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Love Horoscopes – March 25, 2013

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Aries: You like for your intimate relationships to be undemanding and passionate. You crave a connection that is romantically and emotionally deep with a certain sense of chaotic harmony. Many of you are getting the chaos right now but not the harmony. You or your sweetheart have been craving this harmony and have sacrificed a lot to either maintain it or get it. Both of you hate fighting and wanted things to go a smooth as possible in this relationship. It can’t, it won’t and you shouldn’t force it to. Both of you are fiery beings (maybe literally) and sometimes, discord actually creates harmony. You need the right kind of conflict to thrive and grow closer together. What separates you two, actually adds to your love and commitment to each other.

Taurus: If your love life is stuck, now is the time to kick it in the ass. The energy surrounding you is deep and thirsty for knowledge. You want to know the reason why for everything involved all around you and you will find those answers. You will find out secrets about some very private matters involving the one who has your heart and you may even reveal a few of your own. Throughout this process you will grow and even learn more about your own inner depths. Needless to say, this will decrease your tolerance level and cause you to instigate the much needed change in your love life. This journey into the deep will give you the relief you needed and the connection you deserve in your intimate affairs.

Gemini: Someone or something from your past comes back into your life that could have a direct effect on what is currently going on in your love life. This isn’t a negative interaction; this will actually be a positive experience. He or she is here to provide clarity on problems not yet resolved in your intimate affairs. This is a good time to mend the fences in your personal life but only if you can really see what those problems are, not what you assume them to be. Take the advice and support you get from this person as well as those friends you are close with. The way to resolve this is by using the positive aspects of what is going on to your advantage not dwelling on the negative. You may be able to resolve many loose ends, past and present, by doing so.

Cancer: When faced with a problem, Cancers are notorious for pretending that nothing is wrong, everything is fine. With recent events, you can no longer pretend that what is going on doesn’t exist. You are rather passionate during this time and this has caused you to be more emotional. You are responding to life around you in that same capacity and are overwhelmed by it all. Rather than accidently on purpose ignore your part in this, actually deal with this problem head on. The more you act like you are not thinking about it, the more you actually are and not being realistic. You have a part in all of this, it is time you act like you do and take responsibility for your actions, or lack thereof, in all of this. This will be a liberating experience for you.

Leo: Many of you may be confused and upset in your love life as you have no idea what is going on. The one who has your heart seems to be cold, distant and hateful. Sadly, with the energy swirling about, it is all too easy to just make assumptions at this time. It is probably a good idea to not believe all you hear or even see right now as what you may think is logical could actually be impractical or misleading. Though you are not the only one to notice their behavior, everyone else is only speculating. Everyone needs to back off and take a good look at what is going on in your loved ones life. It is likely that they have a problem they feel they need some time and space to deal with on their own. Let them have it, give them what they need.

Virgo: Virgos often have a very child like approach to the problems in their lives. This does not exclude their love life and sometimes it is even worse if it is involved. For those of you enduring problems in your intimate affairs, now is not the time to throw a tantrum or make a big deal of out the situation. Even more importantly, resist your desire to fly off the handle and get angry. You will not need to throw your weight around and you will not need to argue. Calm your mind and slow your heart, the way to get things back on track is through negotiation. You cannot do that if you have destroyed whatever is left by blowing up. Talk it out; let them get a word in from time to time and when it is all over, you two will be closer than before.

Libra: If you have been sulking, woe is me and no one will ever love me the right way kind of attitude, the Universe will be smacking you upside the head today. You and the person who has your heart seem to have a difference of opinion that have cause some rather uncomfortable disagreements and left you at odds with each other.  Because you two cannot find a way to either agree or settle on some way to agree to disagree, this has gotten way out of hand and is about to break the relationship apart. Thankfully, you will see or hear something that will make you realize what is going on and what needs to be done. You will know just the way to challenge your sweetheart and force their hand in compromise. This can be saved and you will save it.

Scorpio: Sometimes you have to endure the dark before you get to the light. This isn’t something new to you and you will be reminded of this today as your intimate affairs lose their shine. If you happen to be enduring this today you may be at the cross roads between your feelings for your lover and the angry action you want to take. This is not the time to be hasty and this is not the time to force your point or will across. This situation needs to breathe a moment and everyone involved needs to just relax. Your anger is threatening to take over and that is never good. Do not put any effort into this while influenced by such negativity. All that is imperfect in your love life will be resolved once everyone calms down and gets on the same page.

Sagittarius: Are you on damage control today? Regardless of your relationship status someone has misunderstood something you have said or your intent and it is has taken on a life of its own. Things may have gone so far that you may not be able to undo the damage it has caused. Take this situation back and follow your intuition. If the opportunity presents itself then you will know in your heart what it is you have to do. It may lead you to take a risk, possibly making a fool out of yourself but letting the one who has your know how you really feel. You want to prove their newly formed opinion of you to be wrong. You have the courage and the strength to change this. If the opportunity doesn’t come, try anyways. Don’t let this go until you do.

Capricorn: Some of you may be involved in a relationship is has spiraled out of control. Things started off well, funny banter and maybe some flirting underneath the snarky attitude and difficulties. You thought it was minor but somehow it has escalated and now this person you once admired is someone you can’t stand to be near. This can be changed if you want it to. Get your heart and mind on the same page then look a little more closely at what you think the problem is. The change in your point of view you achieve by doing so will help you to see what is actually happening, see beyond this paltry façade. Once you do you will be able to take action, clear the air and come to better terms in your relationship. At that point, the feelings will be mutual.

Aquarius: Your intimate affairs are supposed to be stable and positive during this time but some of you are holding on to certain issues that prevent you from enjoying such. Something happened, be it an event or conversation that has caused you to feel that you must hold on firmly to your negative feelings, protecting your heart. Someone older in your life, obviously more experience, will reach out and help you see the futility of the matter. He or she will help you through this emotional time and help you reach the harmony you are hoping for. Listen to this person. You see how important it is for you to let certain principals go as it will benefit you current frame of mind and lighten your heart. Your new outlook will make things better in your relationships.

Pisces: You may have been going about things all wrong lately. Thankfully the energy of the day will help you overcome this dilemma by altering your perspective. As certain problems persist, you tend to become more demanding on those in your life. You may be going out of your mind looking for an answer that you can’t find. It can be found but not by demanding anything from your loved ones. The answers you are looking for are out there. Once you calm your passions and get your feelings in order, you may be able to see what is happening all around you. By asking for help, by asking for the love you need, you will get what you want and it will be a win/win for all.

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