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Love Horoscopes – March 12, 2013

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Aries: Confrontations are not always be the win/win scenarios we hope they would be and you will be reminded of this today. Those of you attached are stuck in a situation where you are tired of the bullshit and just want to walk away. Except, you know that pulling away entirely is out of the question. Finding a way to compromise is a must but it will not come easily considering your last idea to confront your sweetheart. Keep at it, in a non-aggressive kind of way and eventually things will change. Those of you unattached may have offers for a date by someone you are quite interested it. You have tried the nice route and feel that you need to be clear and direct. That may not work either. You may just have to hope their interests change soon.

Taurus: You are passionate and rather flexible thanks to the energy surrounding you. If you are looking to make changes in your love life, now is the time. Stop wasting this energy on fruitless endeavors, put to good use and either heal relationship if you are attached or finally ask out the person you have been dancing around if you not yet attached. Go on and express what you feel. If you are attached, tell your loved one why you felt the way you did and what you feel now. You two can reach an understanding and find a way to compromise so long as you are open with each other. If you are doing this cat and mouse dance with someone you love it is time to make the last move. Ask this person out and put yourselves out of misery by finally dating!

Gemini: Many of you are entering a new phase in your life. You are excited to some extent but you do have your reservations. Your thoughts are directed inward and it is likely you have been reflecting on your personal life, and the overall direction you are now headed in. While you would like to try and keep everything exactly the way it was, you know this will not work. Whatever you do, do not let your thoughts of the past and the choices you made hold you back. You may feel as if you have no option to change but look at what is in store for you and your love life. This person is very special and has given you no indication to flee or be concerned. Allow this phase to kick in, see where it takes you.

Cancer: You may have significant communication with someone who was once very important to you or someone you have a long history with. This conversation will be particularly emotional, intimate, and of course nostalgic but it will provide a break though in your intimate affairs. As you two share memories, you will realize that certain beliefs or attitudes that you have held relate to past problems that didn’t end well. Though your present situation is similar, it isn’t completely the same and can turn out differently. Use this time to reflect and review these emotional matters from your past, get a clear perspective and learn from this. You will then be able to recognize the signs and act accordingly.

Leo: Many of you are coolly objective about those you are close too including their shortcomings as a whole. While it isn’t fair you are being a bit too critical and hard on them right now, you are coming out of a difficult time and just need to shake all this negative energy off. Though you are not looking to rush back into anything too quickly, and you certainly don’t want to be stuck in the rebound stage, having new experiences should shake this funk you are in. You need to regain a sense of emotional self control and rid yourself from these feelings of distance and loneliness you now feel. Keep in mind that new people in your love may force you to examine where you went wrong in your past. Do so but do it privately, you need to find closure alone.

Virgo: Those of you unattached are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride. You are overwhelmed by passion for someone who doesn’t know you even care. This is nothing out of the ordinary for you as you can hide your feelings very well. That passion you have been feeling has now turned to low levels of obsession and now possession as someone tries to slip in to their heart. Though this other person is trying very hard to sway him or her, the one who has your heart is still looking towards you. Use this opportunity to let them know how you feel. Just when you do, dial back some of that intensity so you don’t frighten them off. This is your time. Do this right and you will succeed and your heart will be able to relax a little bit.

Libra: Balance and control are your middle names but someone has tipped your scales recently. While I may think this is a positive thing, you are cursing this temporary loss of stability but deep down, you are also very excited. The scenario unfolding is like something out of your fantasy, where your thoughts are safe and you can control the outcome. But this isn’t your fantasy, this is real life and while anything can happen, you do have a certain amount of control. Allow the excitement to fill you and influence the bold moves you want to make. Acknowledge how strongly you feel for this person and how you can still manage your passions with a certain style and refinement that is distinctively you. Take that first step, it will be fun and productive!

Scorpio: You are on the front lines of your love life and you are ready to engage in battle. If you are unattached, there is someone you deeply care for but someone else got there first. You know this person cares for you but they have developed feelings for this new person as well. The energy is behind you and you have the power within you to score that first date and win the heart of the one you love. If you are attached, some of you may be looking to raise the level of commitment in your relationship but your sweetie may not be ready to do. It’s not they don’t love you but they need to let go of their fears. Suit up; this will take more effort than you thought. It will be worth it in the end.

Sagittarius: You may feel energized today as your attractiveness is enhanced and your magnetism is off the chart. Your natural charm will get you everything and more as you move about the day. This especially applies to love, but it also applies to any situation you may have where you want to come out on top. Never the less, the one who has your heart will not be able to resist you today. You won’t need to make very much effort to capture their heart; it should be as easy as a wink and smile. If you are attached and have had a few problems lately, now is the time to fix it. The energy surrounding you will get your sweetheart to open up and be open to finally putting it all to rest. You both will learn so much about each other in the process of healing.

Capricorn: It is time to move your love life forward; you have been standing still far too long. If you are attached, this means finally taking your relationship to that next level. This relationship is really going places and there is so much more you two can do together when you are secure in knowing that you two are truly a team. For those of you unattached, it is time to take a good look at the one you have in your sights. Is this the one you have been waiting for or is this another fantasy threatening to fade away? Make sure that this person is worth your love and effort and not a waste of your time. Yes you are drawn to this person and he or she stirs these very intense emotions but are they real? Make sure this isn’t a game.

Aquarius: Many of you are flowing along with life right now as cooperation and friendship are strong suits within you. This energy makes any of your relationships rather productive and pleasant, a level of harmony you long to enjoy. There are a handful of you, fighting very hard to keep that all together. There is someone that you are pretending not to care for. Sure friendship is one thing but what you are feeling is entirely different. A deep routed passion has been unleashed inside of you and you may not be in a position to do anything about it. It is entirely possible that time is running out and that you will have no other option but to face up to the truth. For many of you this is wonderful, for others – a choice will need to made.

Pisces: Your love life has become a source of agony and source pride. One hand you deeply care for someone that is absolutely fantastic. On the other, you are not comfortable with letting your guard down and sharing what you feel. Problem is that you are not very good with hiding what you feel. Thankfully, communication is in your favor today. Words will take on more meaning than usual. You won’t have to say much but what you do decide to say will go far. The bottom line is that you are in love and your entire body is thrumming with desire and passion. Take a risk before what little control you do have is gone. All you have to do is start talking, the rest will play out itself.

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