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Love Horoscopes – April 26, 2013


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Aries: It will be easy to get into pointless arguments today so you might want to spend the day alone. You already feel a bit distant and aloof so there should be no worry about you rushing off to be at your lovers’ side. Sadly, that doesn’t mean they won’t make their way to yours. While you may be trying to reconnect with yourself, they may be determined to push their own agenda. This could turn into a volatile situation where harsh words fly and the heart of the moment is a real scorcher. Don’t let annoying disagreements get your emotions in a twist. Be careful what you say and think before you speak. When in doubt, agree to disagree if at all possible. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Taurus: Right now your focus is on love, companionship, and affection. You desire a combination of the three in your life but some problems involving the ego may prevent that from happening. Luckily it isn’t all that serious, at this point you and your lover can laugh it all off. What this should do is let you both know that you two have very strong personalities. Let this be a lesson you both learn well, neither of you will back down in a fight. File that away for later. If you are unattached it is possible a friendship may become more during this time. Whether you take the first step or they do, this will be the start of something wonderful. Many may say it is a long time coming but there is an element of surprise underneath it all that will make you smile.

Gemini: You and your sweetheart could be creating an impasse if you haven’t already. The both of you are stubborn as an ox and neither of you wants to budge. The problem is neither of you is absolutely right and you both have the opportunity to successfully correct the problem. In order to do so, you will have to have a conversation. Throw up the white flags and talk it out. Of course you could always let it just fall apart, the choice is yours. If you are unattached and have someone in mind, today would be ideal for building an emotional bond between you two. Take the day, relax and do things together. Just take advantage of the energy and the potential it brings. Don’t stay home and make wishes or dream; it’s time to live the dream.

Cancer: Many of you have likely come to a very clear and definite decision about an important and intimate relationship at this time. This would be a very good time to let this person know exactly what you want and make your feelings crystal clear. Now just because you are not in the mood to compromise what you want from this relationship, doesn’t mean you can shove your desires down your loved ones throat. You will most certainly be disappointed with their response. Use your charm and emotions to emphasize how much you care. It will be so much easier to talk to your sweetheart if you do. Once you do it will not only helps bring you closer together, but also enables them to talk about their emotions. This level of sharing will work in your favor.

Leo: You have been thinking. And while this could be a dangerous thing, you have been reflecting on a fond memory from deep in your past. It was from a relationship that you may not have fully appreciated until now. Lately you have felt the need for more harmony in your most intimate emotional relationships. Reliving these memories will help you figure out what course of action to take in order to make your relationship more pleasant and productive. Though this doesn’t leave you feeling any more romantic or sentimental than you started out with, you will still make progress within your relationship. Yes your conversations will center on more serious or even practical issues over the next few days, but it will strengthen your foundation.

Virgo: Well, you are going to want a do over today. You may find yourself irritable and cranky during this time. If you are unattached, it will be for little or no cause but if you are attached, your partner is being far less flexible than normal. Do not be surprised if you find yourself throwing a temper tantrum and feeling more self-righteous than usual. You will likely do what you can to bulldoze your way into situations with your impatience and hurt a whole lot of feelings along the way. If you can get a grip on your abrasive and insensitive attitude, you can salvage the day. Rather than be negative, make it work for you. Be brutally honest with what is on your heart, talk TO each other not AT each other.

Libra: While you may be feeling an intense emotional draw to the one who has your heart today, it may be better if you two have some space. Don’t worry that you would rather be alone than spending time laughing and a joking with your sweetheart. Just because you two are apart doesn’t mean that your closeness is stunted. Now is the time to check in with yourself, make sure you are on the path you want to be and where you would ideally like to go from here. It will be this that helps the relationship deepen and grow towards a very personal level. Spending so much time together could run you the risk of your relationship burning out. This person is far too important to you to let this happen.

Scorpio: You may be looking to organize your life. You need a bit of order among the chaos and you are starting with your love life. If you have someone in your life, you are looking to have a discussion without humor interfering.  You are looking to take as big step; one that will require careful consideration and quite a bit of realistic planning. This will be affect the unforeseeable future here, you want to do it right. If you are unattached, you may have a few unexpected pleasures in store for you thanks to your adventurous attitude. If you have been looking for a change of pace, you will certainly find this time period stimulating. It is entirely possible that with all of this happening, a new romance or a revitalization of a current one will come into play.

Sagittarius: Restlessness and impatience may overcome you throughout the day. You may be so frustrated that others will be able to see this on you and wonder what’s really bugging you. Because of how you feel, you will be very demanding and difficult to please. This will not be an easy day but you can make some progress in your love life today. That is the source of this frustration, you not being where you want to be in your relationship. As a perfectionist, as someone who always has some sort of plan, when things don’t happen on the time line that you expect it to you become unbearable. You have something. You have something near what you want. Things are almost where you want them to be. Have some patience, the rest will come.

Capricorn: Why so serious this time Capricorn? Right now you should be making plans for getting a little wild with friends and those closest to you. You need to be doing something out of the ordinary that is stimulating and fun. If you are attached, you and your lover both have a similar frame of mind. You are taking each other far too seriously and feeling very vulnerable about your weaknesses. Neither of you are perfect so why is this something being discussed or joked about? Remember this. NO one likes their failings as a person highlighted or taunted. Going out will help put you two back on track. If you are unattached, you could meet someone as you are out and about with friends. This person is quite different from yourself and hot too boot.

Aquarius: If you haven’t by now, take a step back from your love life and really look at it. There may be some issues you were thinking about but now is the time to really consider them deeply. What’s working? What’s not? Now, if things are moving along well then do nothing, don’t change a damn thing. But if you are unhappy or dissatisfied in anyway, have an honest conversation with the one who has your heart. You have this feeling, one that shakes you to core. Whatever you do, if you feel this, do not be discouraged from the course of action you feel is best. This hunch is far too strong to not listen to what it is trying to tell you. You may have been wrong about some things recently but this; this is something you are not wrong about.

Pisces: Your tendency to second guess yourself or decisions already made will cause significant discord in your personal relationships at this time. You and the person who has your heart have come to an already agreed upon decision about the situation at hand. While the temptation may come to seek out another opinion, or reconsider the issue from a different perspective, you need to be firm and not waver. If you keep on doing this you will never get anywhere and it will be harder to connect with each other in the future. Leave it alone and do what needs to be done. Otherwise, you will find your relationship tense, challenging and distant. You two just came together, met at the middle – don’t let this split you apart.


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