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Love Horoscopes – April 13, 2013

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Aries: Underneath your warrior exterior is the beating heart of a romantic. This energy swirling about is actually a romantics dream come true, so you are in luck. If you are attached it is likely that things have not being going so well. Rather than go back to being hasty and repeating yourself over and over again, you have the chance to fix what needs to be fixed. Spending the evening together talking and simply enjoying each other’s company will redevelop the bond shared between you two. The effort you put into this will be truly rewarding. If you are unattached this energy will open doors for you that you didn’t think you could open. Enjoy the opportunities laid at your feet.

Taurus: Love is a many splendorous thing and you want to experience it all for yourself. Coincidentally this is a really good time to work on getting noticed by doing a few subtle physical changes and a lot more socializing. What you may not know but will find out later is that someone will be paying attention that you haven’t realized is watching. This could very well be same person you just so happen to long intensely for.  You have had varying fantasies about this person, some stronger and more vivid than others. You may be getting too caught up in your fantasies that you have completely missed the point here. You need to be interested in who they really are not who you want them to be. If you can’t, then do not ask this person on a date.

Gemini: You’re coming into a period with a greater than usual emphasis on emotional security. These desires will likely manifest as putting down roots somehow and being able to have some level of stability in your love life. If you are attached, achieving this will consist of using all the subtle things about love you have at your disposal in order to bring out the lusty beast within your sweetheart. Turning them on is just a start. One you have their attention you can begin the next phase of this plan by declaring your most sincere feelings. The opportunity you have here is not one to waste as it will bring you both into greater harmony both together and individually. This will prove to you that the person in front of you is truly your home.

Cancer: Being a part of this romantic energy surrounding you will give you a way to satisfy this deep yearning you have to be appreciated and admired. The need for love gives the power to fuel your creativity and encourage self expression. Allowing this can satisfy your needs and maybe even the needs of those you deeply care for. If you happen to have a date tonight, you are feeling a little nervous about someone especially if this meeting is a blind date. Thanks to all this time you two have spend together communicating, you can be rest assured that it will be every bit the romantic occasion you hoped for. Though you two flirt and are getting caught up in each other, just remember that being wanted for who you are is the ultimate compliment.

Leo: This very sweet and romantic energy brings out some interesting dynamics in your love life. You are not only aware of what is going on with your intimate affairs but you will be able to casually observe others in their relationships. This prompts your desires for a little introspection right now. These needs to explore your spiritual self, assess past decisions, and make plans for your future is rather compelling. It would be unwise for you to make any permanent decisions regarding your personal relationships until this period of self discovery has passed. Mainly in part because you may think you know the person who has your heart, but he or she will surprise you as a whole lot will see a whole new component emerge. You will want to see this.

Virgo: For you the romantic energy of the day paves the way for your emotional growth. Naturally attaching yourself to larger issues and experiencing bigger feelings will give you a more open and inviting heart. This will create a very real and tender bond between you and the one who you has your heart. If you happen to be attached there may be some issues going on between you and your sweetheart, ones you have no idea how they began. Though certain issues seem a bit clouded or unclear, you are looking for ways to end this frustration and restore some harmony. Be patient and wait just a little bit longer. Let your relationship flow under this current energy. The problems will simply resolve themselves.

Libra: Given the energy of the day, your needs for love, companionship and friendship are very strong now. In fact, a day like today was practically made for you to be romantic and to be obvious in your notion. This will most certainly cause a significant development in a close relationship or the creation of some very strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter. If you are attached, the alignment encourages you to treat your partner with special care and attention. You both may have been rather busy with other aspects of your life lately so this time as one will do wonders for you two. Make up for this by being extra loving and enjoying the feeling of togetherness. Balance will be restored.

Scorpio: Though the energy flowing today encourages romance, but before you can enjoy it there may be some things you need to get off your chest. If you absolutely must, discuss your feelings and clear the air on whatever it is you may be holding on to from the past. Do it now while you are feeling open and loving. This may be one of the few times where you actually feel the need to put others ahead of your happiness. Since it is easy for you to talk about your feelings now, you should really listen sensitively to what others are saying and what they are feeling. It is import to fair under this type of energy because any resentment developed now could really ruin any relationship on any commitment level.

Sagittarius: Some of you may have become jaded and well it is time for that to change. If you are attached you should really focus your energies on taking care of your intimate affairs. Scheduling time for recreation, spending some quality time together is a good idea now. Coming together like this will remind you both why you love each other and have made it this far. If you happen to have a date don’t be surprised if his or hers romantic side comes out. But just because they feel ready to share that with you doesn’t mean you should immediately distrust your partner. Just because they are overly romantic and loving at this time doesn’t mean you cannot have a wonderful time together. Relax; the evening will definitely be worth repeating.

Capricorn: The words you use are very important right now and may convey a bit more emotional meaning than usual. Though you are trying to be as subtle and intuitive as you can, you want to make sure that the messages you communicate are clear and understood. Because you are very warm and romantically inclined deep down inside, you will likely avoid the usage of flowery prose and go for an epic production of a candlelit bath and a few well thought statements. Go ahead and step up, take a risk and bring to light an earlier imagined scenario. Playing it out may pay off for you and your sweetheart. Feel free to toast your love with a glass of wine, and enjoy the bubbles. You did well Capricorn!

Aquarius: A significant conversation with a loved one as well as getting your own ideas and perceptions across to others is probable today. The energy today brings you the chance to find out just how someone close to you feels about you. You see something about the way they express themselves that shows you really care. Even though you may find it difficult to trust, you will discover that your barriers begin to fall, from today. Communications of any kind will play an important role now on many levels other than your love life. Never the less, why not tell this sweet and tender person that you feel just the same? On another level someone has important information to share with you. However they communicate it, you will want to know.

Pisces:  The energy swirling about has just enough romantic influence to be satisfying. This will encourage lovers of all levels of romance to express themselves in some truly wonderful ways. Even if your loved one is normally not the most romantic of people, they will surprise both you and themselves today. He or she may give you a gift that moves to you respond in an appropriate manner. During this time relying on your intuition will help raise the level of emotional communication between you and the one who has your heart. If the connection between the two of you is newer, the emotions you are looking for will come in their own time. Taking things slow and easy is the best way to keep a handle on your feelings as try to pace yourself.

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