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Love Horoscopes – April 4, 2013

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Aries: This is an excellent time to learn more about your own inner depths and you will have the opportunity to do so thanks to the energy surrounding you. If you are attached you will find yourself in a position to open up to your sweetheart. Though you find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters, you will not give this without anything in return. You will be asking some very penetrating questions of your loved one as well. They won’t be able to get away with giving superficial answers today. If you are unattached you will find yourself drawn to someone who you cannot ignore. The chemistry between you two is irresistible and just too powerful for you to turn away. If you play this just right, the passion you two feel will not burn out anytime soon.

Taurus: Your mind focused on the current state of your personal life and the overall direction you are headed in.  If you are attached you are likely growing impatient with the slow pace a certain relationship is going. It is moving forward but not fast enough to satisfy your physical urges and sexual desires. So long as you do not let your impatience get the best of you, it will in due time. Trust the process. When you stop worrying, that is when it will probably happen. If you are attached your focus may turn towards thoughts of the past and the choices you made. If you are making a decision regarding your relationship at this time, use the past to make sure you do not repeat any mistakes.

Gemini: This won’t be what you want to read today, but you will make it through. Love may feel distant and allusive today. It will be nothing like you are used to and you are likely to be ill-prepared to really deal with it.  The planetary transits mean that you may instead find yourself in some kind of power struggle, you want to do one thing and your lover wants to do something else. Reflect on the yearning you feel for security and stability now, as this suggests the kind of compromises you may be willing to make to accomplish your objectives. If you can make a plan and find a way to realistically follow through you may just get everything your little heart desires. With patience you can sort it out.

Cancer: You may find yourself knock off your game today. It should be easy to get back on track if you keep your ego in check. If you are attached you really need to try hard and not let an expected event derail whatever efforts you are trying to make in your relationship. If you blow up, it will be harder to fix this. You cannot afford this right now. If you are unattached, this will be one those days that when you look back upon it you will recognize it as a turning point in your life. You will meet someone who leaves you thunderstruck by their natural charisma and their larger than life persona. You are captivated and curious; you want to know so much more about this person. Play your cards right and he or she will be yours.

Leo: There is a need for change, a desire to break with old patterns from the past. This is a great time for trying new things or contemplating new directions. This longing you have for something new and unique will affect your love life and your interest in romantic relationships. Finally those observing you will let go of the notion that you are all smoke and mirrors and not enough real emotion when it comes to love and romance. There may be some of you who will encounter someone who is truly all talk and a big production of smoke and mirrors. He or she will try very hard to get your attention but you are simply a conquest, a notch on their belt. Let this person pass by you, someone better is on the way.

Virgo: You’re entering a time of emotional candor and impulsiveness now, one marked by forceful and powerful feelings. Because you understand that these emotions create a great deal of heat, you are not sure if this is really the right time to express how you feel to the one who has your heart. You have no doubt that the person you are involved with knows that you care about them, but you are afraid you will overwhelm them when they realize just how much. It may be better to take it slow and easy. Continue to get to know each other and they will figure it out on their own. If you are completely unattached this is a time of emotional beginnings for you. What you do with this fresh start will set the tone for you for quite some time to come!

Libra: Problems you may have been avoiding in your love life are brought into focus. Most of those issues have to do with your emotional needs, a desire for closeness and a sense of belonging that you are lacking at the moment. Give your relationships a bit more attention and you will see what changes need to be made. For some of you, there is someone in particular that you need to change how you interact to them. You have recently discovered that you both share deeper feelings for each other and yet neither of you have acknowledged it. Although it may be difficult to talk about this, to strike up the conversation, you will ultimately be glad that you were honest with each other.

Scorpio: Today is not the day to be afraid to say what you mean so long as it is from the heart. Your words will not fail you so feel free to vocalize your emotions. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, putting your feelings into words only enhances them and allowing those emotions to shine through only makes what you say that more believable. This will especially come in handy with that gentle and maybe younger soul who thinks they can handle you as a lover. They lust for you but he or she is not ready for what you can offer. This person will be a good friend and maybe down the road there may be something more but right now, the timing is off. You will need to let them down gently but firmly.

Sagittarius: Your need for approval is strong today. Feelings are running high because regardless of your status, you are looking to affirm your value and confirm that you are a part of something special. If you are attached your sweetheart may not realize you have these needs, so drop a few hints. They are smart enough to catch on and give you the affirmations you need. If you are unattached you have a potential partner that you don’t know as well as you would like. Though things are developing at a slow but comfortable pace, use this opportunity to get to know each other better. Do something fun, maybe show this person things you like to do to break the ice. With this, the gradual build will speed up and you will start to see some true development.

Capricorn: You may feel the need to be quiet and reflective at the moment. You are looking to be closer to “home” to draw strength and satisfaction from your family and close friends. There is nothing wrong with that but the energy surrounding you wants to push you forward and outward. If you are unattached you want to meet someone and the potential to meet someone truly remarkable is here, but you won’t meet them by staying at home. Whether you find yourself doing something sporting and adventurous or philosophical and spiritual, keep an open heart and open mind so you can let love in when it finds you. If you are having emotional problems with those closest to you, they will come to light during this time.

Aquarius: Those of you unattached are in for a rollercoaster ride. There are some of you with someone in your heart who you would like to date if you could ever formulate the words. Sadly there is so much drama going on in their lives right now that showing your feelings may not be the best course of action. You may want to help to them but they need to go about this on their own. Give it some time and be there when they want to talk. If you are dealing with business matters today you could encounter a person who threatens to throw you off your game. You are in professional mode but it will be hard to maintain your cool. Just relax and stay the course, you will figure out a way to get in touch with this person when this transaction is complete.

Pisces: You are beside yourself today and you are making some changes. If you are attached it is likely you are hyperaware of your innermost feelings. You feel the need to speak about them to your partner in hopes it builds closeness and trust in your relationship. Because you are also inclined to listen, to share personal experiences and feelings, you will reach the level of trust the closeness you want demands. If you are unattached you have met someone who has you questioning everything, including your appearance. If it wasn’t for you needing a personal update there would be cause for concern but you could use one. Grab a few new outfits and maybe visit the hairdresser. This fresh look will do wonders for your self esteem as well.

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