Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning April 1, 2013


Astro-Week April 1 – 7, 2013


Dear Aries

This is a great time for attracting love. With both Mars and Venus in your sign you’ll give as good as you get. Your ego will be on a high and you’ll be recognized for it. You won’t have to work too hard for love right now. Go for it. Thoughts are still dwelling on the past or worried about how to deal with something. Work it through and enjoy the week.


Dear Taurus

Although your thoughts still want to have a good time, you are in a cycle where you should be careful. Open enemies lurk and your past is clouding your future. This is happening very much in your love life right now. It’s not really a shifting sensation, it’s more like a clearing out of the old. This can be bumpy.


Dear Gemini

You should let luck guide you for a while and see what happens. If you make yourself available to the world, love will find you. And be aggressive about it. You have fans right now but everyone is a little preoccupied with themselves. Keep up the good work and you’ll be recognized.


Dear Cancer

You should definitely be busy at the office this week. Expect something sudden and unusual in the work place. It could be fun. Love will have you keeping long hours but it will be worth it. Good luck arrives from the past.


Dear Leo

You might be occupied with a new study or hobby or just a way of looking at things but if you get out and meet people this week, luck can really help you out. There will be a push/pull feeling between home life and socializing. Somehow it’s going to have to balance out. Invite some friends over to help fix something or get out and avoid things at home altogether.


Dear Virgo

You’re thinking love again but sadly things have moved on. You became weird and now you have to deal with it. This week will spotlight your finances and the success you can have with a joint venture. Keep your options open and try to team up. You shouldn’t be going it alone right now.


Dear Libra

This week thinking lingers on how to make love a part of your daily life in a practical and real way but Love doesn’t always work like that. Additionally, the usual advice is emanating from the usual sources. It all paints a pretty picture of what you think is supposed to happen. But the Love and Action planets are in “me first” Aries encouraging you to put forth a revised vision of what the new you really needs.


Dear Scorpio

Again? You’re getting good at turning people on and having them walk away. You’ve been here before. It’s just a temporary stall in your game. Get back out there, focus on what you really want, and this time try and have a goal in mind. And most of all don’t waste your time being nice to strangers. You’re a Scorpio, as a general note, people don’t respect random kindness when it comes from you. Watch your karma.


Dear Sagittarius

You can always be counted on for direct advice that tends to hit the mark. Right now “thinking” is lagging behind “action” but you can still see where everything is going. Love, creativity, and drama are your themes for the week. You may want to take a moment to recharge from last week’s turmoil but you should get back out as soon as possible. Let love come to you.


Dear Capricorn

It’s a good week to stay home and think about sprucing the place up. Recent events have you wondering if you can trust others and I’m thinking they are wondering the same about you. Your communication will change.  Watch for deception.


Dear Aquarius

Your mind is alive with ideas. Put some of them down on paper or get some help to make them happen. The busy pace will continue and this includes love. It looks like an on again/off again romance is back on. Enjoy the week.


Dearest Pisces

You’re all set to go out but no one wants to play. Expect that to change as people continue to open up and become more outgoing. Everyone is a little self-centered this week, and this might leave you feeling a bit drained. Take the time to focus on making things more comfortable in your life.

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