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Love Horoscopes – April 21, 2013

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Aries: You may not appreciate your surroundings as things are a little tense between you and your sweetheart today. Your values may be at odds (just for the moment) with everyone around you as well. What isn’t helping is that whatever you try to say to each other seems to be taken the wrong way. What you need to do is give yourself some breathing space and remember you’re the more emotionally mature person in this relationship. If you cannot do that then try to remember that this influence is only temporary and it too shall pass; taking away all of this negative energy with it. If you two cannot make it through the day together then it might be best to spend a day or two apart.

Taurus: You feel like breaking out and doing something completely different just for the feeling of freedom it gives you. The only problem with that is your way of alleviating your boredom could result in a few heated debates. You may be tired of your daily routine but that doesn’t give you a right to talk to your loved one without much thought or consideration for their feelings. There will be a many verbal battles between you two until you realize you were wrong. If you are not attached you may find yourself tempted by someone absolutely delicious. Whatever you do, do not try and impress this person – just be yourself. You could overwhelm them as well as overwhelm and stress yourself from trying so hard.

Gemini: This is a good time to create some good karma. Someone close to you may need a shoulder to cry on. This could be a friend or a lover (past or current) that really needs some support. If you are attached to this person, doing this will really strengthen your relationship and make a lasting impression. If this person is a friend or past lover, he or she may want to thank you in a rather intimate and private way. If you are unattached and ready to mingle, now is the perfect time to make positive first impressions. People will drawn to your charm and poise so do not be surprised if you get more than one or two phone numbers as you are out and about. This is also a good time to treat yourself- some pampering is in order.

Cancer: You may not know if you are coming or going today but it will certainly be fun. Take nothing seriously today, the energy is very changeable and so are your feelings. Communicating with anyone today, especially your lover will be rather interesting indeed. One minute you may want to fight the next you may want to run away. It might be a good idea to avoid anything serious and redirect the attentions towards any social gatherings you two can attend or some activity that will be upbeat and positive. If you are unattached, any social gathering that comes your way you should attend. You will have fun but if you are ready to date, that potential lover will be in attendance as well.

Leo: Sure you feel sober and realistic about love at this time, but for some reason you are also a bit jaded. This attitude of yours will only make your sweetheart angrier than he or she already is. The more stubborn you are the more you will succeed in deepening your rift. Think about what you two are arguing about. Is your inflexibility causing this? Is it worth holding this in order to hold on some outdated notion anyways? Why not leave things alone for right now and reach out to a more mature and experienced person to talk things through. If you and your sweetheart can’t find a way to get past this, these events will force your hand. Either change or lose out. It is entirely up to you but make sure it’s worth it.

Virgo: A need to be the center of attention takes hold in your life now. While you are busy appreciating yourself, you may very well spark your creativity. Every aspect of your life right now will benefit from that including your love life. If you are attached, your sweetheart will likely be on board with your ideas so let them flow. If you are unattached but have a date today, this will certainly be one for the memory banks. This will turn out to be an interesting one as you find this person completely renegade and rather exciting. You both may have different ways of approaching things and have differing opinions but you two have this instant respect that allows you two to cheerfully agree to disagree. This person may be a keeper.

Libra: Not all conflict ends badly. In fact conflict can be rather useful even though it is stressful and uncomfortable. Right now your love life will benefit from it. Though it is not bad to be selfish and think about you, you also need to remember that you do have someone else in your life as well. You and your sweetheart may not see eye to eye on what is going on; pushing through the disagreement will actually help you two grow closer together. As you two struggle to find common ground, varying aspects of each other’s personality will come though. Eventually you two will find the same perspective and workable solution will present itself. Situation resolved, relationship saved and a better understanding of you love is gained.

Scorpio: Right now you should be enjoying some emotional satisfaction and harmony in your home life. Sadly the energy of the day may disrupt that happiness and not provide the kind of influence that you would like. If you happen to have a positive and solid foundation in your relationship, this energy will not be able to break that. Things will continue to be harmonious. If your love life is has any problems, they may seem to be getting out of hand. Your equilibrium is likely to be swinging wildly and it is causing you to be restless and agitated. Now if you can stay calm and deal with it, you will find that the changes made are better than you would have thought possible. Take a deep breath and trust the process.

Sagittarius: There seems to be some friction or tension between you and your loved one today but it is nothing to worry about. Thanks to the current planetary alignment, you are having it a difficult time communicating your feelings. You are tempted to go to extremes and that is just not the way to handle this. Compromise is the best way to solve this, trying out different perspectives and finding one that suits you both will bring you peace. Now it will seem as if it would be easier to push your way through and force your opinion, but you’ll find that it is a losing strategy in your relationships. The more you shove – the more resistance you’ll get. Back off for now and let this problem fade away. You two have other things to focus on.

Capricorn: You may be thinking about dating or already are dating someone who doesn’t know you very well just yet. It is entirely possible that as you two interact today he or she may say something that upsets you. Before you take offence, acknowledge that you two do not know each other very well and that what you think they meant is not what they actually wanted to convey. Don’t let this situation sour you on this person. Underneath it all they have every quality you are looking for, it just happens to be wrapped in a strange package. If you are attached, you might want to carve out some time to be flexible in your schedule. Your sweetheart is in and impulsive mood and wants to revel in spontaneity. Enjoy!

Aquarius: Today is just full of surprises. Some of you will be rather pleased despite any despite initial reservations while others of you will be uncomfortable with your own actions. Those of you unattached may meet someone you want to get to know better. You are stunned at how intrigued you are by this person and how you just can’t stop talking to him or her. You find yourselves discussing some very private matters and asking some very deep and penetrating questions in return. By the end of this conversation you two will know quite a bit about each other and want to know more. If you are attached your loved one may have something that you can’t get on board with. Once you think about it, you will change your mind.

Pisces: People are drawn to you today. Thanks to the energy of the day you have enhanced magnetism and attractiveness that people just can’t resist. While not all of it is on a sexual or intimate level, you are being noticed and appreciated. If you are attached, your relationships will certainly absorb this positive energy. Expect your sexual and romantic relations to be intense and urgent as this energy flows through. If you are unattached, love may be in the air. You could very well meet someone who happens to share your interests and many of your ideals. While you are full of energy and vibrancy, this person may be stuck in a rut. You will be able to shine bright enough to pull them out of their funk and seduce them as well.

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