Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning April 8, 2013


Astro-Week April 8 – 14, 2013

Dear Aries

With a buildup of fast moving planets in your home sign, you should be feeling confident, fit, and energized. The world is once again looking at you with fond eyes and you’ll like the attention. Watch out for a surprise when it comes to a shared resource, or financial commitment. The pace continues to quicken. Someone will make you feel a strong love for a past connection.

Dear Taurus

It’s time to really take a close look at where you’ve just come from and where you’d like to go. You are currently being push and pulled, you may not know what to do. Stay calm. There’s really no rush. Your lover is a bit of a head case but it’s what you like best. This is both expected and unexpected, and not what you’re used to. You might want to stop pushing buttons and go with the flow a little more.

Dear Gemini

Do you really need to be told to get out and be social? Love is waiting in social groups but then again so is your active energy. Take advantage of the help when offered. Watch for a disruption in your daily routine to upset your goals. Money arrives for work already done. Remain flexible and you’ll have a fantastic week.

Dear Cancer

If you want it, you can have it when comes to love. A dark admirer can suddenly shake things up for the better. Find a way to give them a chance. It could finally be the family love you’ve been waiting for. Be brave and take the leap.

Dear Leo

This week your routine will experience a sudden change. You’ve slowly been changing your habits and taking control of your life. Right now, something you’ve learned or a distant longing will try and shake things up. Love waits with an exotic stranger.

Dear Virgo

Your career might be on the rise but love is taking a back seat. Do your best to team up right now. Love and money both favor joint ventures for Virgo. Let go of the past and speak from your heart. The past does not have to carry into the future.

Dear Libra

Your finances continue to experience surprises. Keep an eye open for unexpected help or hindrance. Good luck seems to be happening to those around you to the point where you might wonder if the universe has forgotten about you. It hasn’t. This week instead of being Aries-like and trying to conquer love, why not be a little more Libra and add yourself to the stars already trying to shine around you.

Dear Scorpio

When the intensity of the faster planets interact with Saturn in your home sign, you can expect the heat to be turned up. This week you can expect a sudden and unexpected change in your daily routine. Just go with it. You’ve been extra stubborn lately. Take a step back and have a quick look at yourself, adjust and get right back out there. Sometimes we’re really good at things we don’t want to do.

Dear Sagittarius

Just as everything continues to roll along, a blast from the past tries to put a damper on the fun. This time be creative in your response. It will catch them off guard and present your case in a new light to everyone. It will all work out but you’ll have to put in some effort and be sincere.


Dear Capricorn

Watch your words this week to avoid a public embarrassment. You’re getting tired of the whole yes/no game in love yet you’re still unwilling to commit. Love has been waiting but your game has stalled. You’ll have to get extra creative to work things out. Looks like they’ve already moved on and so should you.

Dear Aquarius

There might be a sudden promotion at work. The bosses expect more, and responsibilities will increase. You might get a surprise raise. Keep talking to strangers. Love is all around in short trips and very busy days. Your past is still a working itself out.

Dearest Pisces

It’s money in/money out time. Keep a very close eye on your finances. You’re currently being called away to a distant land, almost like it holds the answers for what you think you’re missing or looking for. Look again. The sudden change may already be here. Push hard for money and love will follow.

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