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Love Horoscopes – March 30, 2013

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Aries: Some of you are holed up in your fortress making battle plans for a love life you don’t have. You like to do this when you want to avoid lust and romance all together. You desire love and affection but you have not been moved enough to make an effort. Why not do a trial run? If you want to remain in your sweatpants for this experiment go on and do so but get out and about and revive your relationship with the world. Many will look and admire you but one will make a move. You will not want to ignore this person. If you are attached be careful of the mood swings you will likely endure. Now they will swing erratically so be prepared for anything to fall apart in a moment’s notice. Don’t get upset, just let this energy pass.

Taurus: It is all falling into place for you right now and you will soon be celebrating. If you are attached all that negative energy is beginning to dissipate. That cloud is floating away and taking all that is bad along with it. You and your sweetheart will find your balance again through giving and receiving as well as talking and listening. He or she will appreciate the effort you are making and meet you more than half way to put this all behind you. If you are unattached, you are will likely become powerfully attractive to someone who feels just as strongly about you. Once you get over the shock, don’t be shy about pursuing this opportunity. This is yours for the taking!

Gemini: People are attracted to enthusiasm and positivity. Deep down, people want to feel that anything is possible when they love someone and that it is safe to dream. If you are attached, let yourself express your affections more openly than you usually do. By doing so your relationship will gain the emotional depth and power it so desperately needs. If you are unattached you are looking to feel cared for and need. You are ready to give and receive appreciation and love but have yet to find the right person to share this with. You can improve your chances by being your bubbly self. Make your intentions know and show the object of your desire how much you care. Someone extremely delicious is coming your way.

Cancer: You are hungry for love and life and everything that it has to offer. This positive attitude will open the door and allow opportunity to come in and take hold. This is time to enjoy yourself and the world around you. Get to know the people around you, even the one you have been falling for from a distance. But this isn’t the time to focus on seriousness and commitment. Do not take anyone or even yourself too seriously right now. This energy is light and adventurous, not something to hold and manipulate.  Go on dates, several and with different people if you so choose. Explore who you are and who you might want to be. If you are attached, take this positive energy and deepen the foundation of your relationship. Invest!

Leo: You could be feeling a lot needier emotionally today. The downside to this is that if you have someone special in your life, that passion you crave has cooled tremendously between you two. Thankfully the energy of the day is looking to revive your failing love life. You and that special person will rediscover the natural warmth and genuine love that exists between you two. This will not be a subtle act; this will be loud and bold. It is likely you find yourself more open than you have ever been and whole lot more spontaneous and carefree. Let yourself go, this will help matters enormously. Take this even further by making time to do something interesting together. It will be worth the effort.

Virgo: This is a very pleasant time for you. You have a need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, relax, and collect yourself. How do you do is entirely up to you. You can be social and shine brightly at any gatherings you are invited to or you can do something a bit more isolated like hiking or going to some mountain retreat. However you try to do so it will have the desired effect especially if you are looking for someone special. Where ever you may be, your natural magnetism will draw someone very interesting into your life. You will discover that you both share the same love of certain activities, and that you have more in common than you would have imagined.

Libra: If you are unattached, the energy is in your favor today. What do you want? The energy surrounding you is harmonious and pleasant. This is easily transferable to any type of relationship you may begin during this time. You will find that partnerships formed now will work out very well. But rather than spend your time thinking how great things could be, get out and make it happen. That warm and caring partner you are looking will not just manifest from thin air. You need to involve yourself in activities that put you in a position to meet people different from you. Because you will respond to others in an enthusiastic manner, it is more likely people will be interested in getting to know you better. More chances to find love.

Scorpio: This day may not start out positive for you as you may be more emotional than logical. The sudden surges of emotions have really thrown you for a loop and aggravate you more than usual. Rather than let love become a major thorn in your side today, calm your mind and focus on what your heart is telling you. It is likely telling you to do what you feel is right regardless of what other people may be thinking. So if there is someone you want to love who no one approves of or understands and you want to give this person a chance, give this person a chance. If your heart is telling you to go for it, why not? Whatever you decide, do what you can to hold back your temper. You don’t want to say anything you may regret later.

Sagittarius: You had a plan for the direction your intimate affairs are going towards but in your grand wisdom you have decided to put those plans aside. The energy surrounding you is encouraging a break from your usual routines. Because you are willing to experiment and to be spontaneous, you are likely to experience a refreshing change of pace. This new pace introduces unexpected pleasures, the opportunity to make new friends and most certainly a new attitude on love all together. Usually you would wait for the results of some test you put your sweetheart through before you proceed but now isn’t the time for such manipulations. The best thing is to simply allow this new romance or the revitalization of a current one to happen organically.

Capricorn: Your personal charm and attractiveness has a positive effect on others at this time. People can see beyond your stiff façade and deep inside of you where the warm and loving person you are resides. The more that someone in particular uncovers about you, the more of a profound effect it has your outlook and your demeanor. The more this person sees you as someone who is sensitive enough to be aware of their needs and feelings, the more this special someone will want to be with you. If you are attached, this energy gives you the boost your relationship has needed. Things will likely become permanent sooner than you expected. If you are unattached, allow what has started to freely develop as it will do so in your favor.

Aquarius: Those close to you are of importance during this time. You feel great under the energy surrounding you. You feel good and you feel you have the support of those around you as well. This gives you the confidence to make changes you feel you should make in your love life. The problem is that the more you think you need to organize your intimate affairs by your understanding of the person involved, the more you hinder its growth. Love cannot flourish in such a rigid environment. In order for love to thrive it needs space to blossom and the time to do so. Take a good look at the love you have and take the time to understand just what it needs to mature and develop.

Pisces: Your spirits are high at this time, and you feel optimistic, self-confident, generous, and just outright happy. Thanks to the energy of the day you are in a warm and sunny mood that has left you rather confident and thinking you are romantically invincible. This fresh attitude you have makes it easier to think forward towards new opportunities for growth and fulfillment and leave behind the mistakes you have made in the past. For many of you there is someone you know you will get on well with but have no idea how to get their attention. The best way to impress this person will be using a more straight forward approach. Go right up to them and be your natural and charming self. It is as easy as that.


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