Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning April 15, 2013


Astro-Week April 15 – 21, 2013


Dear Aries

This week your thinking clears and visions of how to finally attain your goals become clear. Love has entered Taurus and this means that although you’ll feel as if the personal favors may have suddenly subsided, all of that energy shifts to your bank account. Be prepared to act on money opportunities. Watch that your ego doesn’t get you into trouble.


Dear Taurus

As Venus enters your home sign you’ll suddenly feel like the Belle of the Ball. Expect unexpected favors and compliments. It’s a good week to continue clearing out personal issues and problems from the past but Love has already begun moving forward. The good news is Love has sights on Taurus, the bad is you’re a step behind.


Dear Gemini

It’s still a week for social fun but Love has you looking inward. Get out and revisit old haunts and places you used to have fun. You’ll find that things have changed. And so have you. Expect questions with joint finances or an inheritance to begin creeping up. There’s a change coming in your appearance to the world but you’re going through an inward glance first.


Dear Cancer

It might be a case of hard work paying off or maybe people are just being nice to you. Either way, you’re being rewarded. This week still has you busy at work but suddenly help is there to get the job done. Ask for favors. When it comes to love, try using your shy nature to your advantage and let them chase you. But make sure they can see you first.


Dear Leo

It looks like you’ve decided where you want to go on that vacation.. or which new course you’d like to study and you’re trying to find a way to make it all happen. This week you’ll figure it out. If you’ve been applying for a new job, this week you just might get it. Not generally lucky, but good things about to happen at work.


Dear Virgo

Someone dark and mysterious has entered your sights and you’re finally in the mood for love. Take a chance and don’t worry so much. Good things will happen if you’re a bit pushy so let your thoughts be heard. As a Virgo, you’re good at helping others find solutions to their problems. Don’t be afraid to help out. People are listening.


Dear Libra

Love has left your astro-sector of personal relationships and entered you astro-house of shared finances and the occult. Expect your darker desires to begin to surface and a possible inheritance. You should really think about teaming up to get things done. And to make better use of your romantic energies.


Dear Scorpio

As Venus enters Taurus it’s finally time for you to get serious about your relationships. Things are different this time. Leave your usual trust issues in the past and try and enjoy what’s happening around you. It will be tough and you’ll feel like just focusing on your daily routine but Love wants you to get out and give it a chance.


Dear Sagittarius

You’ve been having a lot of fun lately but it looks like it’s finally time to get those bad habits taken care of. It’s time to get back to the gym, and generally back to basics as the daily routine of daily life takes over. It doesn’t mean love is over, it’s just that life is going to get in the way a bit.


Dear Capricorn

You’ve been busy at home lately and renovations continue but love drops by to say hello. Open up and have a look over something you may have recently missed. You’re feeling playful and creative so might as well share. What? Share! Yes.. don’t be stingy with your emotions.


Dear Aquarius

If you have something to say make sure you get it off your chest. Love is moving to your home base and your mind is alive with ideas on how to spruce the place up. It’ll be another busy week of running around. Keep working the phones for best results.


Dearest Pisces

This is the time to putting all of your efforts into making money. To help things along, your words will be golden. Speak up and trust your intuition. Love is waiting with a routine conversation.

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