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Love Horoscopes – March 21, 2013

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Aries: As you enter your season you are craving an outlet for your creativity and looking for some adventurous stimulation. Your frame of mind will make this a very interesting time for you in your love life. The energy surrounding you is wide open and could lead you to indulge in your impulsive nature. If you are unattached, this is a welcomed direction as you may be meeting new people or forming new relationships over the next few days. Just be careful not to let your passions and impulses get the better of you. You need to put some distance between you and the one who has your heart, especially this early in the relationship and as long as you are in this frame of mind. It is highly likely you will overwhelm this person and scare him or her off.

Taurus: Your love life is going through a renewal process. If you are attached a series of events will remind you why you two fell in love in the first place. You will fall in love with each other all over again and maybe brings things up to a new level in your relationship. You and your sweetheart are a part of something special and this time will reaffirm its value. If you are unattached, someone special may seem to fall out of the sky and into your lap. When your eyes meet you will immediate feel a connection complete with heart beating fast and your pulse racing like crazy. This may not be easy for some of you as you may have recently broke it off with someone but this isn’t marriage. All you need to do right now is take the time to get to know them.

Gemini: Many of you have been bitten by the social bug. Maybe you want to blow off some steam or you haven’t seen some of your friends in quite a while, either way you are going out to enjoy yourself. Sure you may have to schedule it, but it will be worth it. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, you are open and warm. There will be plenty of people attracted to this light you emanate. If you are attached, enjoy the attention. At least you know you still got it! If you are unattached, some of you will be knocked off your feet by this strong and purely lustful attraction towards someone you meet while you are out. It will happen fast, and it will happen hard but the most memorable falls always start this way. Enjoy your new love.

Cancer: Are you in a fighting mood? Many of you are restless at this time. There is an anger within you that is fueling your determination. Maybe someone said you couldn’t do whatever it was or couldn’t have whatever it is, but you know better. Rather than let everything around you remain uncomfortable, change your perspective. What do you want? Is it more of a commitment from your lover? Is it actually finding a lover in a sea of losers? Whatever it is this is affecting you emotionally and physically. Thanks to the energy at hand you can use this mood you are in and follow your gut. Passion will work in your favor today. It will help you balance your emotions and reason. Side note, angry sex can be really good you know…

Leo: You may feel as if you are being hit from all directions right now. There seems to be more complications and misunderstandings every time you turn around. This may be so much more than you are used to and far more than you have ever anticipated enduring. Take control of the situation and handle the problems directly otherwise this may linger for a few more days. When it is all said and done, some of you will come away from this with new feelings towards a person you have already connected with on a more platonic or professional level. There has always been an unmistakable and powerful chemistry between you and now you two have finally realized just how much. Take control of this situation as well.

Virgo: Today will be quite the eye opener for you as you find out that things were not as they seemed. If you are unattached, secrets are revealed as someone shares what is in their heart for you. This person is likely a close friend and if you really thought about it, you two have been dancing around each other for quite some time and there is a deep and true bond between you. It would be worth see where this leads you two even though this may be too nerve-wracking for you. If you are attached, negatives feelings you were unaware of come hurling at you through frustrating and defeating conversations. This could cause you to close up and shut down. Get away for a while. Putting some space between you and your lover is a good idea right now.

Libra: While this would be the ideal time to relax and enjoy the harmony and contentment you feel, you are restless and looking for a challenge all while indulging in what brings you pleasure. Oddly enough, something along those lines is in store for you today. Your eyes will be opened to limitless possibilities in your love life as someone special walks right in. If you are attached, you will likely be sticking to the relaxation with your loved one. If you are unattached, this special person will make you want to be and have better. He or she will show you what should be in your life and remind you of what you deserve. Yes, this person is for real and right now, this person is yours.

Scorpio: Your emotions are strong and upbeat today. This opens the door for you to do things you may have been contemplated having for a long, long time. The energy surrounded you encourages you to go for what you want. For some of you, what you want has consequences that affect someone else in your equation. In all honesty, its time you took a stand for something you want. You may still feel uneasy about this but follow your heart, it will not steer you wrong. Never the less any relationships you begin over the next few days will have a firm and supportive base to work from. It should continue on this path for some time to come. You do deserve this happiness, take the first step towards it and the rest will come to you.

Sagittarius: There are some changes ahead in your love life but they are for the better. This energy surrounding you right now is passionate, affectionate and extremely responsive. If you are unattached there will be an opportunity for new love that will work out quite nicely for you. There will be a strong attraction and very good chemistry. It’s not often you get a mix this good and this person is certainly one of a kind. If you are attached, the changes you experience could be abrupt but also healing. Your impatience is driving a wedge into your relationship and your sweetheart finally has the nerve to tell you. They come to you compassionately and with sincerity; it changes how you would otherwise act and begins to repair the rift that has formed.

Capricorn: Some of you may be at odds with your love life. There may be a series of difficulties and annoyances that are preventing you from getting back to the harmony you were just enjoying a few days ago. It is time to get back to your comfort zone. Though your focus is on your discomfort, you have something to fight for don’t you? Those of you just beginning or about to embark on a new relationship, have something good going in your lives that you don’t want to lose. Things may have developed rather fast and you are consumed by all this excitement but you feel it’s right, this is the path you want to be on. Whatever or whomever it is holding you back from this, needs to be disposed from your life immediately. Take action now.

Aquarius: Sometimes you need to know when to take a gamble; hold all your cards or fold and walk away. Over the next few days you may be forced to make a similar decision about your love life. Some secrets may surface bringing with it issues you thought were long put to rest. You may be frustrated and upset, even more when you realize that while you have been waiting for just the right moment to take action, it has past. You want to clear the slate but do you dare express how you feel when the situation isn’t the way you hoped it would be? You will lose out completely if you don’t act right now. Thankfully the energy is rather sympathetic so apologies and forgiveness will be well received. Have an honest talk so you can wipe the slate clean.

Pisces: Many of you have the need to get rid of an old routine or experience something unusual during this time. It may not be much but it’s highly likely that love is coming for you today in a rather unconventional manner. For some of you it may come in the form of someone you know who has been in love with you for quite some time. They have reached their wits end and feel that they have to have you. If you fall within this scenario know that their love for you is strong so make sure you know what you really want when they approach you. For others this new romance could come as you through one of your many social connections. This could be a very exciting time in your life but if you are uninterested, find a way to ditch Cupid’s arrows.

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