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Love Horoscopes – March 22, 2013

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Aries: Underneath all that armor you are really a deep and sensitive person. But because you are rather blunt and straight forward person, people feel they can be the same with you. Take the tough love as it comes. Pressing the point or arguing your case will only make matters worse. Right now you need to back off and have some patience with whatever upsets you today. Just like you do, this round of tough love is to help you by stopping you from doing something that you really have no business doing. The person this is coming from, partner or friend loves you deeply and doesn’t want to see you hurt. He or she does not mean to be cruel or add to the pain, they want to get you back on track. Tomorrow it will start to get better.

Taurus: You have been thinking. And while this is normally dangerous, this time you will make positive strides in your love life as a result. Lately you have been nervous and irritable which has added stress to your intimate affairs. Though you are looking to make a deeper connection, you realize that you have gone about it the wrong way. The changes you now know you need to make to far beyond your surface and involve adjusting deeply rooted ideals and beliefs. These amendments will make a difference in how you are perceived and how others interact with you. If you are attached, expect your sweetheart to be warmer and more loving. If you are unattached, you may attract a new person into your life who reflects the changes you made.

Gemini: It is entire possible that those of you attached may find your relationships ending or taking some time apart. For many of you attached this is actually a good thing you need to let this unhealthy connection die. It no longer has a positive purpose in your life and has long brought you any emotional satisfaction. For others it is quite the opposite, your relationship has begun to flounder and you want to save it. There have been many problems recently that have caused duty and pleasure to conflict and taken quite a bit away from your relationship. This will not sort itself out if you don’t put the work into it. You two will have to make the effort and the time to rebuild what you both have lost. Talk to each other, now is the chance to make it right.

Cancer: Did you get out all that aggression and anger yesterday? I hope so as the energy today is moving you towards a progressive and much more positive course of action. Along the way you will revisit and probably revamp your view on life, love, and romance. This should really be a rather enjoyable and exciting time even though these changes will not be extraordinary on any level. You will feel upbeat and refreshed over the next week or so as these changes work their way into your everyday life. Soon enough you will find yourself back in the game, flirting and breaking hearts. If you are still attached through all of this drama, those dark clouds will finally float away and the sun will shine again. It will be a long road back but your love will endure.

Leo: Some of you may be restless and just unsatisfied with where your love life is at the moment. You are at the point where you are starting to question how you got here and where you want to go. For some of you there are responsibilities you feel are limiting or restricting you. For others, you are still stung by the pain inflicted upon you by someone you really felt was the one. Thankfully, all of that will change as the energy surrounding you closes in. Pain will melt away and frustrations will dissipate. Just because you are feeling better about yourself and those closest to you doesn’t mean you can start to rush things. Your impatience will be your undoing. Do not let it get the best of you; let this unfold as it may.

Virgo: A series of recent events have caused you to take a look at what you are doing and where things are going in your love life. If you are unattached, you are still this way because you feel you are not really getting what you really want from your potential lovers. You want to move forward and have a successful love life but that may mean eliminating any negativity from your life. This is likely some sort of attitude or perception you need to let go. If you are attached it is possible that you need leave a situation, or a relationship that has been holding you back from happiness. It seems as if relations between you and your partner have failed and you think you are the one to blame. Are you really? Probably not but you do need to move on.

Libra: You may be plagued by memories and old feelings from the past. Of course this is filled with many things you may have forgotten or wanted to forget. This may be more dominate in those who are attached and thinking about starting to date again. You may have decided that you want a different kind of person in your life. In order to attract a new kind of person, you need to make a few changes within. The more you think about it the more you realize that some of your notions are outdate or wrong altogether. You may realize that you really don’t know as much as you thought you had. Get in touch with someone from your past and just listen. Come full circle by gaining closure from issues that could benefit your love life both now and in the future.

Scorpio: The energy surrounding you right now is calling upon your trust. Trust that whatever direction you take, no matter how adventurous or unusual, will work in favor of your love life. Your intimate affairs are set to undergo some abrupt changes at this time and they may not come or go as quickly as you would like. Do not let your impatience push you. The level of sincerity and honesty you hope to achieve is on its way to you. If you can let this energy flow uninterrupted, any bonds created or those already established will take root and deepen. You just need to trust the process and not rush it. So go out, enjoy this time in your life as the events that unfold will likely stay with you for years to come.

Sagittarius: With the energy surrounding you, things can go either way in your love life depending on where your head is. For some of you, this may be a time of heated disputes and drawn out debates. If you find yourself speaking your mind without much thought or consideration to other person in your life, well that could explain a few things now wouldn’t it. You will have to slow down and think before speak otherwise this time in your life will much worse than a migraine headache. On the other side of that coin you could be helping a friend through some sort of transformation. You know a lot about that and will be standing by to help him or her through this nightmare. It may not be now but sometime in the future this friendship could turn into more.

Capricorn: This is a time of new beginnings and taking action to make it happen. Your love life has been flat or nonexistent lately and it is really time to change that. Relationships end but that doesn’t mean your heart has to close its door. And if you are attached, romance does not have to die because you have been together for so long. Breathe new life back into your love life by doing something you don’t normally get to do or would never think of doing. New experiences give you a new attitude and that glow makes you very attractive. If you are unattached, friends and family have been trying to get you out for weeks now; you really should get out in the world and do some socializing. Putting yourself out there brings with the possibility of romance.

Aquarius: Ok, so maybe things have been frustrating lately in your love life. Yes I know that is putting it mildly but what are you going to do now? It is easy to just close yourself off and swear off love but do you want to fall prey to this overly emotional and self defeating attitude? Love put you into this mess so why not let love pull you out! Before that happens, take some time and heal your heart. When you are ready, take a good look around you and assess your situation. It would be far too easy to make the wrong assumptions if you act now so wait until your healing process has begun and you feel a bit more level emotionally. When you are ready, allow love to take you out of this mess by bringing new people into your life.

Pisces: You may be frustrated lately about obstacles popping up in your love life. It seems like more than once recently, barriers or blocks in the road have prevented you from getting close to what or who you want. Maybe you feel as if someone doesn’t understand your intentions or it is possible you feel as if you and this person have such a different point of view that you two wouldn’t be able to meet in the middle. This negativity is what is holding you back. Neither point is truly relevant if you really think about it. Try to look outside your own perception and cast any prejudices aside. There is another way to approach this and come out on top, all you have to do is get out of your own way.

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