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Love Horoscopes – April 27, 2013

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Aries: The need for more freedom, independence, or novelty in your love life may disrupt the established status quo. The energy of the day has brought out your confidence and courage; you want more and you know you can get it. Once you set your mind to it you will not be disappointed. If you are attached, you and your love will reconnect and you will be able to move your relationship back on the path you desire. With a little time, you will get back to where you want to be. If you are unattached, you will meet someone who is very different from yourself. He or she will challenge, surprise, or upset you but really turn you on. Though this person infuriates you, they also reignite a spark you thought long gone.

Taurus: Lively energies encourage you to socialize during this time regardless of your relationship status. You may be highly attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and possibilities for adventure. If this is something you really want to pursue then you will find that your friendly and outgoing nature will get you that date today. For some of you this energy means venturing into unknown territory. Doing that gives the Fates a chance to play its cards. If you are attached, being flexible and open minded in your relationships is called for now. Be prepared for your friends or love partner may behave in unexpected ways which may throw you off emotionally. It is only temporary while they adjust to the new possibilities in their lives.

Gemini: This may not be your day. Confusion, the inability to focus as well as poor understanding or miscommunication between yourself and others, may plague you. Now you could stay home and wait it out but there is a bit of energy surrounding you that doesn’t want you to hide. Whatever responsibilities and challenges that are chasing you will still be there tomorrow but today, you need to find a way to motivate yourself to go out tonight. You need a change of pace, change of scenery and change of company. Wear your favorite outfit and get out there. Start talking to new people, start talking to anyone and everyone who will chat with you. You will meet someone that you just click with and will be in your life for some time to come.

Cancer: Romance is very much a matter of striking while the iron is hot. Today you will find yourself to be powerfully attracted, both emotionally and sexually, to someone you encounter at this time. If that doesn’t directly apply to you then any romantic involvements you currently have will be intensified. The current astral configuration implies that if you take action now while this golden opportunity presents itself, you can make a tremendous difference in your intimate affairs. Those of you available will catch the attention of someone who has been at the center of your thoughts for some time. There will be some of you whose relationships may become tempestuous. If your partner is not as responsive or passionate as you would like, be careful.

Leo: You have a lot to celebrate when it comes to your intimate affairs. Many of you may have recently begun dating someone special. This is the ideal time to do things that allow you share thoughts and feelings with one another. The more you two do together the more you will both see just how well match you really are. If you are attached things will continue to go smoothly in each other’s company. You will have very little if anything to complain about. But for those of you unattached, you have finally come to realize that you do deserve everything your heart desires. You have come to the point where you want a relationship and you want to love again. It is time for you to step out into the bright lights and shine.

Virgo: You may have many social engagements to attend but you have matters of the heart on your mind. You can do one and help the other if you do this right. Thankfully the energy of the day will help you to feel completely confident and radiant your appearance and demeanor. If you are in a permanent relationship, your partner will be thrilled to have you by their side. They will be reminded how well you light up the room and how lucky they are to be the one who has your heart. If you are looking for love, you will be interacting with others that you might have something in common with. By not letting this energy pass you by, you could yourself with several choices and the desire to play matchmaker.

Libra: This is a good time to do something fun just for you. Why not start with your love life? Your magnetism is strong during this time and you attract appreciation, affection and attention. This energy gives you the extra confidence needed to approach someone very special. Whether this happens at a party, at a meeting of some kind, or by sheer accident, you will know once you see this person. This is one opportunity that you should not let pass by. It will be easier than you think. You will dazzle them with conversation and give them a really good reason to want to see you again. Any feelings of love you may have will fuel your creative urges and desire for beauty. Give in to that and see where it takes you.

Scorpio: The energy surrounding you is light, friendly and easy. This opens the doors to creating and maintaining positive connections with those around you. This energy also opens your heart and will make you slightly vulnerable. You will have the extra courage you need to say how you feel without being pushed or prodded to do so. If you are attached this will impress your sweetheart and make them feel honored that you opened yourself so much. If you are unattached, this energy clears the path for a new romance to come in and begin. Make it a point during this time to get in contact with those you love. Whether you call, write or even visit – make sure you express how much you care and miss them. Tell those you love how much you do.

Sagittarius: There may be a handful of personal issues you have to muddle through today.  Try to get as much resolved in this area without destroying it out of frustration. That means stop keeping your feelings hidden and pay attention to the needs of your sweetheart. Start being more responsive to their needs and desires and you will see the changes you hoped for. Now if you did let your frustrations get the best of you, the energy of the day encourages healing and patching up difficulties in your intimate affairs. There is a lot of warmth in that energy so do your best to take advantage of this and do something together that will deepen your bond even further.

Capricorn: You have been busy lately but now it is time to relax and enjoy yourself before someone decides to force you to do it. Rest and relaxation is not just time off, its renewal, putting more back into your own self so that you can be the best for yourself. You need to slow things down a bit and following your instincts would be a great start. You will feel the weight off your shoulders and still be able to get things done. By not doing so, you may run the risk of messing things up and causing you more problems. If you have someone new in your life you should focus your attentions there. Sure you two have only just begun but you can’t deny you feel the excitement and the adventure you two are about to go on. Give into the feeling and enjoy it.

Aquarius: Unresolved issues in your love life will be brought to light at this time. Whatever the underlying cause is for these painful or problematic issues will be crystal clear. They will no longer be hidden, forgotten, or ignored. The way you confront this will make all the difference. By doing so directly in a logical and calm manner, you will find yourself better off than you would have been if you had lost your temper. Confronting this matter opens you and your loved one up to some much needed healing. You can bring back the sunshine in your love life by sharing some of your deeper feelings. Once the dust settles you will see how your sweetheart will appreciate you opening up and do the same in return.

Pisces: This is a great day for heading off into unexplored territory. Once you get started, you will come across others looking for something new as well. The energy of the day encourages inventiveness and originality. If there were any projects that you and the one who has you heart wanted to begin, this would be a favorable time to do so. Also during this time you should share your real feelings with your lover. Stop hiding behind an air of disinterested cynicism and show your enthusiasm for your sweetheart rather than hide it or hide behind it. Things have likely been uneasy lately so it might help to smooth things over with a gift that shows your creativity and depth of your emotions.

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