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Love Horoscopes – March 23, 2013


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Aries: The energy flowing through the zodiac is rather optimistic, romantic and warm. You are surrounding by a lot of that energy today to use to your utmost advantage. Anything is possible so go on and set your limits as high as you can imagine them. If those limits come with a few risks, then by all means take them. You are a bit restless right now so this would satisfy your needs for new emotional experiences and adventure. If you are newly attached, you might want to have your lover meet a few close friends. This relationship is really progressing nicely and it is likely that he or she will be in your life for some time to come. Don’t worry, once the ice is broken, they will all get along nicely.

Taurus: You are a naturally courageous person. Normally you radiate a certain charisma but right now you seem to have lost a bit of faith and confidence in yourself. Thankfully the energy swirling about today will help restore this and bring back your buoyancy. If you are in a new relationship, your sweetheart may not understand the negative streak you have both endured. You may need to talk to them and help them understand what happened. It should be easy to discuss your personal needs and desires right now so share with him or her what you were feeling and how you feel now. If you are in a more established relationship, now would be a good time bring out any concerns you have to your sweetheart. They should be easy to resolve.

Gemini: It is about getting back to basics today with your love life. If you are attached it is time you set aside some private quality time in order to rebuild what you two have unknowing lost. Sometimes life gets in the way and duty takes over but now it cannot get in the way of the feelings you two want to share with each other. Make up for lost time over these next few days. If you are unattached your humor is your best asset right now. Tie your humor up with flirtation and watch how many offers you get today. You will be very successful just starting up a random conversation with a delicious looking stranger or being the life of the party your friends are hosting. Show yourself off a little, you are worth it!

Cancer: Today is all about what the heart wants. If you have an idea of who you want or what you want, the energy surrounding you now will provide the opportunity that you have been waiting for. If you are attached and looking to either raise your commitment level or make changes in your relationship, this is the most optimal time to do so. Both of you are on the same page and have the same goals. If you are attached and you have someone in mind you will likely kick yourself in the ass for not making a move sooner. If you had had more faith in yourself, you would have been dating the object of your desire much sooner. In fact, do not be surprised if he or she tells you something along that line when you ask them out on a date.

Leo: If a person can make you laugh, they will earn a little bit of your heart. The energy surrounding you today may bring with it someone who shares your wacky sense of humor and falls into a rather bold and interesting banter with you. Although you may start off chortling away merrily together, it could eventually become quite an intimate chuckle. If you are attached, there may be tensions that rise seemingly out of the blue. If it does, trying to get the final word on anything will be virtually impossible. Regardless of how right you feel you are in this argument, the person you are arguing with will come up with a rebuttal for every ounce of proof you offer.  Try to keep your words positive, but leave the last word for later.

Virgo: As you move through the day you may feel as if all eyes are on you. Everyone is looking, wanting and willing to take anything you give them. The energy surrounding you has you radiating with fierce sexual power and is enhancing your attractiveness. Many of you just can’t be bothered with that today. Not because you are attached but because your imagination has your focus right now. Your thoughts are dreamlike and certainly far away right now. If you use this state of mind properly, you could very well benefit the current state of your intimate affairs. Granted your practical reasoning is a little diminished, that doesn’t mean your erotic daydreams can’t be brought to light.

Libra: The energy surrounding you right now is rather romantic and highly erotic. This is bringing out the best in you and is empowering you both emotionally and sexually. Do not be surprised if random people are attracted to you and have no problem in telling you. Now any romantic involvement you have, at any level, will be intense and passionate. If you happen to start a new relationship under this energy, expect it to reap the same benefits as well. This will prove to be a rather exciting time for you, regardless of status. But there are some of you who may be unhappy in your love life and ripe to be tempted. Under this energy it will be rather easy to do so. Either fix this relationship or leave.

Scorpio: This should be a day of warmth and romance but for some of you attached, it has become a bit tense and stifling. Neither of you are in the mood to compromise so coming to an agreement during this time would be nothing short of a miracle. Though it is looking grim, you still need to talk about the problem and get past this. If this festers any longer the tension will build up and create more of a problem than you currently have. You have a hard time dealing with rejection; you will feel its sting on some level if this isn’t taken care of. If you can and your sweetheart can come together in the next few days, you can still take advantage of this loving energy and make up for lost time.

Sagittarius: You might want to leave your role, responsibility or duty behind today. You have been taking life too seriously lately and you need to relax before you are forced to. If you happen to be in a relationship that has a strong dom/sub theme or you are feeling as if you are caged in, you especially need to take a break before things all blow up in your face. You need to remember what it is like to just enjoy life and your desires to live it to the fullest. If you are in a dm/sub relationship, spend time together outside of that arrangement. If you are feeling caged in, time alone is ideal. If you are unattached, today is about taking things slow. If someone comes into your life over the next few days, don’t rush this union.

Capricorn: Today is good for you, all of your relationships, romantic or platonic are harmonious and affectionate. It has been a long time since you have felt this warm and optimistic. If you are unattached, this would be a good time to have a little get together and invite those you are close to and their friends. You will all get along and there may be one or two that catch your eye. If you are attached, your romantic urges and sexual desires are strong thanks to this warm energy surrounding you. Your creativity is high as well. Combine your creativity with your desires and see how much fun you and your love will have. Might be something you two will want to do again and again.

Aquarius: The energy swirling about has left you feeling more tender and gentle with those closest to you. You are looking to surround yourself with love and kindness; you will have that as long as this energy is in play. You will be smiling a lot more and seeing the possibilities in everything around you. If you are unattached this may open you up to meeting someone that can make you laugh and help you enjoy all that life has to offer you now. He or she will help you set aside your duties and responsibilities and make you laugh. If you are attached you will likely want to please or help those you are closest to. What will make you happy right now is to know your sweetheart is content.

Pisces: You need a day of optimism and harmony. Thankfully the energy of the day brings about a warmth and radiance you cannot wait to welcome. Things may not be going as smoothly as you would like for them to if you are attached. You can get through this by compromising on the issues you bring to light. Just know that your compromise will come at a cost. You may have to give up on the smaller details you have been pushing for to gain on the larger points that matter to you. If you are unattached you have had a bit if a dry spell lately. A date tonight may change your tune and add a little spring in your step. You will be reminded just how much life has to offer and how much of it you can enjoy.


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