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Astro-Week March 25-31, 2013

Dear Aries

With both Mars and Venus in your sign you can expect a surge of both “let’s get going” and “happy in love” energies to fill your week. The general theme will be speeding up and new beginnings and both are things you like. Your thoughts are still occupied with the past and what could have been and you are missing what is good all around you. As you move forward see if there’s anything that you’d like to take with you. There’s no reason to let go of everything you’ve worked for.

Dear Taurus

The past won’t let go but you’re encouraging it. The planets indicate someone or something is being hidden from you. Be careful. You are attracting things, people, and ideas that were once familiar. Watch for an on again/off again affair. This person might not have your best interests at heart. You should be doing everything you can to attract money.

Dear Gemini

Getting popular yet? You should be going out as often as possible and talking to as many people as you can. Somewhere in one of the conversations is the answer you’ve been looking for. Keep flirting and don’t give up. Money, love, and happiness are all waiting for you but you have to keep going.

Dear Cancer

The theme this week is back to work. In fact you may be so busy at the office that long hours seem the norm. You thoughts however are lagging and focused on vacation and distant plans. If you can bring your mind up to speed by applying recent studies, you might find time flying by with success. Love is waiting at the office.

Dear Leo

It’s a study and play kind of week. Love is arriving in the form of exotic pleasure and interest classes. And Luck is favoring your involvement with different groups of people. Keep talking to everyone. Somewhere in the crowd is someone who will match your intellect with their personal fortune.

Dear Virgo

Last month was your time for love. Right now is the time for money. A cheque may arrive in the mail. Be prepared. Someone in your close circle has taken on a dreamy persona. This will lead to confusion but it will also be romantic. It might not be a long term match.

Dear Libra

You should just relax a bit. The planets are currently lined up in your astro-sector of close and personal relationships but your mind is focused on routine and daily chores. It’s almost like you’re trying to figure out a way to make this person a part of your life. Here’s an interesting idea.. when you’re in a healthy loving relationship your life will naturally change anyways. This might be what’s holding so many of you back from true love.

Dear Scorpio

Do I really have to say this every week? Ok.. this time you didn’t blow it but at the same time your potential love didn’t really come through either. To make things worse, your team let you down with untimely advice. You should give them more information next time and definitely sooner. Your mind is on love still but your game has run its course. Get back to your routine. Love is waiting at the gym.

Dear Sagittarius

This is a great time for love and personal expression. This entire year will spotlight your natural luck with close relationships. The people that you want to get close to also want to know you. It’s a wonderful feeling and you are lucky in love right now. On the downside, something very close is about to end.

Dear Capricorn

You’re coming across as cold socially. On the plus side, you’re energies are concentrating around the home. Renovations or relocation might have your attention but your mind is still on flirty communications. Keep flirting. It’s not really over but you might want to try a little harder. This could last.

Dear Aquarius

If you speak up, this will be a very good week for love. Flirt and be happy with people you meet. Thoughts are still going over a financial plan. Keep at it it’s going to work out. Love is waiting during a daily errand.

Dearest Pisces

The wave of personal confidence encourages building a nest egg. You’ve been working on yourself lately but it’s not time to go out and find love. Love is waiting somewhere sensual, luxurious and close by. You’ll feel an urge to get things done. Enjoy the sensations and have some fun.

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