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Love Horoscopes – April 19, 2013

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Aries: Today is a one of those all around lovely days. You have achieved the rare balance of giving and receiving affection as well as talking and listening to the world around you and the one who has your heart. All of this positive energy surrounding you has paved the way for your friendships, intimate affairs and cooperative endeavors to flourish now. No need to down play your power today. Be open and honest with your emotions but also be warm and genuinely enthusiastic when you meet people. If you are unattached you will be attract the attention of someone special. Keep your eyes open because he or she is just as shy as you can be. If you are attached your loved one wants some private one on one time with you tonight.

Taurus: Part of you would rather not be bothered with anyone today. There have been too many people asking questions and poking around in your business. Now, a few of these people do genuinely want to get to know you – they just don’t know the best way to do it.  There is someone though, who understands you all too well and is ready to use that to their advantage. They know you are interested but not quite ready to make a move. That will likely change if there is some competition involved. In fact they know that their chances at getting you will improve if the right person is also vying for their attentions. This will be a game well played but it will certainly bring out the best in you.

Gemini: Lately you have been feeling as if you are taking two steps forward and sometimes more than one back. What you have wanted is not coming as fast as you’d like. Try as you may, your patience is running thin. What you may have to do is stand up for yourself and stop waiting or procrastinating, however you want to label this. You can go and take what you want but you want because it goes against someone’s wishes or ideals. This is causing more stress than it is worth. Do you want it? Yes, then go get it. No, then leave it alone and stop straining yourself over this. If you do decide you want this bad enough then waiting for the most opportune moment will make it so much easier.

Cancer: You are holding back right now and rather than avoiding stress you are doing yourself a disservice. Rather than feeling angry or frustrated and pretending that everything is OK, you really need to share your inner thoughts and allow the one who has your heart to explain or offer council depending on the situation. Regardless, you need to follow your gut when your loved one responds. You may need to listen to more of what he or she isn’t saying rather than what they are. The upside to this is that the conversation will lead to renewal of love and romance. Things needed to be shaken up so that your value is well known and that you appreciate all you have.

Leo: Today will be about understanding and communication. There is nothing to hide and nothing to expose, all will be revealed in the end with a little patience. But with that said, there is so much going on that you may be confused or misunderstanding what is going on. To make matters worse, you may not be the only one. If you have someone in your life they are just as confused as you are but maybe too scared to say anything and hoping it will just all work out on its own. Sadly, it won’t so you will need to open a dialogue where you both can speak up in a warm and open manner. You and your loved one are simply guessing at what is going on. Be direct and plain when discussing your feelings and all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

Virgo: Your emotions are heightened at this time. No doubt you radiate confidence and charisma but you also reek of the need for control. This can be a definitely dangerous combination but you will be thought of as completely irresistible and tempting. Since this attitude will add a bit more spring to your step, do not be surprised of you have all kinds of people smitten with you. If someone has made the attempt to resist you, they won’t be able to today.  Just don’t let all of this cloud your judgment or feed your ego. If you are attached, not controlling your ego will cause your partner to want to distance themselves from you. You may want to be the one calling the shots but at what cost?

Libra: You may be annoyed with where you are headed in life now. Thing is, what you perceive as a problem is not really so. Sometimes you need to make an effort where you feel no effort needs to be made. Whatever you feel the obstacle is in your love life right now can be easily removed; all you need is a little determination. It’s just that you have yet to try hard enough to remove it, now would be an ideal time change this. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, your courage and vitality are figuring prominent so use them to forge ahead. Now some of you may end up having a hard time trying to figure out the right move. Since this is not a great day to make plans or decisions, let it go for now. Tomorrow is another day and a new perspective.

Scorpio: You like to attract and draw people towards you, you do not leave your shell. Thanks to the energy of the day, relationships are intensified leaving you to experience strong feelings of attraction, love and desire. This is a natural state for you but this time the tables have turned. There is a certain someone who is completely irresistible and looks at you with the same hunger you look at them. Now this person is either shy or highly reserved, it may take a bit to draw him or her out. Your impatience will kick and you will not be able to wait around for them to make a move toward you. You really do need to show that you are interested, not only once, but on more than one occasion in different ways. They’ll soon get the message.

Sagittarius: Sex, power, and money are all compelling desires and potent aphrodisiacs. While it would be nice to enjoy them all, your sexual needs are just one of the issues you need to focus on at this time. It is time to get to the bottom of the more important issues bothering and starting over if you need to in your love life. Thankfully the energy of the day will give you the confidence you need to talk about your feelings honestly and in hairy detail. Don’t try and play down how you feel; just try to be polite when stating your truth so as not to appear lacking in tact or discretion. There may be some things you will need to own up to but other than that, this will be a rather civilized period of time for you

Capricorn: Many of you have been enjoying the scenarios your imagination has fantasized about. Your dreams and wishes regarding love are being heard loud and clear. So loud in fact you may be infatuated with someone you will meet over the next few days. While it is uncertain if this person is the one, be careful that your own expectations aren’t so high you end up disappointed later. Needless to say, there is a positive energy surrounding you and if you can just be your natural happy-go-lucky and smiling self, it will all work in your favor. If you have a date coming up, you won’t have to worry in the slightest. You both look good, conversation will be interesting and flow freely. No need to be nervous.

Aquarius: This is a day that could be filled with heat and intensity. Sometimes you are not the best at controlling this energy so make sure that your ego stays out of it and doesn’t get you in trouble. Some of you are in a relationship where selfishness is the norm. The dark side of this energy will play on that so if you look out for yourself instead of you and your sweetie, don’t be upset when the consequences are more than you can handle. For those of you not involved in that kind of situation the heat and intensity is a rather positive way to bring forth your warmth and enthusiasm. If this relationship is new, it may be time to meet the friends. There is nothing to worry about; he or she will be a hit. They will love this person!

Pisces: Today may be a little uncomfortable for you. Your sensitivity is on overload and you may find yourselves at odds with those around you or with your personal issues. Whatever it is that is causing this, the difficulties and all manner of annoying things have to be worked through before you find your comfort zone again. Since you cannot avoid this or sweep it under the rug you might want to open up to the one who has your heart and share those deeper feelings. Thankfully the energy of the day will find a way to encourage this level of honesty and help bring out your more affectionate side. By being this open your sweetheart will appreciate you more and understand that you do care, but have a strange way of showing it.

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