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Love Horoscopes – April 28, 2013

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Aries: Getting what you really want and moving forward to achieve what is important to you is your focus today. This may involve surrendering or eliminating something from your life that has been holding you back from getting it done. Whatever the attitude, situation, or relationship is doing it, you have to get rid of it. Don’t try to look for excuses just let it go. If you happen to be attending a social gathering, you will be in what you feel is the twilight zone but everyone is looking at you like you are strange. You may need someone who is intrigued by your brand of weird and strike up a conversation. If you have a date tonight, he or she will like your weird and wonderful ways and want more of it.

Taurus: Today’s energy has your sign written all over it. This is a good time to spoil yourself so buy whatever it is you have had your eye on. This is also a time where your tender heart craves sweetness and comfort in the form of loving affection from the people who love and appreciate you the most. Might be a good idea to spend some quality time with them and soak up the love. The energy today is also focused on your penchant for experimentation and doing everything differently, your way that is. If you go on a date today you two will likely go somewhere that isn’t your usual place to hang out but you will be able to express the more alternative side of you, the one that doesn’t get to play very often. You two will have some novel experiences to share.

Gemini: Understanding your feelings and the feelings of others man not come so easily at the moment. For starters, your feelings may seem to have run away with you, and are anything but under your control. One minute you feel madly in love, and the next you want space, and time to go off and do your own thing. Working through unresolved emotional issues, effectively expressing your emotional needs, and drawing the real emotional needs from others should be far simpler than it is right now. Things certainly won’t go as planned and you need a little help. This is a passing phase; it won’t last, but may give your lover something to think about. This may be the time to settle any differences you two may have.

Cancer: The energy swirling about has everyone acting unusual and you are no exception. Right now you may be feeling a bit withdrawn as your mind focuses on the responsibilities in your life. If you are attached your sweetheart will understand you are looking to be more practical in your day to day life. Though they may understand this, they still can’t help but think they have done something to push you away. Sit your love down and be honest about what is going on in your head. They may have some answers for you. If you happen to have a date tonight, it will be weird in the way you like and you will be happy you came instead of staying home. The conversation will be full of bizarre instances, peculiar hobbies and all things random.

Leo: Many of you will find yourselves having more than your share of secrets thoughts and lingering in the more sensitive areas of your mind. There is something, or more than likely someone, you are nearly obsessing over. If you are unattached, you may be swept up in the storm that is in the form of a lonely stranger. He or she may not be much of stranger but they have been isolated in some capacity and looking for someone to talk with and simply connect on an intimate though not sexual level. Keep an open mind and see how it goes. This person could be a very special addition to your life. If you are attached the obsession may be the suspicions you have towards your lover. Do not to react to any initial judgments; you still need all the facts.

Virgo: Today’s energy may have you on pins and needles. If you are attached you could have a problem deciphering your loved one’s behavior. You have gotten used to having them around you continuously but the last few days they seem to have grown a little distant. You may even start to panic a little because they seem quite happy going off and doing things unsupervised, without you by their side. Leave them alone; they need a bit of space right now. If you are unattached, do not be surprised if you bump into someone unexpected today. No matter how unprepared you feel you are, don’t blow them off. For whatever reason, this person was put in your path. You should stick around long enough to find out what their purpose is.

Libra: Right now you should be focused on contentment and emotional well being in your intimate affairs. If you haven’t already figured it out, things will be different thanks to today’s energy. Nothing you have planed or thought about planning will turn out the way you imagined it to be. So rather than be forceful and try to make things happen, simply flow along with people and situations that arise.  Just enjoy the experience and all the perks that come with it. You can relax, there will be no need to panic or wait for the other shoe to drop; you can manifest whatever you need and it will come to you. While you indulge in all that brings you pleasure, expect that something or someone will cause quite a stir in your heart. If you are unattached, have fun.

Scorpio: Today’s astral configuration may not create the most romantic of atmospheres for a great night out with your sweetheart, but it will certainly be an evening to remember. Whether they seem to be exhibiting a bizarre change in character, or are just feeling mischievous, the date certainly won’t be anything like you expected. But life would be boring if everything was so predictable – wouldn’t it? At this time you are able to be very clear and concise with other people, bringing out your desires and differences between yourself and others in a way that is unlikely to offend or stir up bad feelings. Because you appear confident, others are inclined to believe both what you say and do and join you for the adventure.

Sagittarius: You want today to be about you. There is a basic drive to appreciate and taste life, go ahead and do so because there is no reason not too! You should go and enjoy yourself doing whatever it is your heart desires. There is nothing wrong with that and if you are attached, your loved one will do what they can to make it happen for you. He or she will know what it takes to make you happy today so let them in on the action. If you are unattached, finding romance is very possible right now. If you make just a little effort and take a risk, a totally unexpected interaction can turn into something that looks a lot like love. Though you hate surprises and things you didn’t anticipate, this shocker you will end up appreciating.

Capricorn: You may want to check out and take a mental vacation today but if you have someone in your love life, they have other plans. You will need your wits about you because your sweetheart may decide to put you through a series of tests. He or she has not had it easily when it comes to love so before things go any further, they want to make sure you are worth the effort. There may be a test or two on your faithfulness as well as your depth and honesty. If you are in a more permanent relationship you will be able to enjoy your mental break without any obstacles. If you are unattached and your mental vacation includes leaving your house, you may meet a potential lover on your excursion.

Aquarius: Today you might want to beware of mixed messages you both give and receive. Right now your love life may have become a bit old and worn out and you are looking for new ways to make it shine once again. If you are asking for something, make sure it is what you really want not something you want out of spite or for the sake of asking. Neither action will help. Be willing to spend some time working on your relationships, keeping what works then expanding upon it and letting go of what doesn’t. As you interact with people today, keep in the back of your mind that some may not be as they seem. Everyone wears a mask for a period of time for whatever reason. If you have a date tonight, he or she is one of them. Are their reasons sound?

Pisces: Though romance is full of love and creativity right now, make sure that however you express yourself doesn’t cause you more problems than it is worth. You can be rather spontaneous and unpredictable. These are fantastic traits until they cross over to contradiction and indecisiveness. You may be true to your inner nature right now but those closest to you may find you annoyingly indecipherable. If you are attached, you are leaving your loved one far behind as you fulfill your quest to be you. You may be thinking they can love it or leave it, in fact you may even day it. Your sweetheart may start to consider it. If you are unattached, this energy surrounding you can bring you more attention than you are used to. Enjoy that.

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