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Love Horoscopes – March 14, 2013


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Aries: You know better than most that sometimes when someone is being a complete and total jerk to you, there is a fire burning very bright and passionate for you. As usual, you are the last one to know but after a confrontation of sorts, you know more than anyone. Once you know, there is no unknowing it and in all honesty, you really don’t want to. Once you get a handle on what is going on, your sense of the situation will be pretty accurate and you can kill some of the excitement surrounding it. While you are not making a big deal of this, those watching from the sidelines will. Though you may be a bit overwhelmed and have gotten far more than you had bargained for, when the dust clears, you will be happier than you have been in some time.

Taurus: Restlessness and impatience may overcome you throughout the day as some of you have been feeling stuck as far as your love life is concerned. Others outside of your personal circle will wonder what’s really bugging you as you becoming increasingly difficult to please or be around. Try and have a bit of patience with everyone else and focus your energies where they belong. You have matters to address where your heart is concerned and when you finally get your thoughts in order, it will be an interesting display of wills when you speak to the one who has you heart. One thing is certain: things will not be able to stay the same after you are done. You may be tired of waiting for things, but now is not the time to fight the Gods over it.

Gemini: The energy surrounding you is encouraging you to do whatever it is you know deep down you need to do. If you continue to stay where you are, you will get really tired of hanging off that ledge. Let’s be honest here. There are some changes in your love life that you know should be made, you have had enough of this bullshit and want to move on. The energy today will give you room to move and the strength to make it all happen. There will be a few opportunities today that you should take advantage of so make sure that while you are doing your thing, your keep your eyes open so you can see them. So if you are scared to say something – say it. Want to break if off, then do it. Want to get married, ask. Make whatever it is happen!

Cancer: It’s going to be a busy day for you as you’ll want to communicate and get in touch with those closest to your heart. Numerous phone calls, emails, networking, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. This is a good time to brainstorm with others, share ideas and long term goals. Today’s planetary alignment brings with it an event that will have a profound effect on your life. It could manifest in a variety of ways, but one thing is sure, you will not see things in quite the same way afterward. Whether you have a current partner, or have been hoping to meet someone special, you will find that a certain person has a very powerful effect on your outlook.

Leo: You have been swept up by this urgent need to take a good look at your life and explore your personal spirituality. This of course means you have rehashed some old relationships and past decisions but you are looking to take on new direction in love and life. Though you may not be ready for it, someone to love will come walking into your life as you least expect it. The feeling you get when you first lay your eyes on him or her will be powerfully and passionately intense. There will be draw and connection to this person that you have either never felt or haven’t felt in quite some time. Make sure you are somewhat dressed for the occasion. You can finish yourself discovery tomorrow.

Virgo: You are like a magnet today, people are drawn to you and you want more. With romantic options throwing themselves at your feet, you may decide you want to indulge in a little emotional and physical release. With this type of energy surrounding you, be prepared for anything to happen. Those of you attached are likely handling matters at home in a primarily lustful and erotic way. Fantasies may get played out and new positions will be explored. If you are open to someone new in your life, today may be the day you meet someone who sends your heart racing. He or she will not be someone you can immediately ignore nor will you even want to. Whoever this person is will have a large impact on your love life for some time to come.

Libra: What is left of your façade may come crumbling down today. You have been trying to hide behind indifference thinking you have covered your tracks but you are exhausted by this ordeal and that mask you have been wearing is sliding off. There may be an incident or two today that that will cause you to break wide open. You will be irritable and possible throw a temper tantrum of sorts. However you express your emotions, it will be a bit hard to control your reactions. Now that it is all out in the open, do not let your impatience push you to resolving this prematurely. By not handling this properly now, you risk accidentally hurting the people you love or are emotionally close to. Get a grip on your emotions, take the time and wrap this up right.

Scorpio: Your back may be up against the wall in your love life and you can no longer avoid the mess that was created. This is a good time to mend fences and smooth over any problems in your home life. In order to do so, you will have to show your vulnerability and place all your cards on the table. This is not something you want to hear or will enjoy doing but you will have to make a few radical changes in order to get what you want.  By showing your hand, one chapter in this saga could very well close while another begins. But this newly formed chapter will be one where you needs and desires are considered as well. There are a few positives to this situation. Pay close attention so you can find them and focus rather than getting caught up in the negative.

Sagittarius: This is a day of action for you. Your drive and determination will only improve matters between you and the one who has your heart. For the most part, relationships should run smoothly today and so long as you have a solid emotional base in life, you will enjoy this time. If things are not going so well, you can use this energy surrounding you to transform the situation for the better. It may take some work and you may have to break down a few walls. If you succeed, fantastic! If not, you will have to accept that you have done all you can and move on. Social gatherings are on a high right now. It is likely that if you are open to it, you will find someone who is much better suited to you that you can form a lasting relationship with.

Capricorn: Today may be filled with mixed emotions and frustration. Some of this has to do with the lack of confidence you have recently developed. Whatever has transpired in your life recently, it has caused you to take a look at your past and mistakes you have made. Those mistakes are in the past. Right now, you have the ability to use what you have learned to make some overdue changes in your love life. If you are attached, it is time to pull back some of that power you let your loved one wield. If you are unattached, it is time to stop underestimating yourself and actually realize that you are worth more as a person than you realize. You are doing the best you can in love and relationships, let the cards fall as they may.

Aquarius: There may be someone in your life you know intimately and you think you know them well, come to find out they are not at all who you thought they were. A series of events may trigger a reaction from someone that with undoubtedly show you exactly what this person is made of, and what their motives are. This will not be in your favor so you should take some radical steps based on this new insight and do it quickly. When you can catch your breath, shake this ordeal off and move on. People will smile in your face and the minute your back is turned they want to take your place. You don’t have time for that. You need someone who will be with you and not everyone else who crosses their path.

Pisces: This may not be the easiest of times for you as there will be a lot of talking about hidden and intensely private or secret subjects. Make no doubt that certain conversations and interactions you will have will be intense.  You will feel exposed and you will feel vulnerable but do not try and leave the conversation when you start to feel uncomfortable. For some of you this may be a matter of some things from the past or it is entirely possible a person you cannot trust will be uncovered. Either way you are better off knowing the truth so stick it out. By the time this day is over you will know who your friends are, who truly cares for you and who you need to cast out into the cold.

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