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Love Horoscopes – April 12, 2013

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Aries: You may be feeling rather impatient, which can cause friction or furiously emotional confrontations with others. Nothing seems to be going right at the moment and your feelings are not flowing as easily as they usually do. You want to tell your loved one just how much you care about them, but you can’t find the words. This energy has caused you to doubt yourself on some level. This is what is causing your problem in communication. You of all people can muster up the courage to walk past the fear, and say what you need to say or do what you need to do. Be careful right now as those close to you will be able to raise your temper at this time. They may bring up feelings and issues from the past that are likely to trigger an emotional outbursts.

Taurus: Hidden fears or jealousies surface in you now and can stir up trouble in your intimate affairs. This energy could slow down the process of getting to know that someone special in your life. You may be taking yourself far too seriously right now, but it would be wise not to. You are likely to be compulsive or demanding in a close relationship if you continue along this path. If you reveal yourself completely to the one who has your heart, you could turn this depressed energy into something positive and lasting. Let go of these fears and just take that first step. Once you take that risk the rest will just fall into place. When you get going do not let out all your emotions at once. A little bit at a time will work just fine.

Gemini: You have always wanted to be with someone on a private and intimate level. The type of relationship you have been hoping to be involved in is where you are needed, and feel that it’s okay to have needs as well. You have someone in your life that you felt as if you could have this with and you have shared that with this person. Today, you and your beloved may make the decision to officially have that type of relationship. This isn’t one that you two are entering into lightly; in fact your sweetheart has been considering this for a while. Although you two still have much to discuss, you may also wish to create some kind of celebration later on to mark the occasion.

Cancer: Conservation of emotion might be the theme for the day, maybe even a few days. It seems that urgent matters and daily duties have made it difficult for you and the one who has your heart to get together these last few days, and it will be the same story today. But just because there are some unnecessary obstacles in a current relationship doesn’t mean you need to shut everyone out. Though there’s a sense of reservation and sadness in the general atmosphere there is also a certain stability that makes it safe to say what you feel so long as you don’t get too carried away. Have an open and honest conversation with the one who has your heart. Say what you need to say without getting riled up or emotional. If you can do this, it will work out.

Leo: You may not be happy with your current relationship or the current state of your intimate affairs. If you are hoping to make it through this, there is still much you can to do to save your love life. What you might want to do first is take some time alone and do things that you like to do that you don’t normally get to do with your sweetheart. Use this time to reflect on what you want to happen in the future, not only for yourself but your love life as well. Thankfully your style of communication is enhanced which will lead to a deeper understanding and mutual appreciation between you and your mate. Fences can be mended and wounds healed. To really seal the deal a little flirting and teasing will help as well.

Virgo: The people all around you seem to be in a somber mood. Everyone wants to bury themselves in a book or stay in bed. This energy can stifle any imagination you may have or any happiness you had left. Do not be surprised you and your loved one have an emotional confrontation or any other form of discord. Granted the energy does play a part in this but there is much more going on then you think. Try to find out what really brought out this confrontation and see if you can deal with it or it needs to be let go. If you are going out on a date, don’t expect it to be a particularly jolly affair. There may be other more personal reasons why your conversation is more subdued than usual, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get on another time.

Libra: It may be difficult to express how you really feel to your loved one today, or anyone else for that matter. Your head isn’t in it nor is your heart. While you can see the romance you are embarking on begin to bloom, you just can’t bring yourself to care or help it along. This really isn’t your fault, the energy flowing through is rather depressed and everyone is affected. You may still feel that primal and lusty sensation, you just can’t bring yourself to really do anything about it. It would be a good idea to just withdraw into your favorite hiding place and take a day or off from the world. Once you re-emerge, you will feel renewed and ready for a wild, uninhibited frolic. All that pent up energy will need to go somewhere. Hope your lover is ready!

Scorpio: There is a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior today. You are in no mood, so try to stay on the safe side of the line it. You are in no way feeling social nor can you muster any enthusiasm but you recognize that you cannot be a jerk about it either. If you really do not want to do anything or spend time with a loved one then you should let your sweetheart down gently. If you do decide to go out, go all out.  Let someone else have some control so that you can be safely irresponsible for a while. This is your way to blow off steam and just regroup. When was the last time you just let it all go? If you are unattached and out having fun, you will have caught the eye of someone who is looking for the same thing you are.

Sagittarius: Although the energy surrounding you or your partner may be more serious than usual but it doesn’t mean you both can’t be optimistic, hopeful, and forward looking at this time. This downturn doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy spending time together. Whether it is a deep conversation or quiet time cuddling, this energy can work in your favor. If you pay close attention to what is going on around you, you can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. Make time to share your plans and dreams with the one who has your heart. By communicating your enthusiasm and inviting your loved one to share theirs, you can strengthen the bond you two share now and for the future.

Capricorn: Things are taking on a more serious tone for you today. No jokes or humorous anecdotes just talk about matters of importance. What you will be more inclined to do is talk about are subjects of a more philosophical nature that relate back to your love life or the relationship that you are in. By the time you are done with all that talk you could probably write a book. As you enjoy the conversation that unfolds you begin to realize that you should so something for someone else in your life, some level of selfless generosity. Your loved one would be an ideal candidate if not someone close to them. Let the tender and gentle feelings wash over you and help direct your efforts to be of service. It will be appreciated and returned tenfold.

Aquarius: Your loved ones may want you to come out and play and you would most likely refuse. Today’s planetary transits are deeply rooted and rather sensitive. Times like this you actually enjoy. The melancholy feeling that rolls over you doesn’t bring you down it gives you a point to focus on. You can sit alone and watch one of those sad movies that cause you to cry so much you may drown in your tears but you will generally have a great time. Now if you use this energy right, your relationships can deepen and grow, and penetrate to a very personal level. This type of downturn could lead to a much deeper understanding and bond between you by sharing secrets or deep thoughts. Don’t be afraid to speak up and take a risk on how you feel.

Pisces: You don’t really feel like doing much of anything right now. The astral configuration is not really your style at all and it is leaving you out of sorts. Sad moments belong to others, and you generally like to ignore this kind of day. The weight you are beginning to feel is taking its toll all around you. While you don’t actually have to be miserable, you will most likely want to reflect on serious issues, and perhaps delve into some sort of documentary or drama film. You won’t feel like kissing and cuddling with your darling sweetheart, though. Shame on you! You could both use a bit of closeness right now and not buckle under this depressing energy. Come together, you can pull each other through.

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