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Astro-Week April 22-29, 2013

Dear Aries

This week’s drama will bring attention to your finances, both individual and jointly held resources will be tested. Perhaps something was missed, or hidden from view, or you have been hiding something from someone. Either way it plays out, a secret will be revealed.  In an interesting twist, this is affecting your deepest and darkest taboo secrets as well. So.. be on the alert for dark desires and money conflicts to rise.

Dear Taurus

Don’t let one or two little setbacks spoil your mood. The person you trusted sure spoke a good game but they just never had what it takes to get you to the next level. So who do you trust now? The energy this week will put a big spotlight on something hidden about you and your closest relationships. You might find something that you really don’t like about each other. Try and have an honest argument without attacking recent failures. Team up or tag out.

Dear Gemini

Something hidden in your everyday life is finally going to come to light. If you’ve been struggling with your daily routine or looking for a simple break along the path to your goals, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You might not like what you see but it’s time to move on. I’ll repeat that. It’s time to move on. Think about it by yourself for a moment. Do you really need all of the answers or do you really need to just get moving?

Dear Cancer

This week the astro-energy will bring you back into contact with someone that once made you hot and heavy. You’ll want to play, create, jump up and down, and make love. It can be a lot of fun but it doesn’t exactly look like it going to achieve much on the long term goal front. You might not like all of the answers that you hear this week, but at least they’ll be honest answers.

Dear Leo

Be careful this week. Something at home may force your hand sooner than you thought. Something you’ve been avoiding or, or hoping would go away, or maybe even something you had planned is about to happen. The downside is it will take you away from work and everything that you’re currently trying to accomplish in the outer world. Take care of the home front ASAP and get back out there. There’s a real possibility to be embarrassed by something that you just wanted to sweep under the rug.

Dear Virgo

Be very careful with your words this week. Something you have been thinking but for some reason haven’t really had the courage to voice will slip out. It could affect your career or your love life depending where the events fall in your personal chart but either way you should be extra careful.

Dear Libra

As the planets continue to shift their focus from your closest relationships to your joint finances a question begins to become clear and only you have the answer. Perhaps you had it right all along and those around you couldn’t see the signs. No one is perfect, even if they think they are. You have wasted a lot of time spinning your wheels and I would urge you to get a move on. If you can be tactful (you’re the most diplomatic sign so this should be easy) then you can show your lover the errors of their way and finally clear the air for the future that’s been waiting all along.

Dear Scorpio

There’s a very simple answer to your latest round of relationship wtf’s. And you know what it is.  I’m not being cryptic. I just don’t want to tell the other signs and I know that you know what I mean and why. So.. It only takes a second to do it but you HAVE to do it EVERYTIME. I know you don’t like it and I know it makes you think less of the other person. But it still HAS to be done.

Dear Sagittarius

The chaos this week will plop itself firmly in your emotional subconscious. This can be a bit of a drag for someone as optimistic as you. You’ll feel a nagging sensation that something from your past is haunting you. This is happening because something from your past really is haunting you right now. Work it out and let it go. It’s time to move forward.

Dear Capricorn

What’s up with your friends? As you try to balance home renovations and get ready for BBQ season, your friends are calling for you to come out and enjoy the day? What to do? These plans that you have for the home have been on your mind and you know that this is the time to get them done. On the other hand there’s a feeling that if you don’t go out, you’ll miss an opportunity. Keep your eyes open, the opportunity will be revealed.

Dear Aquarius

As much as you’d like to just stay home and snuggle up to your dearest sweetheart, something at the office is calling you out. Be careful. Skipping corners and short cuts will be found out. Do your best to be your best and you should be able to avoid any of the nasty secrets being revealed right now.

Dearest Pisces

Something about a recent decision regarding a trip or higher learning takes on a stronger importance. Perhaps you got it wrong or more information is needed before you’re finally ready. Expect new developments in something you are currently working towards. You can have what you are looking for but you’ll just have to be careful that you’re not blindsided this week.

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