Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning March 18,2013


Astro-Week March 18-24, 2013

Dear Aries

It’s not exactly full speed ahead as you continue to clear out residual debris from your subconscious and emotional states but it is time to move ahead. The current alignment of planets has you looking over your shoulder and justly so. Hidden enemies are currently active behind the scenes. It’s kind of a feeling of trying to rush ahead but people will be trying to slow you down from the sides. Keep pushing forward. In the middle of the week Venus will enter your home sign bringing attention to the “new” instead of “past” you.


Dear Taurus

As the love energy shifts this week from dreamy to action, you’ll somehow be caught in a flux between the past and the future. You want to move forward and everyone around you seems ready for spring but there’s something still hidden from view and it’s holding you back. This is the beginning of a short “clearing” cycle so use the opportunity to make peace and move on. An old love reappears.


Dear Gemini

Time to collect the rewards for a job well done. You’ve been busy at work and although you’ve also been very public it felt like you were just “busy”. Keep the feet moving. This week you’ll see signs that doors are beginning to open. Take one last look at what you really want and be prepared to tell people what it is.  Help is on the way.


Dear Cancer

With the Moon visiting your home sign this week you’ll feel extra moodier.  You’ll also be more nurturing and loving. With the planets shifting into action signs, you might feel more frazzled than usual. People will want direct and aggressive answers which is the totally not your style. Be prepared for the rush and you’ll be ok.


Dear Leo

You went ahead and booked the trip or retreat or registered for the class without thinking things through. Fortunately, you find out this week that you were right to take a chance. Things work out better than you imagined. Have fun.


Dear Virgo

Expect to receive a cheque for something you’ve done with a friend. Love is entering your astro-sector of joint finances and rewards from partnerships. You might receive a little inheritance or surprise money. Smile and be thankful.


Dear Libra

Where the question? The planet of love is moving into your astro-sector of close relationships. This will smooth the way for love. Additionally Mars is helping out action and encouraging you to go for your goals. There’s really no reason to fear. The answer is always yes – if you ask the right person the right question at the right time.


Dear Scorpio

For the dark bad boy of the zodiac you sure seem to like spring. Even you might find yourself smiling at the simplest of things but I wouldn’t expect you to give in that easy. You know all about endings but it’s the beginnings that fascinate you. This week, find someone who can help channel all of your destructive energy into something that can help the both of you. There’s a lot to create but you’re all over the map.


Dear Sagittarius

Time to play! Sagittarius is all about big happy ideas. This week love will enter your astro-sector of creativity and light hearted expressions. Have fun flirting and be open to fast, quick, and aggressive romance. If you keep things light and playful love will find you.


Dear Capricorn

It looks like more spring cleaning around the house. Perhaps a renovation or some kind of redecorating is called for. Some might take the opportunity to look for a new place to call home. Family is about to take a bigger role and as much as you’d like to get out and conquer the world you’re just going to have to stay home and deal with what comes up.


Dear Aquarius

You are about to get very busy! Ideas, people, short conversations, and little trips will occupy your time and your mind. This will lift your mood and give you the intellectual stimulation that your love life has been missing. Keep your eyes and ears open. An innocent conversation can easily lead to romance this week.


Dearest Pisces

As more planets leave your home sign and enter your astro-money sector you’ll feel a rush of energy to make your life more physically comfortable and luxurious. Even if money has been tight, you’ll feel a need to spend on something soft and sensual. It’s a “money in”, “money out” kind of week. Remember to save a little.

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