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Love Horoscopes – March 17, 2013


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Aries: There are times where you are so singularly focused on something that you could easily go on course and have to claw your way back. In this case, it is your feelings that are consuming your every thought and controlling each action you make. You know that things may have veered off track some. This has sobered you up some and given you a realistic view of your love life at the moment. There are things that need to be said, apologies to be made and future goals to plan but you can’t do any of that until you and the one who has your heart, put the past aside and get together.  There is a lot more you two have to look forward to, together. You may need advice from an older more mature and experienced friend. Seek them out and listen closely.

Taurus: You are in a good mood; you feel optimistic and enthusiastic about where you are heading and what your future holds. This new perspective you adopted as really liven up your outlook and injected some positivity into your intimate affairs. If you are attached, you are looking to do something nice for your loved one. This selfless generosity is not something you do often but when you do, you do it right. Enjoy the rewards that come with it. If you are unattached, you may find yourself attracted to someone who is laid back and very witty. The banter you two share grows flirtatious very quickly and so does the connection you two share. See where this goes, it’s bound to be a fantastic ride!

Gemini: You want to do something but not quite sure what you want to do and whether or not you want to do it alone. What else is new, you are two sides of the same coin. What you do know is that you feel as if you need a renewed sense of belonging and you desire a level of closeness you have long forgotten. Though many of you are feeling introverted and reflective, you know the only way to get what you want is to become the complete opposite of how you feel. There is a way to compromise. If you are unattached, try getting involved in groups or activities that are smaller in number. This allows you to make connections with people without being so public. You may meet someone you will want to take to time to get to know and maybe love.

Cancer: Many of you will not be able to stop moving forward. Love, life, career – anything at all, you are compelled to keep moving. Take a moment to show your loved one just how much you do care and how you appreciate all they do for you. If you are unattached, you may have spent some time thinking about what you would do when you find someone you could love. That time has come, what you are going to about it? You have this persons undivided attention and they want you to take action. Will you do it? Can you do it? Yes you can do it and it will be by far the best thing you have done in ages! All you need to do is formally introduce yourself. It is so simple yet so hard to do. Once you do though, it will be well worth the risk.

Leo: Things are turning around in your love life and for some, not a moment too soon as you have grown quite impatient with the world around you. Continuing from the strides you may have made the day before, you feel as if you are ready to accept the love and passion coming your way. This of course brings out your natural magnetism so do not be surprised if you find many people attracted to you today. If you are unattached, take full advantage. If you are attached, know that you still got it! Those of you attached will get a charge out of all the attention today and want to spend that energy loving your sweetheart. Give in to the intense urgency you feel. If you are unattached, new love will not start out passionately but will get there soon enough.

Virgo: You are one for stability and permanence because they satisfy many of your emotional needs. One of your priorities in a relationship is having that feeling of being stable and the peacefulness that comes with it. With this comes with staying in areas or types of people who share commonalities you are familiar with. How is that working out for you? Many of you probably answered that it isn’t. The energy surrounding you has brought with it an unusual opportunity, a chance to meet a person you would never normally have come into contact with. You are opening up yourself to a level of uncertainty you may not be comfortable with. The powers that be are at work here finding the one for you, someone you can be with for the long haul.

Libra: The energy surrounding you is raw and honest; you have nothing to lose with this behind you. If you are involved in some sort of emotional miscommunication with your lover that has snowballed out of control, one of you has to do something to fix this; might as well be you. This misunderstand is getting in the way of how you two really feel about each other, we can no longer have that. If you are unattached and intimidated by new found love, stop pretending you feel nothing at all; it is sending the wrong message. Why not take the risk and express how you feel. Chances are that this person is shyer than you are and is too scared to tell you how much they care for you as well. Nothing will happen if no one talks. Why can’t you speak up ?

Scorpio: Things may start off in a negative fashion but will turn positive so long as your attitude is the same. If you are attached, things may be going as smooth as you would like. Some changes need to be made but they are not the type that happen overnight. Keep working towards the goals you and your love have set, so long as you continue to make progress so will your relationship. Some of you who are technically unattached have been seeing someone that your feelings have grown for. You want more of a commitment but yet you are not sure if you want to even mention it. Rejection is something you can’t handle and do your best to avoid. Doesn’t matter what their answer is. Someone else is waiting in the wings if this doesn’t work out.

Sagittarius: For those of you working on improving your relationship (think back a few days ago), today is all about taking action and relationships taking a turn for the better as a result. After a few days of thinking and planning, your mind and heart are on the same page and you are friendlier and warmer in your demeanor than you have been as of late. Your sweetheart notices this and will likely verbalize their appreciation. He or she will then make an effort to meet yours. This will change things for the better. If you are unattached, you may have a random conversation with someone you don’t know, which could end up in a date. He or she is rather fascinating and you want and opportunity to hear more about them. Things will be slow but will grow!

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you is fun so why not indulge. Today why not take action, and rediscover your natural exuberance and love of exploration. You owe it to yourself and your love to be a little more hope and whole lot more experimental. Play games, share a few of your sexual fantasies or maybe even flirt your heart away. Engage anyone and everyone in any sort of conversation that will be interesting and informative; verbal foreplay is still one of your talents. Whether you flirt with the one you are dating or just some random person off the street, you need to feel a thrill in your veins. Many of you have been stuck in rut, your love life will continue to suffer if you don’t use this energy to your advantage and snap out of it.

Aquarius: After recent events, you may come to better understand what is going on in your love life. There will be some of you who are not happy with the outcome and have decided that it is time for change in your intimate affairs. If this is you, then you have unknowingly adopted a sense of emotional coolness or detachment in preparation for the break. You may think you are prepared but as you begin to break it off, you may not be prepared for your partner’s reaction. For those of you unattached and have someone special in your life, your understanding brings you two closer together and you have a chance at something you never thought was possible. It is time that you take some kind of action to secure what you have so painstakingly built up.

Pisces: You are looking for all the fun and none of the mess today. In order to pull that off successfully you should a bit of charm and your natural ability of diplomacy to get whatever you desire. Leave the bold and direct approach to the fire signs. You want to keep any interactions you have as light and amusing as you can in order maintain the harmony you have achieved. If you are unattached you may find yourself drawn to someone who is just as enthusiastic as you are at this time. He or she is warm and rather passionate, you two coming together would do you both a world of good. There are many things they will admire about you that they lack within themselves and vice versa. Let this connection unfold and grow.

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