with others close to you. This is always a great thing so long as you not over extend yourself. Feel free to indulge your feelings of kindness towards others but don’t forget to also be kind and indulgent to yourself. If you are unattached, there may be someone you have recently met that you feel close to though you barely know anything about him or her. For some reason things just clicked on both an intellectual and emotional level. Show your gratitude by treating this person well.

Pisces: There will be a lot of talking today and it will be cathartic. It’s time to let go of issues that have been holding you back from achieving the peace and harmony you know you deserve and desire. This is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to for some time. If you are attached, things are getting out of control and you need to put it back on track. If you are unattached, there is someone you have wanted for so long and the chance you have been waiting for is within your grasp. Problem is that you are losing the opportunity by not talking about what you really feel. Open up to the person who has your heart, let them know what you feel is real.

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