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Love Horoscopes – April 24, 2013

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Aries: Your love life may look like roller coaster right now as it has gone through its fair share of ups and downs recently. Thankfully a situation that arises will provide you will the necessary clarity to approach this without harming your relationship. Sure you two are going through a slightly challenging phase, but it is nothing that an honest discussion and the willingness to listen won’t resolve. Go on and express your feelings with conviction, just know that there will be response in kind but it will be positive in action. Once you both find your head and heart are on the same page, the rest will simply fall into place and likely remain that way for some time to come. Before you know it, tensions are gone and you two  can kiss and make up.

Taurus: Though you are in touch with your more sensitive and maybe even spiritual qualities, you are unsure of how to express yourself intimately. Yes you are able to express a greater level of sensitivity and greater empathy than usual but there is so much you want to say that you don’t know the best way to do so. On the one hand you just want to say what you have to say with a minimum of fuss and total honesty. On the other hand you also realize that in sharing your deeper feelings you could become quite emotional and are worried about showing yourself to be quite so vulnerable. What you need to do is let it all come out. By doing this, you can form this relationship based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other.

Gemini: Your ability to sense when something is wrong will help you to help someone you are close to. What you may feel is that a discussion about your relationship is needed to help you both decide where you should go from here.  You know this needs to happen and your loved one may know it too but neither of you seem to know how to approach the matter without letting your emotions take over. Maybe the best thing to do is to turn your mind off and let the heart guide you. Perhaps through this more calm and rational approach you can put your loved one at ease. Only then can you two can finally come up with solutions that will be a win/win for you both and those around you.

Cancer: Though it should be a good time for social activities and sharing a pleasant time with the one who has your heart, it may turn into something a bit less harmonious and whole lot more discordant. Some of you may have a problem in your relationship that you and loved one have silently agreed to sweep under the rug. That seems to be no longer the case as one of you dares to speak up about matter and making it much more emotional than it needs to be. But now that it is out there and creating arguments, unless this gets sorted out, this same topic of conversation is going to arise over and over again. Since would not run around in circles, but an end to this madness. By genuinely listening to what each of you has to say, it can all be taken care of.

Leo: You are used to your emotions being intense and strong but others may find them overwhelming and daunting. Though you may be swept away by your feelings during this time, it may be a good idea to keep them more on the conservative side for the moment. The one who has your heart may not be able to handle the true depth of your emotions just yet. If you do not hold back a little you will find yourself resentful that you care so much about someone who does not seem to be responding with equal enthusiasm. Though that is not what they want you to feel, you will not be able to help it making this a tricky and potentially painful situation. Talk it out and say what you feel, but just don’t give it all away at once.

Virgo: Today you may be feeling needy, as if it is all about you during this time. But you are not entirely selfish, you know you have needs that you would like to have met but you also sense the needs of those closest to you. Because of this sensitivity you may feel the need to care for others on a very private level and have them care for you in return. There is nothing wrong with finding a way to fit the two together, it will work. While most of you will be exchanging back scratches, some of you may be covering your hurt feelings with some sort of façade. Somehow, someone hurt you and it left you angrier than anything else. If you see this person, there is no need to rush over begging for forgiveness. Let this person come to you.

Libra: Refinement in your love life is the focus of your day and could bring you the satisfaction you have been looking for. The current lack of harmony in your love life has left you emotionally unsettled. You are looking to put things back in order both emotionally and spiritually but it has proven to be rather difficult. It may be hard for you to both formulate a clear thought and convey it in the proper manner. While you may start this endeavor tongue tied, the more your emotions surge the quicker your confidence kicks in and the words just come out. It may not be the most graceful but it will still send the right message. Once everything is out in the open and the air begins to clear, you will be able to feel the tensions leave and harmony come in.

Scorpio: This is one of those days where you would like a do over if at all possible. The day may start off with a headache and you wanting seriously hurt someone. But if you really take a step back and calm yourself you will see that there is an ideal opportunity to sort out something that has been causing friction between you and he one who has your heart. With a little time and whole lot of patience it could really make a difference in your relationship if you both are determined enough to hold it together. If you are unattached, an opportunity for a new romance may find you tonight; this is likely to be exciting. You may be socializing with friend when it happens. He or she may be rather different from you but it adds something special to this.

Sagittarius: Your personal wall is up today. Either you have been wounded deeply or ignored by the one who has your heart but you still would rather not let anyone see how affected you actually are. This really isn’t the best way to deal with the situation. Being open and honest will get you a lot further and a quicker resolution. Besides, the energy surrounding you today can make agreements and cooperation easy so long as you honestly discuss your personal needs and desires. What you will find is that your sweetheart meant no disrespect and truly did not mean to hurt your feelings. Give him or her the benefit of the doubt and hear what they have to say. These problems will be over as quickly as they began.

Capricorn: You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate during this time but it could end up hurting you more than helping you. While this is a good time to communicate to others what you really want, how you assert your own needs and desires is what may cause your problem. Whatever the disagreement is you need to act quickly and talk it through first. You have likely put your loved one on the defensive and he or she may not be open to reason at this point, and could stubbornly refuse to cooperate. You need to do what you can to make your sweetheart to listen to what you are really trying to say, not what they think they heard. So sure you should convey your needs to your lover but don’t forget to ask what they might like as well.

Aquarius:  The current discord in your love life has brought up some memories and old feelings surface at this time, things you may have forgotten or wanted to forget. While you would rather sit and stew over this disagreement between you and your lover, you crave closure on both fronts. When it comes to the matters of the past you know that you can make a phone call or send an email in order to lay it all to rest. But when it comes to what is happening currently, you feel that you two left things at an impasse and don’t know what to do next. Thinking any more on this will set you back. Take action and simply open a dialogue with your lover. You want to talk and put this argument to rest, to clear the air. It is that easy.

Pisces: Many of you may find yourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place today in your love life. You are not sure quite where you stand in your relationship and you don’t know the best way to ask. The key to this is not to push things too far. Let your partner know gently and firmly, that you do have needs that you would like to have considered from time to time. That isn’t too much to ask for but if they seem to be ignoring you then you may have revert to plan b. If you do not have a plan b in mind then concoct one that is a bit on the conservative side rather than trying to do something new. If things seem to be going smoothly, no tension from your loved one, let it be. Sometimes leaving well it alone is all it takes to make things work out.


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