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Love Horoscopes – April 14, 2013

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Aries: You would like to keep up this positive energy you feel but you can’t help but be concerned over a few elements of your love life. While it would be advisable for you to avoid heavy discussions and not focus on dry, practical matters – that won’t happen. These doubts have consumed your mind. If you are attached you might want to remember a recent case where you were wrong in your assumptions. Make sure you are not wrong again before you confront your sweetheart. If you are unattached you may meet someone who is quite different from you. Despite that you two are either close or growing closer each day. You are worried about their impulsiveness and audacity but isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Taurus: The energy surrounding you is like a roller coaster right now. Your emotions are on high one minute and the next you feel awful. Your love reflects this up and down motion and you are questioning everything around you. If you have someone special in your life you are not sure if you two are still together or not due to the current climate. Rather than push matters and stir the pot, it may be best to take a break from each other for a while. After a few days you will feel refreshed and renewed with no erratic emotions in sight. If you are unattached the one for you isn’t going to be the one delivering your food. Get off the couch and go mingle. Instead of wishing for a love life, go out there and make it happen. You can find someone special.

Gemini: Your outlook on life is rather optimistic and completely positive. Your emotions are on high giving you this wonderful self-confidence and generous good nature. Make sure that past of yours is staring are you from the rear view mirror as you leave behind the mistakes of the past and envision bright new avenues for growth and fulfillment. If you are unattached, this is a good time to meet someone new. With this energy at your back, this person will most likely bring you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. If you are attached you may be thinking that things are going too well and that it will all fall apart soon. Things will stabilize very soon. You will feel better if you took a break from your loved one for a day or two.

Cancer: Lately you have been feeling less competitive and more interested in pleasing others. This harmony you want to create is bringing positivity into your life and shining brightly on your love life. Any romantic urges or sexual desires you have right now are very strong. If you combine that energy with the warmth and affection you have been feeling lately, you have a successful and erotic atmosphere for love to flourish. If you are unattached your sapiosexual desires may take over as you meet someone who is absolutely gorgeous but it doesn’t seem to register to you. This person is a fountain of knowledge that you would like to drink from. Keep your focus on their mind and you are almost guaranteed a date.

Leo: The energy surrounding you is cool which is making you a bit detached from your loved ones during this time. You are not isolating yourself and not alienating them but you are not as compassionate as you usually are. It is likely that right now you are more goal orientated and have no desire to concern yourself with anything of a personal nature. While there is nothing wrong with that, you may want to tell your loved one if you are attached. He or she may not understand what you are doing. If you are unattached be prepared for someone unexpected to come into your life. This person is brilliant, audacious and right up your alley. This person may have what it takes to warm your cold bones in more ways than one.

Virgo: Emotions will burst out like spring flowers, there is playfulness abounds and it seems like there is no limit to what’s out there for you to enjoy. The current astral configuration provides you and your loved one a unique opportunity to do things differently. This is a welcomed change considering the last few weeks. This day has the potential to give birth to all kinds of positive ideas and emotions. Forget going to the same old places, being with the same people, or doing the same things. You and the one who has your heart should be seeking excitement and entertainment unlike anything you have ever before. This is very good for you both right now, as it will enhance your relationship dramatically. Have fun!

Libra: Many of you have faith in where you are in life and are feeling optimistic for the future. This confidence also feeds your restlessness for new experiences either emotional or sexual. You may be looking for new avenues to explore your feelings and expand your horizons. This opens the door for you to take calculated risks and push the envelope as far as you are willing to take it. If you are attached this may mean you want to spice things up a bit. A simple conversation should get that in motion with your sweetheart fully on board. If you are unattached and have someone in your sight go on and ask this person out. There is no reason not to. There is also no reason why you shouldn’t accept an invitation either. Get out of your own way and have fun!

Scorpio: Communication of all types is where your focus lies today. While it will be verbal for the most part, you will do some physical communicating as well. What you want to say reflects the changes within you want to make. The most noticeable change will be your physical appearances. Whether this is weight thing or you want a new image, you will still make heads turn but they will think beyond the obvious sexual energy and see you as person they want to know. Other changes will be about the direction your love life is taking. This will lead to some serious discussion with the one who has your heart. Once you present your desires in a practical and substantial way then they will be on board and follow your lead.

Sagittarius: You have often thought that you would never love so deeply again or that you have resigned yourself to a less than stellar relationship if you are attached. A series of events will change your mind for the better. Your love life is moving at a good pace into new and quite possibly uncharted waters after months or years of being stuck on a constant loop. What you will find is that the person you are intimate with really can and does connect with you. You two share a vital and wonderful chemistry that is better than either of you has ever had before. You both recognize that each of you have strange and peculiar quirks or habits that would normally both other people. Oddly enough that doesn’t discourage, it makes you love each other more.

Capricorn: You may be distracted over any disharmony in personal relationships. This has left you inclined to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. You may be stressed but the energy today cuts through any thoughts, ideas, or ideals you have harbored about your sweetheart. This will help you see what you may be responsible for, what your sweetheart is responsible for and how you two can come back together. Keep them in mind for a later time when you see them again because right now it would best to avoid your lover for a short time. If you are unattached you will likely come across the one who unknowingly has your heart. This will take you by total surprise but you will recover effortlessly.

Aquarius: Many of you have been chasing after a fantasy. Whether you are currently dating this person or would like to, you will soon be reminded that you should always be careful for what you wish for, if you haven’t already. This business of getting whom you want at the desired where and when just leads to one complication after another. Though you have every right to complain, focus on all that this leaves you certainly to think about, it is an awful lot. You may be thinking about walking away, you might even consider settling for second best or some sort of compromise but are you willing to be without this person? Have a little patience and see if it all comes together over the next week.

Pisces: Emotional self control and feelings of distance and isolation could overwhelm you today. With that said there will be a series of events that make you see that life can still be full of surprises. Even though you will begin to see this, you will still be overly critical about the shortcomings of your friends and loved ones. Rather than be hard on those closest to you, loosen up some. You really have no idea what they may be going through personally during this time. Your lover may need your support on something they don’t have the words yet to tell you. A friend may need your shoulder to cry on and hug. Once you realize that we are all in this journey together, you will see the bonds of your most intimate of relationships deepen.

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