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Love Horoscopes – April 6, 2013

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Aries: Uncertainty and shifting attitudes may plague your intimate affairs. As a result your confidence may retreat in the face of a challenge. We cannot have that, especially when things have begun to go so well. What is happening is that for some reason you have the wrong idea about your latest lover. You know that confrontation is the wrong move to play, but you also know that you just cannot walk away either. This may look and sound like a disaster but you search deeper, it could actually turn out to be a positive thing for you both. In discovering your error you realize a deeper truth, that there is a greater depth and closeness between you than you realized. Nothing can truly separate you two unless you let it.

Taurus: Don’t worry if there seems to be a mix-up today, it will serve you well. Out of inexplicable circumstances something may develop, especially with the energy swirling about. It could be that events become confused, or that you misunderstand a certain communication, but the end result of this situation will turn towards your favor, especially if involves growing closer to someone very special to your heart. This is also a good time to mend fences and repair problems and issues in your home life. You will see the value in or feel love for an older person in your family or social circle. By having the support of close friends and family, you will have a greater confidence and appreciation of who you are and where you are going.

Gemini: Suppressed feelings can be transformed into compulsive actions all around, especially when it comes to the current state of your intimate affairs. The more you try to understand what is happening, the more disorientated and confused you will become. You are at the point where you long for a sense of clarity so it may be a good time to question the motives of everyone involved, including your own. Think hard and don’t get pushy just yet because if you and your sweetheart try and untangle this knot, it may get worse. Take a deep breath first and count to ten, this phase will soon pass. The best think you can do right now is to not do or say anything until this either all goes away or you finally uncover the answers you seek.

Cancer: A relationship may end or temporarily take a time out today. You may be thinking that the conflicts you and your sweetheart have between duty and pleasure are temporary problems. The recent signals you are receiving from your sweetheart could be interpreted another way. You are not sure what to make of all this and it is making you very insecure and yearning for love and emotional satisfaction. It might be better if you stop trying to see what is going on and concentrate on you or having fun with the person mentioned above. For some of you this is your signal to let go of the relationship you are in. This is the sign you were looking for, this connection doesn’t serve a positive purpose in your life.

Leo: Your enthusiasm for life and inner drive for living are very high now. You feel alive and interested in the world about you and your love life. Now is the right time to express your feelings openly. If you are unattached feel free to indulge your fantasies about someone who unknowingly has your heart. You know this person’s name but know nothing else about him or her. It is time you approach this person and try to have some sort of meaningful conversation with them. Until you get to know this person better and understand their true nature, you may be fooling yourself in to believing he or she is something they are not. If you are attached, you have fantasies as well that you can bring to the bedroom. Try a few out tonight!

Virgo: Frustration in your love life can easily turn to anger or irritability at this time. For many of you it may mean that you have been having a hard time understanding your sweetheart lately. So much of their behavior doesn’t make sense and you find it more than strange. Maybe what you should do is not focus on what they are doing and definitely do not discuss anything important. Work around this until the truth is ready to come out. There will be some of you attached who feel that you have been giving more, and not receiving enough in return. Whether it is being more loving or passionate or financially, tensions will erupt because of this. This needs to be dealt with. Just be careful how you approach your sweetheart.

Libra: Thanks to the energy swirling about, you will have an opportunity to see through an illusion that someone has been trying to perpetrate. Confrontation is the wrong game to play with this person but pulling out entirely is equally unsuitable. Not that what is happening anything serious, it was just unnecessary. Maybe they did what they could to impress you by telling one or two white lies just so that you wouldn’t reject them immediately. When you do find the truth, it may be kinder not to let them know immediately. Make some type of compromise and the resulting situation will improve. It may not be a total win/win situation but you may not want everyone including yourself to lose.

Scorpio: If you happen to feeling emotionally blocked right now, thankfully it is only temporary. What you need to do is take some time out from any romantic interactions and just enjoy your own company if possible. Otherwise you can expect some level of resistance or challenges from others or those on the outside of your inner circle.  Whatever you choose to do during this time, do not your will and desires onto others, as friction is the only likely result. If you are attached and not going through the above scenario you may need to do a little cleaning up before you can have some fun. Before you and your sweetheart indulge in some romantic and erotic interaction, you will need to clear up s little confusion. One it is, then you two can enjoy the fun.

Sagittarius: Personal subjects are the topic of discussion now. Reminiscing, remembering, daydreaming about and reflecting on the past are likely. All of this reflection has made something crystal clear to you in a very strange scenario unfolding in your love life. You are aware that someone close to you is not be telling the entire truth about themselves. You would really like to know why since you have done nothing for them to feel that they couldn’t be open with you. Until you find some concrete evidence, you will go a little crazy over this energy. With those thoughts from the past, the emotions you care with, prejudices and any unresolved issues will come up in your present interactions. Clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to.

Capricorn: There are a small handful of you with someone in your life that needs to be on alert. Either your lover or someone close to your lover is trying very hard to can get away with behavior they shouldn’t. Because the energy of the day is a bit fuzzy, you may not realize what is going on until it has happened or just about to happen. Don’t give them the chance to lull you into a false sense of security. If you are unattached, make the time to show that special someone your affections. Like minds and hearts gravitate toward you during this time and there is someone making their way to you. If you can figure out what brave soul is willing to take a chance on you, you can go on that date much sooner than anticipated.

Aquarius: Right now you want to be seen, noticed and admired. The more you give of yourself and your talents, the more appreciation and positive feedback you will receive. If you are unattached this could be the opportunity to interact with the one who has your heart. He or she will rather receptive to your actions. If you have someone in your life, today may prove to be a large ball of confusion. You may have checked and double checked where you are supposed to go and meet but for some reason it falls apart. Whether this is you were lost or misunderstood initially, somehow the information is wrong. There will be a next time and then the energy of the day will not be so scattered and unhelpful.

Pisces: This may turn out to be a rather negative day if you let everything get to you. The energy surrounding you will make it far too easy to lose your patience as mistakes and misunderstandings plague you and those close to you. There is no vendetta towards you, not even from your sweetheart. It just happens to be that kind of day. No one wants to hurt your feelings, insult you or make you feel less than worthy. Give everyone today the benefit of the doubt. If you are unattached, it is time to get yourself in gear. Ger rid of anything and everything holding you back and is no longer working in your life. You need to be free of clutter because it is time to step up to the one who has your heart and ask them out on date. Go ahead and take the risk!

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