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Love Horoscopes – April 5, 2013

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Aries: You are leaving a time of your life where the pressures and obligations are gone. Whatever was restricting you or demanded of you is no longer your responsibility as those circumstances are resolved and should be for good. You can now refocus your efforts on your love life and for some of you, making up for lost time. If you are attached spend quality time with your loved one and remind him or her how much you do love them. If you are unattached and recently had a date you may find it difficult to get on the same page. Though you two do not share the same wave length you cannot deny this connection you two share. It is your differences that are bringing you closer together and building a foundation for your love.

Taurus: Communication should be excellent at this time with everyone and anyone you encounter, especially in your love life. Lively conversations, lighthearted chitchat and verbal flirting should lead to more intimate moments regardless of relationship status. If you are unattached, social activity during this time will increase your chances of finding someone who will be of romantic interest. Even if you are not attached, your social life will do you a world of good in your relationship right now. Fresh ideas and new people could help steer your life in the right direction for you and even help you learn something new. For many of you the discussions you have with your partner now could strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Gemini: Your senses are heightened and your desires are high. You want everything you can get and this is having a powerful effect those you interact with. You want the physical and the sensual but you want the approach to love to be romantic and sweet. You want conversation and challenges. You want love to excite you again and make you happier than you have ever been. Though you are not quite there yet, you have begun to understand the finer points of the relationship game. You can see what you lack in your love life and what it will take to get there. If you are unattached, today is a good take to make a first impression. Dress accordingly so you can enhance your already appealing and charming nature.

Cancer: You may take a look in the mirror today and realized how much you have grown over this last year. You can see the maturity in your eyes and the stability in your being. If you are unattached you would make a fine catch for someone if you are ready to date again. You will attract a different kind of lover and likely have a much more fulfilling relationship. If you are attached you and your partner will find that you two are rather in tune with one another. This will open your mind to question what other possibilities there are between you and how this will improve your relationship. Now is the time for new things in your life. This isn’t just limited to people, it could be attitudes or direction. Take full advantage of this.

Leo: You like dealing with a certain type of person. Usually this is someone that you obviously have some sort of superiority over or that strike some level of familiarity within you. But for once, you want someone in your life who is rather intelligent and can engage in conversation or other activities at your level. If that means letting someone in your life go, then so be it. You will meet someone who does not lack emotional content and whose mind is just as complex as yours. He or she may actually intimidate you but soon enough you will understand who they are and how they think as well as have captured their heart. Once this gets going there will be a lot of public displays of affection and appreciation for one another.

Virgo: You are looking for something new in your love life. For some of you, it has already begun as you met someone who is not your usual type. You have yet to, you soon will. He or she is very much their own person and certainly original. Some of their ideas may be a bit different than your own but it is nothing that cannot be compromised in some capacity. The little differences will actually benefit you greatly and help expand your horizons. If you are attached, you are looking for something to spice things up. Maybe do something out of the ordinary like orchestrating some sort of romantic rendezvous in an unusual place. A change of scenery or a change of pace can do wonders for ones love life. Step outside of your comfort zone.

Libra: You may find yourself deeply attracted by someone’s unique and very original way of perceiving the world. The energy today brings with it the chance to find out just how amazing their intellectual process really is. You will be amazed and completely spellbound by it. Although you may not become intimate with them just yet, the process has definitely begun, and will certainly continue. This is a good time for you emotionally if you are attached. Now is the time to discuss what you believe strongly in for this relationship and your lives in general. Your ability to express yourself confidently and openly wins you the respect and admiration of your sweetheart. He or she will quietly accept ideas, and support them.

Scorpio: This is a period of critical decisions and transition. A major change in your life can occur now that opens the doors to so much more for you in your love life. In fact, it is not unusual for several important changes to happen right now. For some of you this may mean letting go of an unhealthy relationship and others it may mean you are ready to let go of the single life. There may be a few of you ready to take your relationship to the next level and others are looking forward to some time to themselves. If you are looking for someone special to share your life with, the energy surrounding you is providing opportunities to meet different people who are of substance but also gorgeous. There will be one you will want to see again and again.

Sagittarius: You can attract someone by just looking at them. You have this gorgeous, intense and penetrating look that can just captivate an audience. If you are unattached you might want to lighten that intensity up just a little bit so you don’t overpower your date for the evening. They will most certainly be intrigued by you and want more. If you do not have a date, the one you set your eyes on would appreciate a little conversation to break the ice. They find you absolutely attractive but they will fall in love with you on the basis of your mind alone. In general this is a good time to talk, especially with those close to your heart. Whatever your favorite mode of communication is, use it and connect with those you love.

Capricorn: Those of you attached may feel as if the spark is missing from your current relationship. Thankfully the energy surrounding you has the answer. This is a good time for social activities and for getting in touch with friends. You can ease the tensions in your relationship by spending some apart and doing things individually. You should do this every so often to prevent that stale effect in your relationship. Have fun and come back in a few days to a much better relationship. If you are unattached you will find your interactions with people to be friendly and even harmonious. Avoid any heavy intellectual conversations during this time as you may just bore a potential lover. Right now is about meeting people no interview potentials just yet.

Aquarius: Now is not the time to take you or anyone else around you seriously. The energy surrounding you is full of teasing and is really just an opportunity to have a battle of wits. Many of you, especially if you are unattached, may find yourselves engage in one. It is likely to be over topics that are important to you right now. He or she may not agree with your point of view and you two have a conversation that quickly turns into banter. This will have an interesting effect on your love life because by the end of that discussion, you will find yourself smitten with this person. Though you may not agree, you appreciate their conviction and their brilliance. Heated discussions could always turn into something much more fun and horizontal if you do it right.

Pisces: Perhaps it’s just what you need, some romance and seduction. Traditional ways will suffice but only if there is some creativity about it. One must not have their kinkier desires ignored. Expect to see a new twist on old favorites if you are attached. Your sweetheart will break away from the normal routines in order to inject a little joie de vivre into your love lives. You will certainly learn new and exciting things about your lover. If you are unattached, feel free to forget all your inhibitions as you try to find a suitable lover. But only do so with decisiveness and clarity because anything you do under this energy you won’t be able to take back. Go play, enjoy yourself as you meet new people and find one perfect for you.

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