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Love Horoscopes – March 24, 2013

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Aries: Sometimes, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder no matter how hard the time apart becomes. If you are in this situation it is likely things are a bit rough at this point. But this time away has given you both the perspective to understand that the love you two share is far deeper than either of you imagined. What you will also see is that what you feel is a major problem is really not one at all and despite this; your relationship will continue to grow. You two are rather passionate people and both strong in your own right. You both are rather demanding of each other and need to find the balance in that before this relationship can go any further. Both of you need to learn how to give and take from one another. It can be done.

Taurus: Many of you have some matters that need attending in your intimate affairs. For some of you it this imbalance you created by not letting the significant person in your life know what you want and like. For others it is a build of minor annoyances that have steamrolled into something bigger. Either way, there are a handful of issues that have needed to be discussed for some time. Use the energy today to help you clear the air. If you need to, communicate to your sweetheart your own needs and desires, what you really want from them and from the relationship. If this is about that pile of grievances you swept under the rug, don’t let your emotions rule you. Just state it all matter of factly and work it out from there.

Gemini: Many of you are in the process of making some changes personally and in your love life. The personal changes you have made have helped you become more openly affectionate, warm, and a bit more responsive to any sort of loving gestures that comes from others. You feel much better about yourself than you have in some time but it isn’t enough. Many of you are looking to take these new feels a step further by being able to express it and show it physically. If you are attached, this will be as easy as making a phone call. Your sweetheart will not turn you down. If you are unattached, this presents an opportunity for a new romance or friendship to surface. If it does, it should work out rather nicely for you.

Cancer: You are in no mood today as your emotions are all over the place. You do not want to be bothered with anything or anyone but you will not be able to avoid that. First, take care not to let your emotions stir up any harsh words or despicable attitudes. Watch your tone and choose your words carefully otherwise a pointless argument may turn into the end of a relationship. Secondly, this topic that your sweetheart feels needs to be discussed, really does need to and they are at their wits end with you. What you need to do is learn that you may have to agree to disagree when and if at all possible as well as not letting your emotions get the best of you when it is unnecessary.

Leo: You could find yourself easily annoyed today but it could end up working in your favor. Though the energy is a bit negative, the upside is that you could very well discover about yourself as well as the person who has your heart. The conversations you end up having will not be comfortable by any means but that shouldn’t discourage you from having them or skirting around a particular issue. The more you two talk, the more rewarding the conversation will be so do not be afraid to tackle subjects you would rather not discuss. As you two learn more about each other, the relationship between you two will grow and solidify. You may not like this now as you endure it but a year from now you will be very happy you did.

Virgo: The emotions of those around you are deeper and more intense at this time. This can go one of two ways, you can either be negative with these emotions or you can be positive. Being negative could result in you causing a scene in public that will not only embarrass you but your loved one as well. Follow the part of you that needs to share love with those around you. By giving and receiving love today, you will have the opportunity to see what has been keeping you from being really close to those you want in your life. When you have firm grasp of what is really going on you can rid yourself of it all together. So rather than airing your dirty laundry in public, handle your business like a boss.

Libra: You are feeling a bit detached in your love life, likely because someone upset you. You are not only acting cool with the person in question but also everyone else you encounter. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, you have the ability to heal this rift or you can let your anger get the best of you and make the situation far worse. Do you want to continue to hurt or do you want to put this all behind you? See through your anger and make the effort to talk things through and find the real source of the problem. Is there a misunderstanding? Was there something not done? The conversation needs to be open and honest at all costs so make sure neither of you hold anything back. Once you two get through this, things will be better.

Scorpio: Underneath your quiet demeanor today you are fairly hot tempered and whole lot of aggressive. You feel that nothing is going your way and you not getting your way with anything you want either. You can feel your impatience bubbling and your impulsiveness trying to take over and it is causing the tension you have been trying to avoid. What is going on in your love life will likely come out today and bring with it other things that need to be dealt with between you and your lover. You will not feel comfortable in expressing these deeper emotions but if you do share them, you will probably get something you wanted and give yourself some peace. Be careful, your irritability could make you accident prone and cause you to hurt others.

Sagittarius: Your love life may be undergoing some difficulty at the moment. With the clarity in the energy surrounding you, you will be able to dig deep within and get to the root of your problem. This will likely unearth some dark and secret thoughts that cause you to reevaluate any suspicions you may have of your sweetheart. This energy will help you see things from a broader perspective so long as you set aside any initial judgments and think each through to completion. The more you think the more you will see and hopefully this will create the breakthrough you have been looking for. Once you are done, this lengthy and strenuous process may actually strengthen the bond between you two rather than weakening it.

Capricorn: A series of events today could open your eyes to mistakes you have made with your current intimate relationships. You have completely misunderstood something and have totally misjudged your lover as a result. You feel awful. Not only did you not listen to your intuition but you have upset your sweetheart. Time to make amends by apologizing or whatever you feel may put this right. This time listen to your heart so you don’t screw this up. If you are unattached and have no one in your sight you may find yourself powerfully attracted to someone you encounter on your many travels. He or she will deeply stimulate you both emotionally and sexually. If you start something with this person, it will rather intense for some time to come.

Aquarius: The energy surrounding you at this time has a certain level of clarity that you have been lacking of late. This will help you see what you have been unable to see and communicate with other people better than before. Part of this will lead to a discovery in a “relationship”, something has been false or you have been lied to about the entire time. This will be awkward to say the least but it isn’t exactly hurtful.  You need to sit down with your lover and discuss this, persist until the whole truth comes out. Once you get to the bottom of this, it will restore the goodwill between you two and your relationship together. You will also be made aware of the distances between you and those close to you. Don’t let them stop you from keeping them near.

Pisces: Underneath that happy smile you have been stressed and uneasy in your love life and the environment you live in. You had decided to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with those involved but now it seems as if you can do so no longer. Before you approach what will be an extremely heavy conversation, take a break today and leave the problems behind you. You need the chance to not focus on this issue that has been bugging you so that you can look at it with fresh eyes and reassess what you feel and what needs to be discussed. Tomorrow or Tuesday then think about talking it out. When you do, don’t dwell on what you will say just talk and talk it out as calmly as possible. Doing so will bring the light back into your lives!

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