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Love Horoscopes – March 20, 2013

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Aries: As you enter your time of the year, your life overall should just fall into place. It may take a little more time so keeping your frustrations to yourself could save you from unwanted drama. Distract yourself with more tangible things. If you are attached, things should be going very well in your love life. Keep this momentum going by doing something romantic, maybe a celebration of your love. Pull out all the stops and remind your partner why you are the best lover they will ever know! If you are unattached you might want to wait before showing your feelings to the one who has your heart. He or she does feel the same but may not be ready for all you can give at the moment. It will fall into place, just give it time.

Taurus: If you slow down, catch your breath and take a look around, you will see all of the opportunities surrounding you that you can take advantage. But first, you need to stop fretting and be at peace with yourself as well as your current set of circumstances. Yes your love life may be in chaos and there is so much happening you need to fix it all right away but where are you emotionally or mentally for that matter? Let your mind and heart drift a little in a warm and quiet bubble, let it regroup before you deal with all this chaos. You will come out of that more in tune to what is happening around you and better prepared to fix it. The outcome will be in your favor if you do.

Gemini: You need to switch tracks for a moment in your intimate affairs. For many of you this couldn’t come at a better time, you feel the unbalance and it is frustrating you to no end. If you are attached or connected to someone on some level, your relationship is boiling over – it is time to let it simmer down or cool all together. You need some peace and right now is as good a time as any. If you are unattached, there is someone you have in mind but have nothing to make this person apart of your life. You really need to approach this person soon; otherwise you will have missed your chance completely. Either way, you need some rejuvenating, good humor and a good dose of optimism. New season, new you!

Cancer: Sometimes you over think. You crawl back into your shell and think so hard about whatever it is that you start to imagine things that aren’t there. Because you heart is wide open right now, your mind has run off with thoughts of your feelings and this emotional expansion you seem to be a part of. The problem with this is that it has only just begun. There is not yet enough “data” for you do one of your internal analysis. With what are you going to do all of this serious thinking you think you need to do? I know this may be hard for you to do at the moment but, step back.  Just allow these emotions flow for a while and see where they take you. If you jump the gun now, you will sell yourself short on all you could have in your love life.

Leo: Some of you have been through quite a bit over the last few months and have reached the end of your energy rope. As the season changes over, this is a good time to relax and enjoy yourself before someone decides to help you do it. Invite your loved one or an evening of romance. For some of you this quality time well spent and for others this will be making up for lost time. Either way this is a beginning for more warmth and love and to enter your lives. Some relationships will grow and change for the better. This may mean making a commitment that is much more than what you had, yes that could include wedding bells. Just remember that you need to this time to rest your being and renew your heart and mind. You will no good later if you don’t.

Virgo: Just because the lines are blurred around you doesn’t mean you can’t see what is going on. What it truly means is to not make an changes or decisions until those lines redefine themselves. Right now you can see all the connections in your life being made, being changed and the possibilities they can create. These are things you have over looked in the past but should not make you hopeful and forward looking at this time. If you are attached, this could mean changing commitment levels in your relationship. If you are unattached, this could be an opportunity to find someone you can stand for more than a week. Give it a few days, let the chips fall where they may and go with the flow.

Libra: Some of you are wondering how the hell you got to where you currently are in your intimate affairs. This was not something you ever saw coming or thought you would have. Depending on the situation at hand, some of you may even be questioning your own sanity of something radical you want to make happen. Today isn’t the day to formulate or implement a current plan so leave any important decision making for another day. Right now you need to look at what is going on in your love life and see how you feel about it. Give a day or two; whatever your relationship status is will not change in that time frame. Meanwhile all these puzzle pieces you have scattered about will begin to come together. It will be all be clear very soon.

Scorpio: Many of you have done some reflecting over the last few days. Nothing major but your reminiscing has brought back a few emotions and unresolved issues from the past. For those of you currently attached it may be from certain problems you swept under the rug trying to maintain the peace and please your sweetheart. Have you ever asked yourself what you wanted? It is time you do and this time you should really listen to yourself. When you have it figured out, talk to your loved one and clear the air. Don’t hold on to these emotions any longer than you have to. If you are unattached, before you can move on to someone new, let go of any emotions or prejudices you may be holding on to from the past. NO one likes luggage.

Sagittarius: Today you may feel the need to share what is in your heart with the one you love. The energy surrounding you will encourage you to speak from your soul as you interact with sweetheart. Some of you may have some personal issues to resolve first before you do so. If you do, try not to get caught up in your own storm. Take care to make it through the day and get these intimate feelings out of you before they turn cold. You can come back and fix yourself when this is all over. Meanwhile, grab a hold of the inspiration all around you. Use it, enjoy it and feel grab a hold of you. It enhances your creativity, helps you see things in a whole new light and tightens your focus. This will become a great time for you and your love life.

Capricorn: Everything happens for a reason even though we may not what that reason is right away. You will be reminded of this today as many of you will have an interesting random encounter. This could be someone know or someone you have literally bumped into but this person is here for some reason. Be friendly, take the time of have a conversation and enjoy the moment. This person could prove to be important to you, maybe romantically, in the future. If you are attached you may have problems with something you feel is an issue but your sweetheart doesn’t want to talk about. Even asking a direct question will not give you a straight answer, it will give you a subject change. You may not get the truth from them but you will get it soon.

Aquarius: It is time that your love life becomes more pleasant and certainly more productive. You are tired of the discord you feel and need a good dose of harmony to brighten things up. In many cases, healing these rifts will definitely improve your level of intimacy. If it not, it will open your eyes to what is really going on in your relationship. For those of you that fall within that category, the obstacle is hindering communication – thankfully this is something real and tangle that you can take down. If you both can set aside any anger and really listen to each other, you will see what went wrong and how you can both make it right. What you are likely to find is that it isn’t that big of problem, it just spiraled out of control.

Pisces: You don’t mind romance and getting in touch with your feelings, you just don’t like getting in too deep. Right now the energy surrounding you is making you feel uncomfortable as it pushes your intimacy reserves. You would father focus on the strong sexual feelings you have the romantic passions you are imagining. You can still do all of that and more, so long as you do deal with at least some of your deeper emotions. If you are attached, resist the urge to be distant with the one you love. If you are unattached, you may finally have the balls to make the first move towards the one who has your heart. It may feel as if you are compelled to do so as you grow bolder and sassier in your communication with him or her.

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