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Love Horoscopes – March 15, 2013


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Aries: You have been thinking long and hard about what you want in your love life. Now while this is normally a dangerous thing, the energy surrounding you supports the positive changes you are looking to make. You will have the opportunity to make this happen and conquer the heart you desire so long as you really mean business. Sometimes you get a good idea and drop the ball because something about it isn’t worth the effort. You cannot do this today and with the energy on hand. You have been thinking, dreaming about either transforming your current relationship or attracting someone of similar mind and heart. If you are just going drift along and not actively participate, you will lose any and all opportunities you would have had.

Taurus: Many of you are starting a new cycle where love and romance are your focus. Your creativity is heightened and your desire to appreciated and admired is strong during this time. You can use this to your advantage as someone close to you comes to mean so much more, if not everything to you. Whether this is a friend or a current lover, you are looking to strengthen your bond with this person and make it permanent on some level. It has taken you a while to get to this point so now is not the time to mess things up. Do not rush in, do not let your new found enthusiasm overwhelm and influence you. Take it one day at a time and it come as it may. You two will settle in together nicely.

Gemini: Let us get some things into perspective. There are some of you out there feeling down and unworthy. Why is that? Who did you allow to hurt you in such a way? No one should have the power to bring you down and if you do let it happen, you are cheating yourself. You deserve everything you’re little heart desires and it is your natural right to go out and get it. Now if you are normally a shy Gemini, it is time to come out from behind the curtain and gather enough courage to actually believe that you can have the type of love you have always desired. If you can successfully take that first step, the rest will be easy and fall into place. If you have a date, this will be a good night. Things may get awkward but he or she will certainly want to see you again.

Cancer: Some of you needed a bit of time to pull yourself together and work in your emotional security. You started out with building a solid foundation in yourself and in your personal life before you started to consider letting anyone from outside your social circle in. Right now you are ready to lay down some real roots and explore any options available to you intimately. There is someone who you are in a relationship with but it is truly platonic. He or she may have been biding their time until you were ready for what they have to offer you. It is entirely possible that this person will confess to you that they have feelings for you that are more passionate than platonic. If you are not interested, speak plainly. If you are, take your time, there is no rush.

Leo: It is time to change you game. What you are doing is not working for you anymore and well, you are not interacting with lovers that are going to do anything for you or be someone substantial in your future. Be the type of person you want to attract or in some cases, be the type of partner you want to be. There are a few of you who have someone special, this person has your heart and may not know to what extent. You feel you need to elevate yourself to match their level, what is stopping you? You just cannot continue to pretend you feel nothing when you obviously do. For someone who is usually so good at hiding their emotions, your current situation has put your heart on your sleeve and its details written all over your face.

Virgo: Some of you have sworn off love. This is understandable considering you may have gone through a messy break up recently. But right now, some unexpected pleasures from new friends or an adventurous attitude have made you rethink where you stand on this as well as make this time period rather stimulating. It is likely that the energy surrounding you brings with it a new romance or a revitalization of a previous one. You needed some time to pull yourself back together and start back out on the right path. Even if you had planned to remain single for whatever time frame you set, it isn’t like you are immune to the world around you. You are not incapable of meeting someone who would change your mind. In fact, you might do that today.

Libra: You tend to be very practical and intellectual; these traits can often put a damper on how you view your love life and intimate relationships. Love can be more a matter of whether the relationship serves a purpose, rather than how deeply you feel for someone. You have come to realize that this needs to change a little and in order to either have a successful relationship or save the one you are in, you need to be warmer and a lot more forward with your sexual intentions. Now for many of you, this is new so take things slow and easy while you get a handle on your new style of emotional communication. For right now, try being a little more subtle than out right obvious and build from there. This will all work out in its own time, just hang in there.

Scorpio: Whether you are in a permanent partnership, or you are looking for that perfect person, the events of today could be quite a milestone. You feel the need for love and you want love to surrounding you today. You have no immediate worries when it comes to your love life so for once you are at ease. Never the less you are still looking make the day special so look to what brings you pleasure in order to achieve the desire results. You will find that once you focus, things will come together nicely and make this a time to truly remember. When it is all said and done you will have accomplished something that you can be proud of but also something that you can look back on fondly. Oh and if there are any opportunities to socialize, take them.

Sagittarius: You are finally feeling the love today and it is time to make it work for you. Thankfully with this energy brings with it a compelling and intense quality to it which will surely help improve any of your sexual or romantic relationships. Because you are feeling rather warm and loving, if you are attached, you may be able to smooth some of those bumps in the road you two have experienced lately. Let your loved one see you need to love him or her and that you want to be close again, things should fall right back into place. Your love for each other may reform at an alarming rate. If you are unattached, your magnetism is rather high today. I am sure you can find someone to do with all that power at your disposal.

Capricorn: This last week or so, it is likely that you have been laid back and uninterested in the world around you. Today, you are the complete opposite; in fact, you are actually warm and enthusiastic today. Whatever it was that triggered this happy mood, keep it going by sharing it with those closest to you. If you can, even share it with the world. But do not get to ahead of yourself here because this energy also causes you do act before you think. It is entirely possible that you may jump to conclusions at this time or say and do things which you may regret later. This may also trigger other impulsive so if you decide to act upon an idea or even something you have been going back on forth on, go about it slowly and steadily or else you will mess it up.

Aquarius: You feel rather open and raw today. There is a certain confidence that comes with feeling naked that allows you to speak freely about your thoughts and share your dreams. If you are attached or have someone in your life, sharing your feelings and dreams will create a foundation for a very rewarding and lengthy future together. You two may even dream as one and set goals for that lofty future. Many of you who are attached need this energy right now as you have been trying to get your relationship back on track. Baring your soul and allowing the depth of your feelings to surface will put you on the road to success. It’s important that you be as honest as possible with your emotions and remember to choose your words carefully.

Pisces: The energy surrounding you brings you a strong desire for love and affection, especially the pleasures that comes with them. You want to bring this positivity into your love life anyways you can. If you are attached, you should to more creative avenues to encourage warmth and physical inactions. Remind your loved one of all the possibilities that you two have in your future by being together. If you are unattached, you may act impulsively as this energy fuels your desires. Impulsive is one thing, acting without regard to consequences is another. While you deserve to have your all your desires and passions fulfilled, use a little discretion when choosing who you share them with. You will avoid all sorts of trouble and headaches later.

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