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Love Horoscopes – April 29, 2013

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Aries: Though you are unusually energetic, it is hard for you to get anything done today. The abundance of energy is scattered and you will not be able to pull it back together. Thankfully, no one says you have to so don’t worry about it. There is no need to try and cooperate or conform to others’ wishes and needs even if you are intimate with them. The energy surrounding you is also creative and daring. You may not be able to pull it back together but the bits you posses are still viable. If you are attached it may lead you to someone who is much older than you are that wants to get to know you better. Part of you may be wondering what you are getting yourself into while other realizes that there is actually nothing to worry about.

Taurus: Your desire for love, affection and pleasure, are strong now. This allows you to act on feelings and creative impulses more easily than usual. You will not feel the need to curb your emotions or that you are exposed. This energy also makes it easier to discuss your personal needs and desires. If you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life, make the effort to resolve them.  Letting these issues fester at this time may cause many disagreements or tension in your intimate affairs. If you are attached and you are discussing these problems with your lover, you may find yourself surprised at how mature and confident they have become. They have taken some control and you like it!

Gemini: The energy of the day encourages you to say what you feel and feel what you say. Besides, it’s easier now and you can do so with little fear of getting into trouble. If you are attached, one of those things you would like to talk about is this natural progression towards a higher level of commitment you feel. You have had this feeling for quite some time but it never seem the right moment to talk about it. If you feel it is now then lay bare your emotions, your lover will respond favorably. This energy also heightens your intuition. You will be able to better understand what others are trying to subtly tell you without getting frustrated or angry. Today is not the day to burn and bridges.

Cancer: Socializing and having a good time with others is the energy you may feel now. You will meet someone while you are with your group that will have some sort of importance or influence in your love life. For many of you, you may be quite surprised to find yourself attracted to this person as he or she is someone much older than you. Though you recognize that age is merely a number, you never thought that you would be able to connect with someone like this person. He or she is mature but has a very youthful outlook on life much like your own. There are many levels you two will connect on that have yet to come. So if you get invited to socialize, you might make the effort to find the time and say yes.

Leo: You are gripped by an almost fanatical and compulsive need to make fundamental changes in your life. This makes you driven by instinct more than by reason now. Your compulsive urges will take many forms, but one in particular is the need to rid yourself of limitations and obstacles in a close relationship. For some, you really need to be careful that you don’t burn a relationship that you really want to hold on to. For others, you and your love have reached a point you should take things to the next level. You have known for some time now that this isn’t just some casual relationship, there is love and potential for so much more. Talk it out with your sweetheart; it is likely you two are on the same page.

Virgo: While you may have the natural inclination to take yourself very seriously, you may go too far down this road today, and find it rather difficult to find your way back. No one else, including your lover, takes you as serious as you do yourself but make no mistake – they do not take you for a fool either. There are times it is ok to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you make. For those of you unattached, you either have a date or will encounter someone who has a rather serious outlook on life. You thought you were solemn, this person has you beat. Never the less there is an undeniable connection there and you want to pursue it further. He or she may be resisting your humor now but give it time that should change.

Libra: Because personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding at this time, you will have plenty of opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations and enjoyable social interactions. Socializing and a little quality time with your romantic interest is exactly what you need at the moment. When was the last time you and someone special had a night on the town. Whether it is just the two of you or with close friends, it will do wonders for your spirit. A quiet, late night frolic with your lover should send both your energy levels soaring as well.  Make time today to let someone close to you know how much you appreciate them. It’s highly likely they’ll want to show you just how much they appreciate you to.

Scorpio: For those of you who have someone new in their lives, today will be an eye opener. The conversations you two share today will certainly be profound and cover a wide range of intimate topics. Something special is developing. You may be surprised at what you find out about each other. If you are unattached or in a more established relationship, know that it is far too easy to make assumptions at this time. It isn’t the best idea to believe all you hear, even what you try to convince yourself. You might want to take some time alone and make sure that anything you want to do or would like doesn’t have anything hidden or could become misleading. Check and double check so you won’t have to redo any of this later.

Sagittarius: This energy surrounding you is prompting you to make some changes. If you are attached and something isn’t working in your relationship it is likely that giving this person or the situation one more chance isn’t going to change anything. If you haven’t already, it is time to express what you really feel and not backing down from it. If you have had this conversation already then it may be time to move on without them. If you are available, someone from your past may come back into your life. This person was far too intense or too serious for you at that time but now seems to have lightened up a bit. Whatever the situation was has passed or improved. They have never forgotten you and hoping they never have to.

Capricorn: You have a strong desire for love and affection and the pleasure that comes with them, but you want them on your terms. The energy surrounding you today will be a bit uncomfortable for you and cause you to act impulsively and without regard to consequences. You may feel some pressure in your love life as if the one who has your heart wants more from you than you are willing to give. In reality, your loved one is not trying to force you into a corner, or make any demands upon you that are unreasonable. But because you perceive what they are trying to tell you as some level of added responsibility, you feel as if you are being challenged. Listen to what is really being said to you and you will avoid trouble later.

Aquarius: The energy of the day brings with it a special magnetism and attractive power as well as a clear understanding of what direction your love life should take. This abundant energy also intensifies your emotions so do not be surprised if you are looking for a little romance today or at the very least, trying to enjoying some emotional release. If you and your love have been together for some time now, you may feel it is time to take your relationship to the next level. Your sweetheart is keen to agree and you will have a great opportunity to celebrate. If you are embarking on a new relationship, take this time to create a solid foundation by having a serious talk about rules or what you feel may need clarification.

Pisces: Just because there is a bit of seriousness in the air doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun as well. The energy surrounding you may not be the most thrilling or the most exciting, but it does mean that you and your lover can’t have a great time together. If you are looking for love, you may be attracted to an older person. Sometime today take a moment and sit back, reflect and understand your own situation, just how you feel about yourself. Emotions in particular, or the feelings of those around you, will be made very clear. If you are attached, think about the why’s and how’s of the relationship you’re in now. If you can improve it then it’s time to think how to go about doing it.

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