I thought you liked blondes..


“Sonny.. slowly.. what do you see?”

“I can smell the ocean”

“What else..”

“I can hear the children playing”

“Cute.. I missed you. Now.. open your eyes Sonny..”

“..my space ship is gone..”


“..my painting is gone..”


“..my ring is gone..”

“Definitely.. we’ll get you another”

“..my Angel is gone..”

“.. yes..”

“No.. you don’t understand.. Gone – gone. I can’t feel her ! .. Anywhere.. she’s not in this world.

You want to know what I see? Nothing ! You woke me up to show me this ! What’s wrong with you?”

“.. well.. at least it’s nice to  see you still have a bit of your fire & passion.. seriously, your mouth – calm down.. we’re going to be ok.

You haven’t told me yet.. focus Sonny. What do you see?”

“..last summer I was running on the seawall and I felt the wind.. was that you?”


“..two months ago I felt the hands.. not you?”


“three weeks ago.. I could feel my wings.”

“not me.. but you still think no one cares..”


“Blue !”

“What is wrong with you?”

“Ok Sonny.. here we go.. I want you to read those people behind me.. & I’m going to read them by scanning you.. Ok go”

“How come no one ever answers my questions? Dear Universe, What the fuck is wrong with this girl?”

“Come on Sonny.. play with me.. please..”

“Ok sexy.. Blue”

“Don’t tell me ! ”


“You’re cute.. is that supposed to be a joke?”

“I don’t really get it either”

“But it’s your joke!”



“This is not working for me.. plz preface all attempts at humor with – knock knock”

“You’re a little difficult aren’t you?”

“A bit.. Can I be the orange guy tonight?


“The New Kama Sutra – orange & purple.. not so weird – I want to be the orange guy tonight – I think it would be fun to wear a hat.”

“What?.. what have you been reading now?”

“Ok.. knock knock – but I don’t see how we can both be the orange guy”


“I’ve come to fight for you.. seriously.. you could at least acknowledge me..”

“I don’t trust you..”

“After all this time.. you are stubborn.. you really don’t trust me?”


“Then you will fight alone Sonny”


“With a rare combination of smooth & intoxication rivaled only by scotch & soda, Sonny crawled out from under a bar stool and joined The Amazing Sideshow Band with mind altering sax solos and raw sex appeal – DR ed FAB”

“What are you.. Sorry Master.. I didn’t recognize you”

“I’ve come to see Sonny play”

“Everyone knows you two have some kind of secret connection.. but he doesn’t tell anyone – even you.. how could you know he was playing today?”

“Because.. I was meditating under the bluest of skies when it began to snow.. my angel was channeling the Fates”

“He said no Master”

“I know.. he’s stubborn.. but he’s finally learning”


“Why did you dye your hair?”

“Because I thought you liked blondes”

“Come on.. play nice”


Because.. it’s a beautiful new day and I want to be a part of it.

Sugar and spice


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