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Love Horoscopes – April 17, 2013

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Aries: When the energy of the day takes on a more serious tone, you are always more sensitive to all of the complexities going on around you. More often than not this opens you up and allows you to feel safe enough to share your real feelings and be completely honest. This is one of those of times so go on and follow your intuition; let it take it you as far as you can go. If you have a date, expect this somber energy to help open up a dialogue of a more thought-provoking nature. This will actually help you not hinder the development of this relationship. It will help you both to get to know each other, not superficially, but on a deeper and more profound level. So go on and feel free to let your sweetie in on how you feel.

Taurus: This serious energy flowing through today has put things into perspective for you. Because you are more clear and objective about personal matters and your relationships, so this is a favorable time to work out differences or come to a decision. Communicating openly with loved ones is the key to your happiness. As you and your sweetheart talk, you will both come to the conclusion that you two enjoy being together and have grown very close, perhaps more committed to each other. You have both realized that it may be time make your partnership into a more lasting arrangement. Of course the details will need more discussion, you will both be very happy about the new direction this has turned.

Gemini: Right now you want to get your house in order. For some of you, establishing implied understandings and understood arrangements could become the tools for some very big gains emotionally. Small signals under the table will get you everything you need without upsetting anyone. When this kind of energy is present, direct requests might get you put off. When you talk to your sweetheart, it needs to be serious in nature but nothing too drastic. There have been some things you have been to say for quite some time but not everything will be said now. Clear enough air to make possible to have a better discussion later when you both are in a better position. Set a plan and agree to it.

Cancer: You may feel as if your independence and freedom is being challenged by the one who has your heart. You may also feel that your loved one has been getting away with not taking the things that really matter to you seriously or enough responsibility for maintaining harmony in your relationship. Of course it should go without saying that there will be a fair share of explosive arguments as you try and get through this. Today is your opportunity to let them know where they stand. You may need to initiate a certain conversation, but this will give you a chance to say all that has been needed to be said for some time now. It is entirely possible that many of you going through this will end up going separate ways from your sweetheart after this is over.

Leo: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time, and are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon. The energy surrounding you does encourage you to make your feelings clear, even if you find it difficult to discuss. Because they run so deep within you, you may want to take a moment and call upon someone mature and experienced to help you get them together. At this moment the one who has your heart is confused by some of your behavior. You have been fairly quiet and you seem withdrawn. Reassure your love that this is not a personal snub; that you need to regroup and get your mind and heart on the same page. Do not think you can get away without doing this. If you try it will do more harm than good.

Virgo: Love isn’t the standard hearts and rainbows right now. In fact your love life has been a bit unconventional for quite some time now. Just when you think this will be a quiet day in the love and romance department, things change and rather quickly might I add. For instance, you just know that what you have is right and you want to jump right in without hesitation. If you think you love this person, know you love this person – go for it and don’t hold back. Sometimes love like this doesn’t come around twice so take advantage where you can. If you are looking to find love, you might want to pursue something serious in nature. When you do, you will attract the right person and they will be someone very special.

Libra: Today is about discovery and you will have your eyes opened when it comes to your love life. Because of this energy there will be opportunities for very personal sharing, and the creation of some powerful and rather meaningful contacts with others, especially someone who shares common goals or ideals with you. If you are unattached and have someone special in your life, this may be a good time to open a dialogue about what you want from a relationship. It may speed things up between you two. If you are attached, you may be ready a deliciously smutty book that gets you thinking. Sure you think about the its deeply absorbing plot and the passionate imagery but something prompts you think about your relationship. Answers will then follow.

Scorpio: Don’t let your mood hinder you as you and the one who has your heart go out and enjoy the evening. Discovering new things about your lover and yourself is highly likely at this time so you don’t want to miss this opportunity. For some of you this may mean you have a date this evening and scared this serious mood you are in will have a negative effect. Even though the whole tone of the evening may be sober, this may not be such a bad thing. It is this that opens the door to learning more about each other. The more you two share, the higher the degree of harmony and solidarity in your relationship will increase. If you are attached, socializing as a couple should be very rewarding and actually enhance your intimacy during this time.

Sagittarius: Your nerves have gotten the better of you causing you to say the things you usually only think. Of course you speaking your mind will come across as tactless and without consideration of consequences. No one is safe, especially people you disagree with which has created quite the headache as disputes, and heated debates become prominent. Your love life has you on edge. You do not know where you stand in your relationship and before you can make any decisions, you need to get this straightened out for your own peace of mind. When you two discuss this, turn the table a little. Say exactly what you can accept and what you cannot, so that they know where THEY stand. You will be able to make your decisions when this is over.

Capricorn: If you are looking to be reassured in your relationship, communication is key.  Sometimes it’s good to sit down and have a serious discussion with your dearest one. But in doing so that also means allowing a bit of vulnerability to come through. Your loved one doesn’t know that you need this right now, hell it’s quite possible that during this time you two are barely saying hello to each other. Break this wall between you two and take the time to really talk with each other. Talk about all the big things and little things, and how much you mean to each other. Be willing to make concessions in order to gain and maintain whatever harmony you can in your environment. Do not be blunt and bold right now, use your diplomacy or charm.

Aquarius: Your head and heart are on the same page during this time and will remain that way for the next few days. You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual as giving and receiving appreciation and love become the focus in your life. Today is a good time to express your feelings with conviction, knowing that there will be response in kind. There are many things you can discuss about your intimate affairs but there may be one or two points of importance. Some of you may want to discuss your desire to make a deeper commitment to your relationship. Take the time to talk with your sweetheart about each other’s thoughts and feelings. You want to keep the feelings you have for each other very solid and secure.

Pisces: Try and pay closer attention to the energy surrounding you at this time, good feelings may be taken for granted today. Its positive elements today are in the little things of life, especially in love. You can use its influence to give a very real and tangible expression of your deeper feelings for someone special. Quite often you find it difficult to put into words just how much you care, and recently you have had that same problem. The someone special in your life may feel a bit confused about you wanting to be in a relationship or not. A gift of some sort will show him or her that you really do cherish them as well as their company. Go out of your way to appreciate who you have in your life. If you aren’t paying attention, someone else will.

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