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Love Horoscopes – April 10, 2013

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Aries: You may find yourself having emotional differences with the someone special in your life. Nothing feels right and it is beginning to really bother you. What isn’t helping at all is that one, if not both of you, are being far too stubborn for your own good. The silence and irritation exchanged will do nothing to set this situation right. Discussing things would help. It is entirely possible that your special someone is just having a bad day and it’s not really about you in the first place. While not give this a few days to cool off and for you to get a new perspective. This is likely a trial to test your resolve and determination to make things work in your love life. Will you pass or will you fail?

Taurus:  There are several tug of war games going on around you and you feel as if you are about to be pulled apart. You may not be able to control what is going on around you, but the confusion within is a good place to start. If you can find a way for your head and heart to be on the same page and both be in agreement, you could really change the state of your intimate affairs. If you are unattached, part of you really wants to get back out and date while the other doesn’t see why you should. You are dampening your spirit with this attitude and you will never get anywhere in love with it either. Get it together soon or you may miss out on someone who is right for you. But he or she can’t wait around forever while you hash it out.

Gemini: Though this is a good time to mend fences and smooth over problems in your home life, you lack the proper confidence to do so. Because of how important these problems are and the conversation you need to have, you might want to take a few steps back and take some time to collect yourself. You fear rejection and you do not want to be wrong but there is so much more right going on than wrong, you just need to see it. If you actively look for the positive aspects of what is going on before looking for the negative, you may be able to get further than where you are and be able to stay on a much more steadier ground emotionally. Thankfully support is coming your way from close friends or family members who share this experience.

Cancer: While your love life is going well in general, there are some details that could use your attention. For the most part, the one who has your heart has always been affectionate and friendly, still is, but their stubborn side has come out to play and you are surprised that this has happened. Though you really would like to have this sorted out, arguing over it won’t really be very productive and that could be where all this is heading. Your lover is a practical person; maybe compiling a list would be helpful. Before you do take on that task and regardless of relationship status, your mental health would benefit from a good social gathering or any other pleasurable activities. If you are unattached you may meet someone new and a whole lot of fun.

Leo: You may find yourself confused and unhappy with the one who has your heart. Their shallow tendencies have emerged more prominent than ever and their emotions go from hot to cold in the matter of seconds. Their actions have upset you and not sure how you want to approach this. It is a good idea to discuss this but you should do so in a manner that will grab their attention. Right now they are all about the drama. If you approach this in a more quiet and relaxed demeanor, you can really take control of this situation. Focus on saying exactly what you mean but do not try to say it all at once. Take this problem one piece at a time so you both are not overwhelmed.  You will get a more reassuring response this way.

Virgo: Many of you have someone in your life that causes your pulse to race and your heart beat out of your chest. You want to know more about this person and now what your imagination has conjured. The anticipation is both thrilling and daunting as you try to uncover whether or not this person is the real thing, the one you have been waiting for or just a fantasy that will soon fade away. While you are evaluating your feelings and observations, you may be receiving conflicting advice from other sources. Some are good and some are bad but before you go any further either way, think about what motivates each person to say these things to you. Trust yourself and your own opinion. You will soon see if you are wasting your time or this person is the one.

Libra: Things may seem a bit complicated in love and life but that should start to change today. This is will be a good day to share your goals and feeling with your sweetheart. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, see eye to eye and making agreements should start to come easy. Hopefully this will be the start of putting the pointless arguments behind you both. Relationships are about mutual investment and mutual trust. Be completely honest with each other and you will not have repeat of the past. If you unattached and have a date, it may not go the way you planned. You may find yourselves arguing over trivial matters that neither of you can control. Get your heads out of your asses and focus on each other and moving forward.

Scorpio: You have dreams and expectations of how things should be, especially in your love life. If you are attached, so does your sweetheart. They have their own vision and desire to see things through. The problem is that some of your ambitions lead towards different directions and it is causing a certain discord in your otherwise happy relationship. You do not want to budge and your sweetheart is close to issuing an ultimatum. Naturally, this is causing you to feel resentful and upset because you know your course of action is the way to go. You will just have to tell them the truth about how you feel. Take one step at a time in this instance is far better than practically running in place. They will see your side of things and go along with it, eventually.

Sagittarius: You emotions are running rather high today so expect your love life to take on a more complicated tone. Feel free to express those emotions but be careful not to go overboard and drown others in them. It is entirely possible you are upset about something that the one who has your hear meant no offence by. You can sort this out. By questioning those involved and some hard core research, you should have your answers by mid day. This will give you plenty of time to smooth over any wrinkles this situation may have caused. What you will be reminded is that not everyone is your friend and they smile in your face if they think there is something in it for them. Sharing with the wrong person can come back hurt you at any time, now or later.

Capricorn: On one hand you may be feeling bold and daring and on the other, you are not really sure yourself. You may find it difficult to talk about how you feel, because some of you may feel caged in by present circumstances and feel an uncontrollable urge to break free and be emotionally enterprising. You may get yourself into more trouble especially if you are attached. Your sweetheart is pressuring you for some sort of answer or explanation and you don’t have one just yet. You might want to keep your distance until you do. This restlessness you feel may prompt you to seek out new people or relationships, especially if you are unattached. These new relationships can help you see and learn more about you than ever before.

Aquarius: Sometimes you get caught up in your head and you lose your focus. As you work to regain it, often times you overreact to something or take something far more personal than it was ever intended. Your focus has been on certain fantasies you have about your love life. A series of events may have broken you from your reverie at what you feel was the most in opportune time. Not only did you (or you will be) overreact; you are beginning to question everything in your love life and your recent dreams that have made you happy. Talk it out with your lover and come down from the clouds. It will be ok once you do. If you are unattached, focusing on your day dreams will cause you to miss out on someone special. Pay attention!

Pisces: Not everything is as it seems today so try to keep it in mind not to jump to conclusions. For instance, someone rather close to you on a physical level is putting distance between the two of you and you don’t know why. What isn’t helping is that you are hearing some irritating gossip about them. Now you know this person but you don’t know them that well. You have been thinking about how much truth there is in what you have heard and how it ties into the present situation. While it may be better to ask them directly what is going on, don’t try to force yourself on them. What is the likely scenario is that they are dealing with some personal problems that they prefer to keep as private as possible. Give them the space they need.


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