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Love Horoscopes – April 9, 2013

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Aries: You are looking to avoid stressful confrontations or situations that demand too much of you but no one got that memo today. Though you would have liked to enjoy a lazy kind of mood, there are some pretty intense feelings in love life threatening to surface. If you are attached, a series of events will make you realize that it is time for a change. You need to shake things up a bit in order to calm them down some. One you do, then you two will be back on track with the goals and desires you two set. If you are unattached there may be a date you are going on that you are nervous about. Don’t be. The chemistry between you will certainly be intense and magnetic. You two will want to see each other again and then some more.

Taurus: You can easily discuss your personal needs and desires in your intimate affairs at this time. Because you feel so open, your thoughts turn to your lover and any concerns you have in your personal relationships. Whatever you have envisioned for your current relationship, you may want to confirm that it is what you want then share this with the one who has your heart. During this process of discovery you have realized that the right person for you may have been under your nose the entire time. It simply takes being honest about your likes and dislikes that can help you make this person the right one in the end. Communication is the key to a healthy and positive relationship and will also bring about the changes you desire.

Gemini: Your intimate affairs seem to be turning over a new leaf. You have been trying to make a fresh start but have become a bit scared at what the outcome really does mean. Don’t let this scare you, this could be the most positive thing that you have allowed yourself to do for some time. Besides you have been looking for ways to keep your relationship fresh and this might give you a chance to do what you wanted to do without any dire consequence. You know that this is what you really want, so let nothing stand in your way of getting it. The result of this will be a content partner, one that doesn’t require you bending over backwards just to keep their attention or please them in whatever manner then are accustomed.

Cancer: You are receptive to harmony, beauty, and kindness and love. Because your heart and mind are open in this capacity, you can feel the intense energy surrounding the one who has your heart. Though you may be feeling tender and gentle towards those close to you, your lover is trying to get to the bottom of a handful of issues and is rather crabby. He or she is in no mood for excuses or ideas, they want facts and they want them now. You may not be able to get out of playing your part to help him or her through this so do what you can to be of service to them in some way. This selfless generosity that you are giving will make you feel very happy now, make you feel as if you made a difference. You have and you will continue to.

Leo: This is a good time to take care of any emotional issues you may be having with someone you are involved with. You know that there is an issue now that needs to be sorted but you are doing your best to ignore it. Don’t avoid discussing what you feel with the person closest to you. Working through them now will allow you to move on past any barriers you’ve built because of these issues. Whether you are attached or have someone in your life, you need to take the next few days and look towards your future. Though you are ultimately the master of your own fate, something rather major is about to happen as far as your love life is concerned. Make the effort to be a part of this and it will pay off in spades.

Virgo: Emotional well being and contentment are very problem-solving at the moment. You can feel quite relaxed and carefree despite what is going on in your world. Do not get too lost in the clouds as certain events are in motion that may powerfully change your future and your love life. If you are attached or have someone special in your life, this love affair is turning out to have a profound impact on your future plans and goals. In general you have decided to go one way but has recently transpired causes you to reconsider the whole structure and fabric of your life. As you already know, there is no need to has recently transpired causes you to reconsider the whole structure and fabric of your life. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos.

Libra: Personal relationships challenge you during this period as a certain issue you have been dreading as been brought to your attention. You have been putting off the day when you need to sort this out, it has now arrived. What you wanted and what those close to you have wanted are two very different things. Underneath all of this is your fear of the unknown. What your lover desires is something you have never thought to give and you do not know what it will do to you. Moving into the unknown is daunting but it does not need to be this terrible event that you have to fear. Ignore your fears and just take the first step. Discuss your concerns and desires with your lover and they are likely to be met. See, that wasn’t so hard now was it?

Scorpio: You usually prefer a more subtle approach, but today your emotional inhibitions are at a low. While you may find it difficult to be loud and grandiose, you feel the need to talk freely about what you want and have no problem being extremely firm and possibly rude about it. In order to not become a victim of your own fault, remember that there is a time and place for everything including your needs and desires. Use this time in a more positive fashion by not focusing on just yourself, but also on the one who has your heart. You should be using this time to strengthen your personal relationships and empower your intimate affairs. Start by opening your heart and discussing your hopes and dreams. This will give you the positive results you want.

Sagittarius: Your relationships with others are harmonious and stable now which gives you the confidence to accomplish a certain goal that is a long time coming. Thanks to the extra energy surrounding you, you are in a position to do something about this today. Whether this is in regards to an emotional issue or a financial one, either you will benefit from your current frame of mind. If it is an emotional issue and you happen to be unattached, apparently there have been more than your fair share of obstacles that have gotten in the way of you and someone special being together. Not only has all of this drama been unnecessary, it has also been unfair. Once this gets straighten out, regardless of status, your love life may never be the same.

Capricorn: Someone is absolutely smitten with you. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, you have become a force to be reckoned with and your appeal is absolutely massive. You are virtually unstoppable right now and this could be rather dangerous depending on your mood. If you were in the right frame of mind you would use this power to add emotional depth to your intimate relationships. Underneath it all you are looking to feel cared for and needed. With this energy behind you, you can achieve all of that. If you are unattached there is someone you know and secretly love that has falling prey to your magnetic draw. Do this right and their natural respect and admiration for you will grow into something so much more romantic.

Aquarius: You will find that you have the necessary courage and energy to do what needs to be done, especially if that means improving a certain relationship. Whatever the changes are you want to make, if you can say it then you can have it. Yes it really is that simple. If you are attached this will mean you growing closer together and possibly stepping up your level of commitment. If you are unattached this means you will finally make the moves on someone you cannot stop talking about. Stop wondering how you are going to go through with this and just do it. This hesitation and defensive attitude is preventing you from making progress. The desire you end up voicing will get you everything you want or that someone in particular.

Pisces: Your close relationships with others can undergo some abrupt changes at this time. Even though you may have been struggling to control your feelings, the driving force behind these changes begins with your impatience. You are looking to create a better relationship with those closest to you. One that has more honesty, genuine sincerity and a better understanding. The problem is here is that your passions and impatience has caused you to become demanding and difficult. There is one person in particular that the exchange of emotions has become very overwhelming. You don’t like to be this vulnerable but nothing is fair in love and war now is it! You are in love and it is noticeable.

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