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Love Horoscopes – April 8, 2013


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Aries: This has become a crazy time for you. You feel as if you are under a lot of mental pressure unable to express some of your emotions. You are likely feeling insecure and confused as to what is going on. While it would be ideal to talk it out now, you still aren’t sure what you feel let alone if what you think is right. This is supposed to be a day to relax and to laugh away your troubles. Put it out there that you really need to talk but you’d like to wait a day or two to formulate your thoughts. In the meantime, throw a little an impromptu party and invite fabulous people who can take your mind off of the world around you for a the moment. What some of you may not know is that there is someone in attendance who appreciated your effort, a lot.

Taurus: Love is connected and relaxed today. If things have been rough between you and the one who has your heart, now is the time bring it all back in to focus by sharing dreams and creating goals for the future. You both have what it takes to create a foundation for a very rewarding future. In doing so remember how important it is to be as honest as possible and to choose your words carefully, no ultimatums. If you are unattached you will certainly find plenty to keep you amused today. If you have been invited to some sort of social gathering, take with you some outstanding jokes. It is likely you will meet someone who has the same zany sense of humor that you do. This will surely make love a laugh a minute. This person is tender and right for you.

Gemini: Things have been far too serious in your life lately and you need to change the tide. First off do what you can to restore your sense of humor. Somewhere along the way you have lost your ability to be fun and enjoy the sound of laughter. Once you find it, indulge in it. Tell jokes and be the warm and awesome person that you are. Meanwhile, the unhealthy atmosphere you are still tangled up in needs to be gone. Whatever it takes to sever ties, you need to do it as soon as possible. Whether this is a noxious relationship or a matter of someone else’s stupidity, it isn’t giving you what you want let alone what you need. Let go of whomever or whatever is holding you back. You have the reality of the situation and it isn’t pretty.

Cancer: If you don’t get the joke today, then you may feel as though there is something seriously wrong with you. The present planetary alignment indicates that your loved one’s sense of humor may leave a lot to be desired. If you really feel that this time they have gone too far, then maybe you deserve the last laugh. It’s one prank they certainly won’t forget! At this time you need to guard yourself against being too aggressive, coming on too strong, or trying to force your own will on others. Your need to be in control and dominate is likely to back fire and leave you standing alone rather than joining forces in a relationship. Do try to avoid situations which you know will provoke or irritate you. Let it go, none of this frustration is worth it.

Leo: If you are looking to make a fresh start in your love life, today is your day. Whatever romantic or emotional commitments you have will not only feel intensified but renewed. This revitalization will create an opportunity for the one who has your heart, and anyone else for that matter, to see the other charming side of your nature. If you are unattached you may find yourself in a conversation with someone about the meaning of life and depths of love. This lengthy discussion will be filled with a lot of fun and laughter. There will likely be a humorous debate or two that will end up drawing you both closer together. Be courageous and ask this person out. Whatever you do today the energy surrounding you is abundant. Don’t let it turn you restless.

Virgo: The sky is the limit today which gives you plenty of opportunity to improve your intimate affairs. If you are unattached you may find yourself having an interesting conversation with someone you didn’t think you would be able to get to know. The further acquainted you two get, the closer you are to getting a date. If you are attached you may be defying the happy energy of the day. You are moody, passive aggressive and rather frustrated. Instead of continuing this sour mood, lay all your grievances on the table. Besides, this isn’t the best of times to hold things in so get them out in the open so they can be resolved. They can be resolved but only if you say something. Once they are you two can put this behind you and move on.

Libra: You may not be rich but you sure enough feel like it today. You appreciate the beauty in the world around you and within the one you are closest to. This sunny disposition makes you seem so full of joy and life that people are drawn to your warmth. If things have been tense lately then maybe you should take this opportunity to spend some quality time with the one who has your heart. There may be some harsh words you need to make up for and your sweetie has some things of their own to atone for as well. Given the current state of affairs this could make you add more value or importance to responses or actions than necessary. If you are unattached this energy may cause you to over indulge just to impress someone. Resist this notion.

Scorpio: Many of you may be wondering if your current lover is the right one for you. You both are very aware of each other’s physical appeal but wondering if that is beginning to fizzle out. As you begin to delve deeper into what is within, don’t forget to pay attention to what you already know. You two like many of the same things, appreciate the same humor and refuse to conform to the norm. This is a great start so figure out if there is anything more you need. If you are unattached, you may have someone in your sights and they are all you think about. Be careful not to over reach or over step because of your tendency to come on too strong. It may just back fire; this person is nowhere near prepared for your level of intensity.

Sagittarius: If you are feeling insecure in your love life, take as step back for a moment. Do you know what it is that is causing your doubts? Didn’t think so. You and the one who has your heart are doing better than you think. There is a real connection between you two that goes deep. This could grow into something special if you let it be and it let it flow. Because you cannot pinpoint an exact event or comment that makes you feel the way you do it is likely you are comparing this relationship to one from your past. There are similarities, too many to mention but the person you are dating now is unlike the one you dated before. Considering how that ended, it isn’t really fair to compare the two or transfer any misplaced negativity.

Capricorn: You will probably do a lot of communicating today. You will be busy with plenty of phone calls, emails, meetings, or errands. Just don’t get too busy that you cannot take a moment with the one who has your heart. Being in demand does wonders for your confidence but your sweetheart is not feeling so assured. He or she may need their own confidence boosting and you are the only one who can do it. Because the energy surrounding you is warm and supportive, you will have plenty to share and bring up your lovers spirits. He or she will be able to show their appreciation and return the sentiments once they become comfortable again. This will not be something your loved one will forget.

Aquarius: Your personal life is going through some twists and turns. While these are unexpected, you welcome the challenges and surprises they posses. Your fearless streak is in full force right now and it won’t tone down anytime soon. And though your spirits may be high, you should still be wary of new people or new situations coming in and out of your life. For those of you unattached, those twists and turns may involve meeting someone new who seems to have the same witty sense of humor you do. You might meet this person at some sort of social gathering but forget that there is anyone else there but you two. Do not rush into things but do not let this person go just yet. Let this energy pass and see if you still feel smitten in a few days.

Pisces: Many of you may be enduring some tensions in your love life. What you need is a change of perspective. Take a good look around you. Think about how you chance this situation. What you need to do is refresh whatever kind of relationship you have. The best way to do that is to add a little extra romance to your interactions. It will do you two a world of good to get out and just have some fun. However you feel is the best way to spend some quality time together, intermix some intimate talk and stage for some serious romance. You should also add a little flirting and a whole lot of visual teasing. This should really get things moving in the right direction. Keep everyday problems out of the conversation and this endeavor should be a success.


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