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Love Horoscopes – April 1, 2013


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Aries: As you are out and about today you will make a few positive connections with people you have just met. The energy surrounding you is friendly and easy, everyone will be drawn to you regardless of your relationship status. In this mix of new people you meet, there may find yourself face-to-face with someone you once knew. You will likely wish that life came with warning labels because you never thought you would see this person again. Oddly enough, the interaction does not go as bad you think it will, in fact, you find out you two still have much to share. Whether it is this person from your past or someone new, a connection made today could turn into something much more if you let it. The question is will you…

Taurus: Even for someone as grounded and rational as you, it may be hard not to take things the wrong way no matter how much you rationalize what is going on. Though the tone of the day is supposed to be light and easy, you may find that your feelings are far more volatile than normal because nothing around you is adding up. You may need to be careful in your interactions today so you do not end up alienating yourself from your loved one. Maybe it would be a good idea to spend a few days apart just doing what you love to do and give each other a break. If you are unattached this is a time for positive connections, many of them new. You may meet someone who brings out your romantic side. Take it slow and enjoy.

Gemini: You wanted a nice relaxing day but that won’t happen right now. The balance in your love life is out of whack and you need to set it straight. A series of events have lead to you and the one who has you heart to want different things out of the relationship. Maybe without either of you realizing it, you both are looking out for number one instead of what will benefit you both in the long run. Don’t let your passionate affair turn cold and cause you two to break. Sit down and talk. It is likely you two need a little more space in the relationship to be yourselves. Give each other that space and bring the balance back to your lives. When you look back on this time you will see that it is this incident that improved your relationship.

Cancer: Looks like someone broke out their boxing gloves today. But you need to turn around and put those right back where you found them. This energy today is causing minor annoyances and other peoples’ idiosyncrasies to aggravate you more than usual. This will make you temperamental and cause you to overreact to any and everything that crosses your path. This will turn any negative situation into a full blown war in the matter of minutes. Rather than tear your love life into shreds take a few deep breathes and step back. If you and your sweetheart want to remain on good terms, think before you speak. Now is not the time to act on the dictates of emotion rather than reason. Just hang on, (not to someone else’s throat!) tomorrow is coming.

Leo: This should be a fairly positive time in your love life but it is marred by your temper. Your mind should be focusing on creative ways to be romantic and loving but instead it is focused on trying to maintain your cool and hide your feelings. Sooner or later Leo you will break, something will have to give especially under the present energy. If you let it go, lay it all out on the table, you may be able to turn this negativity into something positive, especially if you and your loved one have not been communicating lately. The air will clear and you can go back to giving and appreciating each other. Though it may not seem like it now, you will be able to look back at this moment fondly.

Virgo: Today you may be reminded of how important it is to trust your instincts.  If you have someone special in your life you may have taken things a bit too far in defending your honor. A rumor may have circling about that puts you in a rather risqué position with someone you have no desire to be involved with. If you haven’t already, you will likely go off on the person you were told said it even though it is completely out of their character. You should/should have checked out the information before you went off on the wrong person. You may be able to salvage this mess with a little effort and whole lot of apologies. If you are unattached you may meet someone in an unconventional matter who is perfect for you. Jump in; trust your gut with this one.

Libra: The relationships in your life may be working towards reaching new depths and penetrate to a very personal level. This is a fantastic time for relationships to grow and take a more permanent root so long as your lover isn’t trying to manipulate your feelings. For some of you, your sweetheart has underestimated your sweet and quiet demeanor and has taken it as an opportunity to control you and the relationship. But on this particular day you are in no mood to be taken advantage of, and intend to prove it. Show them that you do not take kindly to their intentions. For those of you not enduring such disrespect, this energy will help create a deeper bond with your lover so long as you share your feelings as well. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Scorpio: Yah you might get upset today Scorpio and part of it is your fault. People are not acting the way you expect them to. Whether it is a friend, a lover or someone who is a little bit of both, their actions are throwing you off emotionally and you are beside yourself. What this serves is a reminder that nothing and no one is perfect no matter how much you want them to be or how well you attempt to groom them. For a few of you this is even more so the case concerning your love life. The rose tinted glasses you have been clutching are long gone and reality is staring you in the face. It is time to be flexible and open minded. Adjust your behavior accordingly in order to deal with what is really going on in the relationship and in your life.

Sagittarius: You have nearly exhausted your patience for dealing with problems and maybe even the people in your life. You will be made very aware of the inadequacies and discontent in your friends or lovers today. You may be reconsidering what it is you are doing with any of them but not before you have lost your temper. Granted, there may be some things that surprise you in a negative way but it necessary for you to understand everyone’s motives, including your own. You may be annoyed right now but on the bright side you have gained some much needed clarity. Whatever you feel can be salvaged deserves a little heart to heart conversation. What does not, chalk it up to another learning experience and don’t look back!

Capricorn: Your intimate affairs may not be going so well right now. If you are having problems, you need to minimize your responsibility. The relationship in question does have its faults and as they come to light you may see in what way you have contributed to them. Do not focus on who is to blame, the more you shove that in your sweeties face, the more it can get pushed right back into yours. That won’t help, especially if you want to save this union. If you both really do care for each other, you can get through this together and come out better for it. It may take some courage to be open and honest and determination to see this but the problem can be easily resolved. Just back off for a few days and let things cool down.

Aquarius: Many of you are ready to just snap like a twig today. You are easily irritated at the slights mishap and you really just want to bulldoze over everything in your path. This is will unlikely help your love life in any way. It is probably a good idea you have some time to yourself and calm down a bit. If you are attached, this energy is not helping your loved one at all. They need reassurance of your love and the stability of your relationship. You feel so much for this person but your personal attitude is taking away from you showing it. If you can, set aside this anger you feel and try to be sweet and loving towards your lover. You don’t need to share everything about how you feel for him or her but enough to calm their nerves for now.

Pisces: Today you may need to watch what you encourage and what you let go. The energy of the day is conflicted and may tempt you to waste it on things that are not important. What may seem like deceit could be just mixed emotions or the vice versa but taking action today is not advised. Forget about jumping into someone else’s drama and do not try and manipulate a situation. It will be no use. If you have been thinking about breaking up with someone this could be another waste of your time and energy. You’ve been feeling guilty about doing so and you will see why as the truth unfolds before your eyes. Whatever you feel needs to be done today can wait a day or two until the drama surrounding it calms down. It will be easier if even needed.


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