Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning March 11,2013


Astro-Week March 11 – 17, 2013

Dear Aries

With Mars, your Astro-Ruling planet moving into your home sign of Aries, you’ll be filled with a renewed sense of energy. Your competitive urge will become rekindled and it will begin to feel like your old self again. You’re not normally a sign to wait for things to happen but even with your mojo back, you’re going to have to deal with everyone’s dreamy mood and mixed communications. One more week to really clean up loose ends.

Dear Taurus

As Mars enters Aries, most of the signs will feel a rush of energy. Your energy will be focused inwards and towards the past. Enemies might make themselves known. You will feel as if you’re not being heard and your needs aren’t being met. As a result you will experience a rare emotional outburst. Yes, Taurus can get angry. Love is still waiting in group activities.

Dear Gemini

You should be very busy at work this week and you’re looking for rewards. Don’t push too hard. The rewards will be here shortly. In the meantime keep accepting all of the contracts and extra hours you can. Your energy wants to get out and play but love is waiting at work. Do something where everyone can see you shine and make the most of the changing energy.

Dear Cancer

Love is still arriving from someone spiritual and exotic but your energy is being pushed into your career. Ideas are still a little mixed as to what exactly you should do to get ahead but you’ll be looking for a way to do it. Try putting some of your recent studies to the test. Trust what you already know.

Dear Leo

It looks like a “back to the books” kind of week as spiritual pursuits and a general sense of spring enters your mood. You’ll feel more confident and your pockets should be a little heaver with your recent money success. Go ahead and ask out that cutie in class.

Dear Virgo

There’s a dreamy and supportive love energy in your relationship and attraction is very high. Yet, you seem to be focused on how much the two of you can make together. Your astro-ruler, Mercury is still retrograde so keep looking at the paperwork but don’t sign just yet. Maybe give love another week of play before you totally dig into that joint project.

Dear Libra

Well it’s sure going to feel like spring fever but love is still helping your daily activities. Believe it or not love is waiting at the gym or grocery store or somewhere in your daily route. It’s also going to be sudden and possibly surprise the both of you. This is all important to note because Mars, the planet of action is now in your astro-sector of close relationships. Make it a goal to find someone special for the new you.

Dear Scorpio

With all of that energy in Pisces I can’t believe you’re not having kinky psychic sex with everyone you see. Whatever.. this week your energy will shift to your daily chores and I guess you deserve it. On the plus side you’ll find yourself at the gym a little more which is great news because shortly, love will follow you there.

Dear Sagittarius

Some kind of move or spring cleaning was in order, now it’s time to have some fun. Love energy is still swirling around your home front but you’re now pushing out for something extra creative, fun, and expressive. You’re both willing to take a chance on love so you should really go for it.

Dear Capricorn

Are you really that much of a grouch or do people just see you that way? You’re friends don’t seem to be helping much but there is a very silver lining. Saturn is acting as a filter for what you need long term. This is good but it can be difficult. Keep pushing and know that the right doors are opening.

Dear Aquarius

The pace heats up and you like it. Physically, you’ll find yourself busier than usual as errands and short trips increase. Money looks great. It’s a good week, just watch for unusual delays.

Dearest Pisces

The world seems to be loving you right now and it’s doing wonders for your ego and self esteem. This week, efforts will shift from creating goals to planting the seeds. If you put in the effort the rewards will come.

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