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Love Horoscopes – March 16, 2013


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Aries: Things may be tense in your love life. You may be having problems with the one who has your heart or shares your bed. Either way now would be the time to mend those fences and put things back on track. This distance has forced you to acknowledge and appreciate the person you are. Be confident in what you have uncovered about yourself and what you can do with it. Use this to lay to tensions to rest and put the spark back into your intimate affairs. Laughter is always the best medicine but so is going back to basics. Remember the things you two have wanted to do or try. How many more are on your imaginary list? It’s time to start ticking them off again. Do things together, have as much fun as you can and watch the attitude change.

Taurus: Many of you are kinda cruising through your love life right now. It is neither moving forward or back but it isn’t doing much of anything. If you are unattached, you may meet someone who will be rather influential in your life. He or she will bring you to the next place on your journey towards real love. It may not be this person themselves but they know the way to where you need to be next. If you are attached, your relationship is at a standstill and growing a bit stale. Things are going well but you can make it better. Love and relationships stay strong by recognizing that they are in a constant state of change. Look at this from a scientific approach and search for new discoveries. You two will never have a dull moment again,

Gemini: If your love life is lacking some sort of intimate connection, it’s time to change that. All you need is to create the right atmosphere that encourages the shared flow of emotions between you and your sweetheart. Whatever it is that has held you back from being totally honest, needs to be let go now. You want something that will last past the next week, someone who will support you and watch your back just as well as you would theirs. The person you want it from is either unclear or has no idea whatsoever. Speak up. Be loud if you have to but be very clear what you want from the person who has your heart. Be confident and have faith that he or she will hear you and respond accordingly.

Cancer: This is a rather upbeat and refreshing time for you where making progressive changes in your life and relationships do a world of good for you. These changes are not likely to be extraordinary, but those who know you will see a definite transformation in you and your love life. If you happen to have a date, you should have a great time. The energy surrounding you both should be light, fun and stimulating. Expect a lot of laughter, good conversation and plenty of flirting and promises for so much more. The chances of get together again for another date are very high. If you are attached, your sweetheart will like this new feeling that the changes you made have brought to your relationship. Things will be looking up for you both.

Leo: For some of you, love has been less than exciting while for others it has been downright terrible. Today, this could all change as you feel romantic and loving, more so than you have felt in quite some time. This mood affects the way you dress and the way you interact with others. The warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated by all those that cross your path. Because of this, you are focused on pleasure, love and any intimate connections you may have. If you are unattached, your next love may come out of friendship. Either this person is a friend of yours or a friend of a friend. If you are attached, your current relationship will take a turn for a better. Spend some quality time together and you will see you two heal the rifts between you.

Virgo: You are having fun. Regardless of your relationship status, you have fun and you enjoy the path you are currently on. If you are attached, you are having a great deal of fun but you are not feeling that spark you once felt. The passion seems to have dwindled and you are looking for ways to bring back the harmony and flair you once had. All relationships have highs and lows, good days and bad and are in a constant state of evolution. This ongoing process means you will always discover something new if you really look. When was the last time you really looked at your sweetheart? If you are unattached, you are ready to love again. That’s GREAT! Now get off the couch, get out of the house and go find the one meant for you to love.

Libra: Love and romance have been unpredictable for you lately. Things are going well in your love life but if you are attached, there are some things you and your sweetheart are purposely not discussing. You both are still rather affectionate with each other and maybe overly friendly but this is this road block that you both know to go around and you really don’t have to. This problem is not as negative as either of you think it is. But the more you avoid it, the worse it appears to be… far worse than it actually is. Stop and really look at the problem. It is likely you will find yourself laughing at what is really there. Put this matter to rest for good by making light of the whole thing. Joke about it, talk about, whatever it is you want to do – just let it go.

Scorpio: You have gained a positive outlook on love and life this past week. This may come of all the affection and attention you have received over the last few days. There is a spring your step and you have new appreciation for all that is around you. The desire you have to share this will those you care for is a good idea. Throw a party or orchestrate a gathering of those quirky and amusing friends you adore so much and spend some time having fun. If you are attached, being outward and social could lead to the development of a special friendship. It could very well be someone you have had feelings for, for quite some time now. So long as you follow your instincts, you will not be steered wrong. Enjoy this time, it is long overdue!

Sagittarius: Many of you are coming out of a stressful time in your love life, one that isn’t quite over yet. Thankfully, there is a bit of a lull now and you can use this time to regroup. Stop and take a look at what has happened. If you are attached, how much damage have the recent events caused in your relationship? Can it be repaired? Better yet, do you want to fix this mess? The energy surrounding you is creative, loving and expressive. If you want to make this work, you will have every opportunity to do so. If you’d rather not, you will be able to break up as cleanly as you possibly can. Either way remember that we all want to be appreciated and loved. Being wanted for who you are rather than what you can give is the only way a relationship will work.

Capricorn: Many of you are getting back on the horse and giving love a try. And, there will be some of you looking to breathe new life in a relationship that feels distant. One thing a Capricorn excels at is conversation. Get you in your element and your words can light a fire or start a war, however you intend them to be heard. This is where you start putting things back in play. If you are unattached, use your charm to reel them in and your intellect to keep them close. Zero in on their likes and dislikes so you can wow them with what you know, or don’t know depending on the person. If you’re attached, it’s time to up your game by going back to the beginning. Flirting and teasing, like when you first met, should get things moving in the right direction.

Aquarius: Things in your love life are not going the way you though they would. There have been times where you have wanted to break down, maybe even cry. You have been going crazy figuring out how you got here and how you can get away. Thankfully the energy surrounding you will shed new light on the situation and give you a chance to laugh those tears away. Oddly enough, help may come from someone who has always been by your side. If there is any chance of improving the position you are in, this person will show you the way.  You know this person very well and have yet to think about them romantically. It is entirely possible that when these problems pass, you may be looking at this person in a new light as well.

Pisces: You are at your best when you feel cared for and needed, those emotions bring you comfort and security. The lack of these things can cause an instinctive feeling of uneasiness. Sometimes in order to have that level of satisfaction, you have to put yourself out there. Being or feeling vulnerable is not something you enjoy but do not think of it that way. Think of it as taking action to achieve something that is rightfully yours. In order to do this, you will have to talk about your feelings. Thankfully the energy today has taken back some of your reservations and allowing to talk as freely as you would like. Talking about what you feel or what you need may help you organize your mind and heal your heart in the process.

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