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Love Horoscopes – April 16, 2013

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Aries: Right now many of you are playing catch up in your love life. Life has gotten in the way of you and the one who has your heart but is it time to overcome those obstacles and come together. Spend some time talking, maybe even smoothing over any grievances you have been holding on to and just get on the same page. Expect to discuss some rather personal subjects and reflecting a bit on your past. This may make you uncomfortable but it will reestablish the lines of communication and comfort levels between you two. What you to need to do during this time is to use what you may learn about yourself and your partner to grow together not apart. You two can overcome this mountain and move forward to greener pastures.

Taurus: Passion isn’t always romantic or lusty. Passion is a powerful emotion that can be experienced through actions so profound, your heart and mind can be changed. You may find yourself caught up in a conversation that really changes how you feel about the other person. It will be this that leads to a romantic connection as you two relate to each other on levels you haven’t with anyone else. This level of passion and romantic connection does not happen very often and is likely to be very strong and getting stronger every moment you two are together. Though many of you unattached do not feel as if you are ready for a new relationship, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Gemini: You are in touch with your more sensitive side today. Because of this you are able to express a greater level of sensitivity and greater empathy than usual. With this warmth, don’t keep quiet – speak to everyone! Conversation is the key to unlocking some wonderful romantic opportunities. Right now you are likely to form relationships with people based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other. Thankfully the current astral configuration will give you the opportunity to strike up a rather enjoyable chat with the person of your dreams. You may have to be the one who speaks first and ever guide the conversation but you will be able to lead it right to a first date and later your bedroom.

Cancer: Passion doesn’t always start from a positive place. It can be born from anger and frustration. Those of you enduring an aggressive time in your love life need every ounce of patience you can muster. Yes this competitive quality has and will continue to lead to conflicts over power and dominance. You are in no mood to compromise and neither is your loved one. Yes you have been arguing but have you heard what your sweetheart is trying to tell you? Do you think they have heard you? Through talking with each other in a calm and relaxed manner, you both may actually hear and understand each other’s message. At that point all you can do is make up for the anger and make up for lost time. Making up for lost time will be fun!

Leo: Love, lust and romance are rather positive today and most certainly in your favor. It is with this energy that a new romance or friendship may start or an old or current one may take a new turn for the better. Your focus may turn towards beauty and pleasure as well as how to enjoy more of it. The warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated. If you do not have someone in your life, you will after today especially since you feel more attractive and are friendlier than usual. If you happen to have a date tonight expect to find that you share many of the same views. This common ground will bond you two more deeply together, and make a passionate relationship more possible. There will be A LOT of passion once it gets going.

Virgo: There is a lot that you can control but there comes a time where you need to have some that faith that no matter what happens, it will all work out for the best. Today is one of those days that you need a little bit of confidence in yourself and in others. What may help this along is how you go about getting what you want. Your skills in persuasion will certainly open the door. The power of your words is only the beginning. Mix in a bit of flattery and whatever you want is well on your way to being yours. How you communicate this will make all the difference so add some suggestive body language and watch it all fall into place. A little bit of effort and some faith can go a long way!

Libra: Excellent cooperation in partnerships and friendships is highlighted now. This will lead you to interact with a lot of people today. As you do, don’t hold yourself back, don’t hide your real opinions or thoughts and do not change them to make them sound more presentable. Deep down, no one likes a “yes” person and this someone special will appreciate you more if you are totally and honestly yourself, and that you are willing to express exactly what you really feel. You will find their respect for you then grows in leaps and bounds. The astrological energy today can extend to virtually all relationships, including romantic and personal relationships, friendships, family members. Take advantage of this energy.

Scorpio: You are a bold person. Right now the energy surrounding you is also adventurous which plays on your impatience. You will not be able to tolerate delays, restrictions, or any form of authority that prevents you from behaving exactly as you please. Obviously this mood of your will cause problems in your love life, if it hasn’t already. This drive for freedom could lead to a confrontation where you find that you are defending yourself and your actions the entire time you knew your loved one. The silver lining in this is that these arguments will release all this pent up frustration and tension you and your sweetheart have been dancing around. Once this is out in the open, you two will go back to being more passionately in love than before.

Sagittarius: In general, your personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding. You should be enjoying your social interactions as well as your intimate relations. There will be opportunities to expand those horizons and add substance to each of them. You may find yourself with new friends and associates as well as a more committed relationship and a few new sexual positions to try. There will be a handful of you who will experience a bump or two on that road. Not everyone can understand your moods or can handle their severity. For those of you in new relationships please keep that in mind. Your sweetheart will not appreciate your behavior, which could prematurely end the beginning of something special.

Capricorn: Aren’t we in a mood today? Your relationships can get a bit weird right now or at least take an unexpected turn. It may feel as if the roles have changed or become unbalanced. The need for freedom, more independence, or some sort of novelty may disrupt the status quo in your intimate affairs. Regardless of who needs this, you will be the one on your soapbox lecturing about it. Do not expect that to go well since you will either be trying to turn the tides to your favor or belittling your lovers’ needs. It would be nice if you would let them to speak occasionally. They may let you know how they feel about the relationship and how they see things. You will learn something if you listen. Listen closely.

Aquarius: This is a very emotional time for you. For whatever reason your nerves are getting the better of you and you feel nothing is going well. Planning your actions may give you all the necessary confidence and reassurance that you need, but it will not be the best way to go about things. The position of the planets today encourages you instead to allow life around you to move naturally and let whatever may be to be. This is not the time to control the narrative. Some of you may have date tonight. What you are going to talk about on your date? Let the discussion flow into whatever areas or subjects that crop up; this way you will find you both relate well to each other. He or she is already smitten, your intellect is like icing on the cake.

Pisces: Though love is “a many splendored thing”, it is a complicated bitch. If you have someone in your life, whether you are attached or well on your way, you will find that the direction you want to take may not be so clear. What you do know is that you want, you want so much that you can taste it but what is it that you want? What you need to do is stop getting upset with yourself and allow the love you two share to simply grow. Although this may be a frustrating time for you, things will become clearer soon. Just do what you can to not take these frustrations out on your love one or the decision about direction the relationship will take will be made for you. If you have a date tonight, your intelligence will wow him or her.


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