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Love Horoscopes – April 18, 2013

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Aries: You know love and you know happiness. You have seen it in other people and you have helped bring it together countless times before for others. When it comes to you, sometimes you are blind. The energy surrounding you today will make sure you can see everything, including how deeply you care about that someone special in your life. If you have fought recently then know that you are not about to let this person just go, you feel too much to let this happen. You have the chance to make up with them today if you need to but more importantly to experience the passion and love you share renewed at a deeper level. Let whatever happened yesterday stay there; focus on the present and the future.

Taurus: Deep down inside you like to be challenged in your love life. For as much you love when things go your way, you would rather put up a fight from time to time. Many of you have that right now. Your lover refuses to be a “yes” person and more often than not, things are bumpy between you two. When you think about it, you would have it no other way. You might want to take the time today to remind your lover of that. He or she is beginning to forget. If you are unattached, someone who can get you to share your true feelings is getting closer to you on an intimate level.  Now is not the time to be scared but if you are that uncomfortable there will be a small opportunity to slow things down a little until you can catch up.

Gemini: The energy brings together socializing and romance in a way that is both a daring and exciting prospect for you. Many of you may have this confidence bubbling inside of you ready to get a little wild with friends or loved ones. During this time you purposely set out to do doing something out of the ordinary that is different and fun. You will meet new people who are interesting and also quite different from yourself. One in particular will stand out and present a thrilling opportunity for love and romance. It may take a little while to finally capture their heart but when you do, it will be something special. There will also be opportunities for short lived affairs. It is up to you what you want to do with those.

Cancer: The energy surrounding you is warm and also rather mischievous. You are in the mood for some fun and have no problem pulling out all the stops to do it. For many of you, especially those unattached, your social life may bring you quite a surprise today. You never know where all that flirting will get you. Your spontaneous and very natural attitude will draw to you someone worthy and fascinating enough to date you. This person will arouse you both mentally and physically simply from the conversation you two have the subtle signals that accompanied it. Whatever you do, don’t think about what to say, just say it as whatever comes to mind first. This is not the time to over think your reactions, just go with the gut.

Leo: You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious at this time. This will serve you well as flexibility and open mindedness in your love life is called for now. If you are unattached, this attitude will give you the courage to go and speak to someone that you have loved from a distance. Your impulsiveness will get you in the door but if you cannot show your bold and adventurous side, you will not get any more attention than the cursory hello. This is not the kind of person who would notice you silently hanging out in the background trying to attract attention using one of your more underhanded ways. If you are attached you may be feeling quite restless if you are in a predictable relationship that offers little excitement. You should shake things up.

Virgo: Cooperative and harmonious relationships are very important to you at this time. You feel like socializing and being friendly in order to build or strengthen your bridges. This positive energy also does wonders for your love life. If you are looking for a lover, you will have many chances to meet people who are truly on your wavelength. Take any invitation to socialize, it will be fruitful. If you are attached, socializing could do you and your lover a world of good as well. By being out with friends and loved ones you and your partner will rediscover the warmth and happiness of your original romance and make the effort to come back together. Also, be careful not to push yourself or overdo it physically during this time. Relaxation is the goal now.

Libra: Today you are feeling warm and sunny but others may be trying to get you down. Underlying or previously hidden aspects of a relationship come to light now. But you should really take your time finding out as many facts as you can before jumping to a conclusion. Someone may be trying to hurt you through lies and manipulation. Do not be surprised if you find yourself getting rid of an unhealthy relationship because of this. On a darker note, some of you may be forced to confront or deal with someone you have been trying to ignore because of this persons malice. For those that seemed to have dodged the negative aspect of the day, things have been rough but are now getting better. An understanding is reached and love shines through once more.

Scorpio: Your desire to socialize, to be friendly, or loved may interfere with getting work done or acting in a professional manner. Because your professional life has gotten in your way, scheduling some time for recreation or to attend to your love life is a good idea right now. There is a real and tangible warmth apparent in your love life and for some of you, this could open the door for closeness with the one who has your heart. So long as you express yourself sincerely and honestly, all will be well. You and this special someone could be significantly more intimate by the end of the evening. Getting to know each other will be fun. If you are attached, you two will come away from this evening with a renewed sense of passion.

Sagittarius: You are entering a time of self analysis where you are questioning the directions you have taken your life. This event has led you to question major commitments and decisions you have made in the past such as marriage and other major relationships. There may be a recent break up you have been regretting ever since it happened and have been wondering what you could do to make things right. Granted you two do have your issues but you know you acted prematurely and without thought. There may be an opportunity and a social gathering where you two can speak and either straighten it out right then and there or you set up a time to do so. This should teach you that you should be more thankful for what you have.

Capricorn: There is a great deal of real warmth around today which will lead to positive connections being made with those around you. This is really an energy you should make the most of so get out there and meet new people if you can. Because this energy is friendly and light, you may meet a new friend that could turn into more if you are in the position to let it happen. If you are attached, any social gathering you and your love attend will be great fun. If at all possible, cut out early so you two can spend the rest of the evening alone together. This quality and intimate time together can recreate the magic of love you two have for each other. You may also want to call or email someone you love, simply to cheer them up or tell them you love them.

Aquarius: On the outside you may in a more open and spontaneous mood but inside you warring with insecurity and lack of confidence. With that said be careful with your emotions today as your over-sensitivity may cause you to take things the wrong way. But if something makes you uncomfortable, walk away. Let no one take advantage of your good nature and big heart during this time. The energy of the day will encourage you to be bold and brave, leaving whatever uncertainty you feel behind you and move forward with your love life. If you are unattached but have someone in your sight, you might want to let this special person know just how deeply admire him or her. Keeping your feelings quiet will do you no good.

Pisces: Today could be like a roller coaster ride with crazy emotional ups and downs. Positive energy will be coming and going from everywhere to keep you on track and remind you of your purpose. When the lows of the day come do not let it affect you. Venturing too far into the negative space could cause you to miss opportunities you need to take. One such opportunity will be having a private conversation with the one who has your heart. You two are likely not to be dating yet but they need a chance to get to know you without the heaviness a first date can bring. Though things haven’t been looking too promising, this conversation will be what gets the ball rolling to winning their heart. Stay optimistic and enthusiastic.

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